A slave boy and his Mistress

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This is the story of a slave boy and his training by his Mistress.

Pony’s training session


slave boy

  • “Get on all fours I want to go for a ponyboy ride.  Where is My crop?” You commanded.

I get down on all four in front of You as You grab Your riding crop.  You threw Your leg across me and lowered Yourself onto my back until You were sitting on me like You were sitting in a saddle.  You leaned back a little and gave me a whack on the ass with the crop.

  • “Getty up, into the bedroom and be quick about it.  I do not have all night!” You demanded.

Just before we pass the kitchen counter, once again Your crop finds its mark hard on my ass as You snapped,

  • “Stop, I need to put down my purse that is your second punishable offense.”

Smack as Your crop leaves a mark on my ass

  • “Getty up.”, You commanded.

When we made our way into the bedroom, You dismounted Your slave boy.

  • “Stand up and strip, I need to inspect your work,” You ordered and I obeyed.

Inspection of my work!

You smiled as You inspected my work. I performed Your tasks precisely as You requested.  You wanted to find something wrong as an excuse to punish me.

Smiling, I knew it did not matter, I am Your slave and You would punish me how You feel; regardless of whether I deserved it or not.

You circled me, checking me out as if You were shopping.  You used Your riding crop to lift my chastity device and then moved the balls that You own first left and then right; inspecting me.

  • “Bend over” You commanded

Then, you begin gently slapping the insides of my thighs just above the knees,

  • “Now spread your legs, further, a little further, okay stop there.  Mmmm, yes!  That’s just how I want you.”

You said nothing for a moment or two, while You enjoyed the view and fondling the chastity device and balls.  Finally, after an agonizing silent pause, You said,

  • “Very well then, for NOT living up to my expectation your punishment will be ten lashes, for My enjoyment you will receive ten more” You stated.

“Yes, Mistress.” I thought to myself Twenty lashes, that did not sound so bad, I love it when You discipline me for Your enjoyment.

  • “That is a total of Twenty lashes, I’m not going to lie to you this is going to hurt you worse than it hurts Me.  I will take great pleasure in your punishment and discipline,” You stated.

Punished with your riding crop!

I considered my current situation. The pathetic cock You owned was tightly restrained by the chastity device, you had me locked up in. My legs were spread a good three feet apart and as a result, I was exposed for Your pleasure.  Suddenly things seemed rather grim.  While I was thinking this over in my head, You began to caress my exposed ass with the end of Your riding crop.

  • “If for some reason you think you can’t take your punishment and discipline, just suck it up and take it.  I am sure you will not disappoint Me, RIGHT SLAVE BOY ?”


  • “Yes, Mistress,” I said.

I heard the swish as the crop sliced through the air and felt the sting as it found my ass.  The stinging was quickly replaced by a sharp tingling like a bunch of hot needles pricking my skin where the crop had landed.  Again, You caressed me with the crop, before smacking me on the ass again, followed by another and another, and so on.

Then You asked,

  • “How many lashes is that now my slave boy?”

I failed the test!

Oh shit, I had not counted the lashes.  I could lie, and make up a number but if You knew the correct count that could lead to more trouble.  Was this some sort of test?

  • “I am very sorry; I do not know the count Mistress,” I said as You caressed my red ass.


  • “That is most unfortunate for me slave boy.  We will have to start all over,” You stated.


  • “A good slave will keep count to prevent something just such as this from happening but that is OK I will just get more enjoyment out of your punishment by starting over” You giggled.


  • “Yes, Mistress”


  • “Get on your hands and knees.”

As I did, You threw Your leg across me and lowered Yourself onto my back facing my already sore red ass.  You leaned forward a little and gave me another whack on the ass. Then you balanced Yourself with one hand, leaving the other, with the whip, free.

  • “Are you ready to start over for your punishment and discipline now? This way I can benefit more from your punishment.”

You ground Yourself into my back as You started over. This time a lot harder than before and You enjoyed the ride.

You announced,

  • “Eighteen, slave boy, I would forgive you the last two strokes.”

Starting over the punishment!

I surprised myself when I asked,

  • “Please no Mistress, twenty it was and twenty it should be, please Mistress, I beg You.”


  • “What a good slave boy!” You giggled as You spoke, “Very well if I don’t want My charity, twenty it shall be.” You landed Your final two brutal blows to my ass plus a few extra for Your pleasure.

You spun around on my back and leaned forward holding onto my shoulders and with Your mouth next to my ear whispered,

  • “Wow, I enjoyed the fuck out of that.  I have to give it to you, I thought you would give up before this especially when we started over.  You are doing very well slave boy, but we have just begun.”

You dismounted me and sat on the edge of the bed.

  • “You may get me a drink and rejoin me.  I love having you naked with that ass sore and bright red as you serve me.”

When I returned I found You sitting naked on the edge of the bed.  I handed You the glass when You suddenly said,

  • “Put my dirty clothes in the hamper! Oh by the way nice red ass.”

Owned by this Mistress!

I quickly did as You instructed and when I returned.  You commanded,

” Bend over facing away from Me so I can admire the hard work I did on your ass.”

I obediently bent over, as You sipped your drink.

As the crop found its mark on my ass again, You ordered,

  • “Spread them You need better access!”

I felt the tip of the whip gliding over my balls.

While You sipped your drink as you smacked my balls, I heard,

  • “I own you and you will do what you are told.  You will punish and discipline me how I see fit.  As for that cock, it belongs to Me. I want you to orally pleasure Me, NOW!”

You laid back on the bed with Your pussy and ass on show at the edge of the bed waiting to be worshiped.

  • “Turn around now and worship My pussy!”

It looked so tempting and I needed to worship You, now, I thought to myself.

  • “I don’t want you to rush this.  If I cum before I tell you, I want to cum, then you will be severely punished.  Now worship My pussy, NOW, slave boy.”

Worship your whole pussy as trained!

I made sure I worship Your whole pussy as trained.  I could hear Your moaning as I worship Your pussy. In fact, I wanted to suck Your clit deep in my mouth and take You flying over the edge but that was against the rules.  my jaw was starting to ache now.

I wanted to take a break but I did not want to disappoint my Mistress.  I started to increase the speed of my worship and I started poking my tongue in and out of Your pussy.  By this point You were starting to squirm in pleasure i knew it wouldn’t be too long until my job was done.  Then You grabbed my hair and pulled my face into Your pussy.  I know You wanted to cum now but I knew You had not asked to cum yet. So, I tried to pull away but You used Your other hand and pulled my hair even harder.

  • “Don’t stop! Make me cum slave boy!” You screamed.

I sucked and licked Your pussy as hard and fast as I could.  You screamed in ecstasy.



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