A Special Agent’s Story-Part 1-The Dominant Female Assassin

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The Beginning of A Special Agent’s Mission For a Dominant Female Assassin

02.45 hours, the skies above Frankfurt.

As the helicopter gained altitude the young Mi6 special agent’s heart was banging like a drum, he felt excited, elated even. Any fear was now drowning in the adrenaline coursing through his veins. Recruited from University he’d spent three years on tedious office tasks and then humdrum fieldwork before being selected to become a 00 agent. After a year of intense training and six months of “puppy walking” later he was now starting his first solo mission.

He checked his equipment as the ‘copter flew high and fast to the target. His 5’11’’, well-muscled body sleek in the black, gleaming, skin tight infiltration suit. Boots, utility belt, weapon, helmet and parachute broke up the outline somewhat but his rower’s build looked good in the midnight black outfit. At last, he fastened the mask over his handsome features, blue eyes hidden now by the tinted visor.

The Leap of Faith

In minutes it was time, high above the sleeping city the aircraft hovered. Unseen from the ground a tiny black shape fell from it. Like a bullet he plummeted, aiming for the roof of a tall steel and glass building, not as tall as some of the office blocks around it but with a broad flat roof. Seconds later his black parachute opened and he guided his descent onto his target. He landed as lightly as possible, running on a little and then gathering up his ‘chute, bundling it up and hiding it in the shadow of an air conditioning vent.

While crouched in the shadows for a while, catching his breath, checking for any reaction from the security and stripping off the rest of the parachute kit, helmet and all. He was here! On top of a SPECTRE base, on his first wet works mission.

He fitted the silencer to his pistol and made it ready to begin the next phase. He was here to liquidate the SPECTRE agent Skorpia. Apart from ID pictures he knew little except she was responsible for taking out half a dozen western agents. A mole in SPECTRE had passed on intel that she was in the Frankfurt base, usually mostly a front for murky business dealings. M had sent him to get revenge and to stop her before she claimed any more agents scalps.

The Hunt for Spectre Agent Skorpia, a dominant female assassin!

He moved to the doorway leading into the building. As he’d thought fourteen floors up security wasn’t tight and it didn’t resist his lock picking skills very long. He descended into the dimly lit top floor, cautiously looking for cameras and beams. It seemed clear, he moved swiftly, finding the stairs down to the penthouse where the mole said Skorpia was staying.

He froze as he heard lift doors open and then footsteps getting closer, melting into the shadows he held his pistol up. The SPECTRE guard walked past, black beret, black overalls, boots and machine gun slung on his shoulder. M had given instructions to “send a message” so he lined up carefully.

‘Phht! Phht!’

Two bullets in his head, the guard crumpled with barely a sigh. His first kill as a 00 agent! He’d been beginning to worry this was too easy, beginning to get suspicious. After taking his key card and dragging the guard’s corpse into a cupboard he set off down the corridor. The double doors to Suite One stood at the end.

The Discovery of the Medical Exam Table

Breathing deep he stood listening. It was 03.00 hours, there was no sound from the apartment. He waited for ten minutes before using the key card. The doors opened and he glided in like a shadow. There was no sound at all, no lights on, but the moonlight shone through the big windows, blue light frosting the scene. In what looked like it was the living room when anyone else was in residence was a large contraption in the middle of the floor, like a cross between a medical exam table and a medieval torture device.

Diagonally arranged padded arms on metal struts with straps looked like they could be raised, lowered, adjusted to place the victim in any position you chose and give total…access. Beyond that was a kitchen, bathroom, all empty. Back across the living room was one last door. Skorpia must be asleep in the bedroom. He crossed the space like a cat, listened again at the door, he could hear gentle breathing now, not quite snoring, he grinned and opened the door, hanging back.

The Female Figure On The Bed

There was no response, he stood in the doorway, moonlight fell upon a female figure on the double bed, silk sheets outlined her lithe body curled up on its side, black hair fanned out on the pillow and framing the unmistakable cold but beautiful features of one of SPECTRE’s top assassins.

As he gripped his pistol in both hands, looking at the gorgeous face, now he was here he paused, could he kill her like this? Suddenly, perhaps because of the change in light, the woman murmured and turned, on her back now. Instinctively he aimed the gun and fired.

‘Phht! Phht!’

It was done, he panted hard, slumping back against the wall, swallowing hard. Pulling himself together he grinned, he’d pulled off his first assassination “Mission Accomplished” he whispered. He swiftly took the photos M had requested and sent the pictures to HQ along with a message that he would search for more intel and then signal for pick up. He turned and walked back into the living room.


Was The Female Figure Really Skorpia, the dominant female assassin?

As he entered the lights came on blinding him and causing him to stagger, shielding his eyes.

  • “That was hardly very chivalrous, now was it?”

The voice was female, deep but clipped. He gripped his pistol as his eyes adjusted. On the other side of the room was Skorpia! He’d just killed her but here she was, standing clad all in skin-tight black leather, high heeled thigh length boots, short skirt, basque, gloves, short jacket, coiled whip in her right hand.

  • “Silly boy, did you think she was me, oh no sweetheart, she was my double, a Mi6’s mole in SPECTRE, thank you for disposing of her.”

The woman grinned like a wolf as the Mi6 agent started to level his gun once more.


The whip shot out and the pistol flew across the room.

  • “Fuck!!”

He tried to roll out of the way as she unleashed the whip again, this time it snaked around his boot and he was pulled onto his back.

femdom instructor

An Agent’s Capture

  • “Oh honey…you’re just too fucking easy…”

She cracked the whip again and it licked around his wrist, she strode over to him, skillfully wrapping more supple leather around his other wrist as he tried to free himself.

The strong young agent was struggling hard but helplessly as she crouched by him, holding the whip in one hand and pulling out what looked like a small dust mask. She held it over his handsome face as she pressed a button on the back.

  • “Shhhh now…nighty night, darling boy…”

His cries of protest became a sigh as the hissing gas completed his defeat. His struggling stopped.

Later, he didn’t know how much later, he awoke. His head was oddly clear, his wrists hurt but otherwise he was ok. He tried to take stock and recall what had happened. Then it all rushed back, he was on that fucking device! He pulled and writhed but he was held fast by leather straps on his legs, ankles, arms and wrists.

  • “Now don’t waste your strength, you’re going to need it.”

Skorpia’s voice was just behind him, close. He felt her fingers stroke his arse as she moved in front of him. He realised he was still in his black rubber infiltration suit but all his other gear was gone.

  • “Fuck you!” He spat. “I’ll never talk.”


  • “Oh dear, how cliché, and how very, very wrong.”

Each ‘very’ underlined with a slap to his face. She then took his chin in her leather gloved hand and held his face still she kissed him passionately.

  • “See? I can bring you pain.” She gripped a nipple through this rubber and twisted. “Or pleasure. The choice is yours.

To be continued…


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