Session With The Beautiful Mistress Destiny

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Ready To Serve Mistress Destiny

I had been chatting with Mistress Destiny for about a year and even met for drinks but we lived in separate cities and timing had been an issue…at least until last week. Mistress was going to be in town so I jumped at the chance of serving her.

Mistress Destiny showed up exactly when she said she would dress in a tight black dress that showed her beautiful body. I greeted her warmly and she explained I am not to look at her and only speak when spoken to. I escorted her to the bedroom and she told me to leave and bring her a glass of wine. Mistress Destiny was very specific about the type of wine she wanted and I was able to please her with a nice bottle.

After I brought Mistress Destiny her wine, I was told to go downstairs and open the door for a second sub she had ordered. I was shocked and afraid mainly since I had never been with another guy before. I opened the front door and invited him in introducing myself. He told me Mistress Destiny does not allow subs to talk to each other. I led him upstairs where she was sitting in a chair looking amazing.

Cock And Ball Torture


Mistress Destiny had us both strip and then kneel before her. She inspected us both pinching, pulling, and twisting our cocks, balls, and nipples. Then, she has the other sub lay on the bed face down. What happened next made me shake in fear. Mistress Destiny took out a softball size butt plug and inserted it into his ass. Needless to say, he was crying and squirming. She had to force it in and use lots of lube but it fit. He was ordered to turn over and I was told to suck his cock!

Mistress grabbed me by my hair and forced my head down until his cock (wet with precum) was in my mouth. I sucked it and caressed his balls as Mistress watched. Mistress then had me hold his cock and try to insert my pinky finger into his cock! He was howling in pain at this point. When it looked like he couldn’t take it anymore she had me stop. I had to keep my face an inch from his cock as he stroked his cock. He came all over my face as she laughed. I was not allowed to clean his cum off my face and had to rub it all over my face as my beautiful Mistress Destiny watched.

Thinking the worst was over, Mistress Destiny pulled the plug out of his ass making him cry. Mistress put a strapon dildo on my face and had me fuck his ass. She watched and laughed as he cried in pain. Mistress Destiny had me force the dildo as far as it would go so that my face was against his ass and the dildo was pushed deep inside of him. I was told to squeeze his balls and cock while I continued fucking his ass.

More Hours Of Her Using And Abusing Me

After she was done with me fucking the other sub, he was told to get dressed and leave. After, I was in for several hours of being abused and pleasing Mistress. Most of my time was spent on my knees worshiping Mistress’ pussy but some were also spent with her fucking me with a glass dildo. It felt like I was being split in two. Mistress laughed and fucked me harder with every scream I let out.

When she was done with me she had me lay on my back on the bed with my head on a chair. Mistress then straddled the chair and had me lick her pussy. It only took a minute or two but Mistress Destiny started to cum! She almost drowned me with her pussy juice all over my face. The more I licked her, the more she came and squirted. I must have drunk over 12 oz of Mistress’ nectar. When Mistress was done I was allowed to lay next to her as we fell asleep. I am looking forward to serving Mistress Destiny again in the near future. Mistress has already asked me to see her next week!

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