My Presentation to the Queen as her New Foot Slave

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Foot Slave

As a foot slave, I knelt before the queen. I was ashamed of my appearance but I had a very long journey to reach this remote country and have the honor of an audience with my Queen. Lying on the sofa, wearing only a tunic of white cloth covering only the lower half of her body and leaving her chest totally apparent, she was surrounded by two still amazon guards.

She was young, not more than thirty years old. I am only twenty-two.
In this country, only women were allowed to take power. The men did not have the status of citizens, so they had even less right to have access to the great hall of the palace to address the queen.

But the young woman had given me this honor in my capacity as a foreigner from afar.

  • “Well, I would be curious to know what you want, visitor.”  The Queen asked.


  • “Majesté, my request will surprise you but … I would like to enter your service and become your slave. “

My proposal to become her foot slave

She looked astonished. It was true that in the queen’s palace, many slaves were busy cleaning the floors and walls, making her bed, emptying her chamber pot and bathing her, but it was generally A status that one did not want to take of oneself. The slaves were rather old criminals of small scale, sold on the markets.

  • “I do not understand,” said the queen. Why would a man want to give up his human status to become my dog? For that is what my slaves are for. Their lives are very difficult. What motivates you?”


  • “Being a slave is the only thing I know how to do. But not a slave like the others. I wish to be a foot slave.”


  • “What exactly would a foot slave do for me?”

foot slave massage


  • “The foot slave is a servile being whose whole life is dedicated to the care of the feet of a woman, of his mistress. Massage, support, caress, lick … An object of pleasure for its owner.”


  • “That seems to me to be an unenviable existence. Few men would be willing to give up their old life to spend eternity at my feet, like beasts.”


  • “That is what I ask of you, majesty.” “

My personal story

My heart was beating fast. I did not know if she would refuse but I was hoping not. The queen looked intrigued. She dismissed her guards with a gesture, considering that I was not dangerous, and beckoned me to approach. We were now alone in the great hall.

I sat down on the floor, before the Queen’s feet. She looked at me and her eyes lowered.

  • “Explain to me,” she ordered me. Tell me what you have done up to now and what made you want to enter my service.”


  • “Very well,” I said, starting my story.

Become a slave

Educated to Become a Foot Slave

This is my story:

I was born very far from here, into a poor family. As my parents could not take care of me, I was sold to be the servant of a wealthy bourgeois, to be educated, and later to become his assistant or squire. Things like that. But it happens that a very fortunate duchess bought me for a very precise purpose: to make me her foot slave.”

Indeed, when she was still young, her father had taken her on a journey to an Eastern nation where women were worshiped as goddesses and were very special. Slaves are trained to give them pleasure through their Feet.

After having tasted these pleasures and returned to the country, she dreamed of nothing but one thing: To be able to recover these particular sensations. So she bought me when I could hardly walk and entrusted myself to the care of a temple so that I could be educated as she wished. So, when I was older, she could use me as she pleased, to satisfy her desires.

I spent my childhood in this temple, under severe matrons who instilled discipline and the love of the feet. First, I learned of course servitude. Walking on all fours, expressing oneself with humility, showing great respect for my mistress. Then I was trained to take care of her feet.

Very old techniques of massage were taught to me, secrets of preparation of perfumed oils for the feet, various uses of my tongue and my fingers to relax this part of the body of my mistress … Finally, I had not yet met my mistress but it was the matrons who played this role.

Foot Slave

My First Mistress

I learned to bear the most fragrant feet, to remain motionless and silent for several hours straight under a woman’s feet, to lick and swallow the dirt under the feet of the matrons, sweat, dust, or dead skin, and sometimes, To content myself with it as the only meal I would receive.

Finally, it was decided one day that I was ready. I was then sixteen. My mistress was fifty-five.

She used me in every possible way. I explored her feet from multiple angles and tasted her feet an incalculable number of times. She called me her “Foot Boy”.

As she walked a great deal and liked to take long walks, she often went home exhausted in the evening and was in charge of dressing herself.

She loved to walk me on a leash and strut around in the streets with me. I was completely naked, being forbidden to wear the lightest garment because it would have made me a human being, and I was a slave. And among the slaves, the foot slave is the most insignificant, the one who is closest to the state of the object, still inferior to the animal.

Foot slave of an Amazon chief

She was, however, uncompromising, and sometimes I admit, unnecessarily cruel. Thus, she loved to whip me. She often repeated that a good slave was beaten once a day. During those moments, she chained me to the ground, my buttocks raised, and while I sucked her toes, one of her maidservants was responsible for blowing a whip on my thighs.

But I only remained in her service for three years because she fell sick and died. However, she had time to free me from my status as a slave in her last days and to free myself. I then found myself outside, distraught. The only thing I could do was to take care of a woman’s feet, but my mistress was the only one with such desires in that country.

At the age of nineteen, I began the search for a woman to belong to. I found some that I served for a while: The chief of a tribe of Amazons, along the south coast, of which I became the dog for four months. She pretended to be constantly cold at her feet in bed, so to warm them she loved to chain me to her bed at night and bury her feet between my lips. I spent the whole night with her feet sunk in my mouth as she slept. If I had the misfortune to cough or strangle myself, and then wake her up, she undressed me and would punish me with a whip.

whipping her slave

Slave of a Princess’s Feet

I also served a Princess for a few weeks in her castle, perched on a hill, but she used me more like a sex slave than a foot slave. In the morning I had to wake her up by kissing her crotch. While she was having lunch, I had to lick her anus and clean it off the perspiration accumulated during the night. The morning was dedicated to her studies where she learned the sciences and letters with her tutor, and in the afternoon she shut herself up with me in her room and used my penis as a toy to satisfy her.

I fled and wandered on the roads before arriving in a town where I became a beggar. To get money, I had the idea of ​​becoming a “slave to public feet.” Sitting in the street, on the floor, I proposed to the passers-by to scrape their feet for a few pennies. Most of them were peasant women with extremely dirty and fragrant feet. I was doing my best to lick them and make them clean, but I was reaping little money and the work was difficult. My adventure then lasted for almost three years.

A month ago, I boarded a ship bound for this kingdom and offered myself to the captain, a pirate, to pay for my journey. I served as a footrest in his cabin for the whole week of the journey.
Finally, I arrived, and I walked aimlessly for a short time before finding this place and presenting myself to you, my queen. And here I am.”

The Queen accepts my proposal!

She had listened to my story with great interest. A smile was born on her lips.

  • “I like you,” she said. I’ll make you my foot slave. But know that you will have no means of escape. You will be my plaything until the end of your days, and your life will be devoted to serving my feet. You will think only of them. However, you risk regretting it bitterly because, with me, your life will be hell. I would make you rise at impossible hours to lick my feet, it will happen very often to whip you for my pleasure as your first mistress did, and especially, I like to walk barefoot in my palace, then they will Always be very dirty. Are you aware of that?”


  • “Yes, Majesty. “

at her feet

I bowed to her, almost touching the ground with my forehead.

She held out her left foot.

  • “Well, now begin,” said the queen. Show me what you can do and what you have been trained for, dog. “

I grabbed her foot delicately and admired it for a moment. Then, unable to bear it any longer, I plunged my nose between her toes. She had transpired and the smell was strong, but I was in paradise. Finally, I found those exquisite sensations for which I had been trained to serve.

I drank the scent of her feet, hot and sweaty. Their odor was heavy and pungent, and none other than a foot-slave would have considered being crushed by them, their nose filled with their smell, like torture. The queen seemed to amuse herself. She put her foot on my face, up and down, then put her right foot on my nose and left on my mouth, preventing me from breathing.

Slave of a Queen’s Feet

  • “You still do not regret it, slave?” And yes, my feet feel very strong. You who have a very developed and trained nose, must suffocate. But it’s too late to turn back, you’re mine now.”


  • “I do not regret anything Majesty,” I managed to say despite the foot that blocked my mouth.


  • “So much the better, for this is only the beginning. Turn over!”

I obeyed and the queen put her two feet on my face, covering it completely. I was in the dark. It stopped me from speaking and opening my eyes. The only thing I could do was to breathe with my nose, to fill my lungs with that sweat odor that emanated from my mistress’s feet.

She consented to lift one of these feet and let me breathe through my mouth.

  • “Lick them. “


licking femdom foot

My tongue covered her arch, my lips embraced the lower part of her feet with adoration. The queen moaned with pleasure and began to rub her crotch.

  • “Oh … Wow, you’re gifted … You were not joking about saying that you had been trained in this … Moreover, the shape of your face fits perfectly to my feet. I made the right choice by keeping you. No, do not stop licking until I have ordered it. Here… “

And so I took up my place as a slave next to a woman.


A slave boy and his Mistress

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