Movie Date with a Mistress Neighbor Without Permission

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The Day I Met our Mistress Neighbor

One day at home doing my housework, a package was delivered.  I could not wait to get the package and open it.  So, I opened the door and went out to get the package.  The thing is that I completely forgot that I was in just a pair of pink panties and Bra, I don’t think the neighbors saw me. 

A few days later the lady from across the street rang my doorbell.  I slipped on a robe and answered the door. 

She said:

  • Hello my name is Anne and I would like to invite you to come across the street and enjoy a movie with me.  I don’t usually do this but I am feeling a little lonely today and really would like some company. 

I said:

  • yes, I can stop over for a short time, can I bring anything with me? 

Fancy a Movie Night?




  • Oh no, I think I have everything we might need. 


  • Okay just give me a few minutes to change and I will be over to see you. 

I closed the door and thought what have you just agreed to, what should I wear?  Deciding to put on fresh panties and bra, a top, sweat pants and started across the street.

Then, I rang the bell and Anne came to the door and asked me in.

  • I hope you like the movie “Pretty woman”!  I also put out some popcorn and some chocolates. Would you like a glass of wine?
  • Yes, thank you. 


  • Red or white? 


  • Red please! 


  • Okay get comfortable on the sofa and I will get us wine. 

Anne handed me my glass of wine and sat on the sofa next to me and picked up the clicker and started the movie. 

A Glass of Wine and Popcorn was shared with the Mistress neighbor!


We share popcorn as we watched the movie and continued to drink wine.  When the popcorn was done, Anne got the chocolates and began to share them.  As the movie was getting to the end Anne said she really loves this movie,

  • How about you? 
  • Yes me too, it always is so touching to me. 

Anne asked if I wanted another glass of wine? 


  • Yes, please! 

She handed me my glass and she stood in front of me and took a big sip of hers. Then Anne sat next to me but this time she was turned towards me, and she said:

  • I must tell you that I saw you the other day retrieving your package. I liked your pretty pink panties and Bra  – you looked so cute. 

She went on to say that the movie and the wine are making her very horny and I felt her place her hand on my leg. 

A Make out session with the beautiful Mistress neighbor!

As I looked at her I was entranced with her and did not move.  She got a napkin and wiped a tear from my face as she looked into my eyes which seemed like a while and she said:

  • I would like to kiss you!

And, she kissed me on the lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth which I like, and as our tongue’s danced I felt Anne’s hand pushing up my top and pushing my bra up as she touched my Boobs. 

Then Anne stood up and unbuttoned her dress revealing her black bra and panties.  Anne then reached down and pulled my top off and told me to stand up and then she slipped off my sweat pants and panties and unhooked my bra.  She then said:

  • Oh sweety just lay back and relax.  


Anne bent down and kissed my lips and began to kiss down my neck, and my body explored every crevasse of my body.  I felt amazing and said to her:

  • I prefer to be treated like a woman,
  • Yes, I know and that is why I invited you over because I like women. 

Then she said:

  • Let’s go into the bedroom,

I didn’t even give it a thought and just went with her.  She opened the bedroom door and it was a girly room for sure including the satin sheets on the bed.  She told me to lay on the bed and she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor, then slipped off her panties and reached over to the night table where she got a big dildo and told me that she got it just for me. 

In the Ready Position

She did not have to ask, I raised my knees and spread my legs wide and I felt her place some lube on my ass pussy.  She thrust the dildo into me and she fucked me with it for a while, then she removed it and bent down to kiss me and ask if I like it. Yes, oh Yes!  Then she put her pussy up to my mouth and I licked her and orally served her. 

Then she handed me the dildo and said:

  • Do me good!

After a little bit, she told me to reach over the night table and grab the other dildo, and thrust it into her ass as I fucked her pussy.  The Mistress neighbor came more than once and when we were done she asked if I would be her girlfriend and lesbian lover.  I  did not know what to say at first.

My Mistress’ Permission

Mistress Neighbor



I must get permission from my mistress, and when I tell her what we have done here today my punishment will be more than my daily spanking. 

  • Sorry, I must get dressed and get back home. 

That night when Mistress got home I had her favorite dinner prepared and after dinner, I told her what happened across the street and she did not say anything.  After a few minutes she said:

  • okay let’s go. 


  • What, where?  


  • Across the street. 

Now, I am really worried about what his Mistress is going to do… Mistress rang the bell and Anne came to the door and Mistress asked if we could come in.

Yes!  Once inside Mistress explained to Anne that I was her sissy husband but if during the day she would like to play with her that’s okay but only if we can do some threesomes or just you and I and make the sissy watch us. 

Anne said:

  • I would love that. 

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  1. This story is exciting for a starter but when you have done it for a while, its kind of boring, unless there is an exciting second part.

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