Domina Mistress, A Letter To You

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On Female Supremacy

Dearest Domina Mistress,

I hope it’s ok to share some of my thoughts and feelings on the spiritual-like journey into complete psychological and emotional submission to Women, following the philosophy of Female Supremacy. Wonder if You approve of my understanding of it, and humbly ask for Your guidance, Domina Mistress.

I strive to make my every contact with a member of the Superior gender a beautiful and sincere exercise in expressing submission, however subtle or overt. It is a lifelong passion and pursuit to please Women, obey Them, and serve, as an inferior male being, Domina Mistress. My will is freely given over to manifest as a Woman’s own will, and my ultimate goal is to know intuitively what a Woman wishes without Her even having to state it Domina Mistress. I find complete fulfillment in this dedicated submission, whether opening a door for a Woman I have never met, or serving my Domina Mistress, naked at Her feet.

As household stealth submissive in a committed vanilla relationship, I find submissive fulfillment in doing all the household chores, never questioning or arguing with my Partner, obeying Her with love, and always treating Her with submissive affection. Even though we do not have an overtly BDSM lifestyle, my submission to Her and to all Women is a private pursuit and secret lifestyle.

Serving My Domina Mistress In Many Ways

As a submissive, I believe it is a necessary component to be trained by a Domina Mistress who I can serve in a secret arrangement, where She will teach me to be a better slave, to Her, to my Partner and to all Women. While my partner doesn’t wish to know of my training, She will benefit in the fact that I am being trained to be a much better submissive slave to Her, however unspoken the dynamic is.

I look into Your beautiful eyes in the picture You have posted on the site and I long to open up to You, be trained, disciplined, rewarded, and punished. As I go about my days, I will think of You and feel Your eyes gazing into my submissive soul, guiding me in my 24/7 mandate to submit to all Women, and to not only be open to, but to seek out opportunities to serve Women in subtle ways, to make life better for Them, whether in little ways and in more profound ways for all Females I come into contact with.

My Purpose In Life

My life purpose is to humbly serve You, my Partner, and all Women On Female Supremacy. I will think of Your picture, imprinted in my mind, and strive to please You in my lifelong aspiration of submission to Women. I will ask, what would Domina Mistress wish for me to do in every interaction I have with a Woman. And I will report back to You for Your guidance, support, and approval, or disapproval as I am not worthy to always worship Women with perfection. I crave to be trained and conditioned to be a better submissive slave, and will gratefully accept behavior-modifying punishments to better facilitate this process.

I hope You enjoy my writing Domina Mistress and find my thoughts and endeavors pleasing to You.

Thanks so much for listening!

As always, in submissive adoration,

slave j

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