My Dominant Lady And My Slave Training (1)

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My Dominant Lady Takes Over

During our time together, my dominant lady had worked her way into me like no other woman ever had before her. Her power over me was almost immediate, making me feel so unlike the “player” I had always worked so hard to be. Some women just seem to suck the energy out of you and then there are those rare few women who have such a powerful presence all on their own that no man can resist giving them everything they want. My dominant lady was one of those women.

She made sure certain things were clear from the start and others she surprised me with along the way. Her initial demands were strict yet worth the price to be with such a dominant lady.

  • “Tear up your black book and see only me from now on,” she said one day.

It took about 4 seconds for me to reply.

  • “Of course.”

Her grooming standards of shaving above and below the waist were not too out there for me to do and I liked the kink… then my dominant lady went deeper one day in my journal to total submission.

Do You Wish To Be My Submissive?

dominant lady


My dominant lady had been labored with issues at work. I made her favorite meal, cleaned up the house, and poured some wine for her when she arrived. She came in, angry and upset, and only noticed the things I had not done yet. I wanted to argue with her about all the good I had done but I had been down this road before and knew it leads to a bad place called “ignored for a while” so I just accepted the failings and apologized to my dominant lady. My dominant lady left the room and when she returned she had a small box.

She took out a leather collar and leather cock and ball harness.

  • “From now on I will own you if you wish, but only if you wish and you know the old saying about being careful what you wish for don’t you?”

It was easy to follow along with the ritual that my dominant lady was playing out and I replied that I knew the saying

  • “Yes, you know it. Do you wish to be my submissive?” my dominant lady asked in her smooth, deliberate tone.

The Next Level Of Our D/s Relationship

The moment caught up with me and the reality of the situation sunk in. Our 6-month relationship had been explosive which means there was still a lot of smoke and maybe a few mirrors.

  • “Just so we’re clear here, what do you mean by ‘own’ me and be submissive to you?”

Her response was very direct,

  • “From now on you will be under my control emotionally, physically, and of course sexually. You will submit to my authority. I will control what we do, you will serve and service me anyway I like, any time I like and your body, your cock and balls will belong to me.”

We had just taken a major jump forward from the handcuffs and riding crop we played with last week.

  • “So you want me to give you control of when we have sex now huh?” spouted from my mouth and as it did I knew I was screwed…


  • ”Don’t I now control our sex life m?” my dominant lady said.

And the answer was,

  • “Yes, I guess you do.”

A reply that sealed my fate.


  • “You guess I do? Guess?” she said, raising her voice. “Yes or no. Right here, right now, no more questions…yes or no.?”

The hottest dominant lady I had ever dated gave me an ultimatum to which I could only reply,

  • “Yes.”

The Present From My Domina

And now I find myself captive to her whims. She has become my Domina, my Mistress, my dominant Lady. On the day she offered me the choice to serve her she placed the collar on my neck and the harness on my cock and balls. I was made to wear them all day and night and when Monday morning came…the collar was removed but the harness stayed. I have been adorned on and off ever since. Sometimes it has been a simple leather strap around my balls and other times more elaborate harnesses. This took off to the next step of leashes then to butt plugs and now she enjoys all sorts of play with me as it suits her fancy.

We are two years into my service and my Domina told me my “present” this year is a trip. She had a work conference to attend so I would be given a small envelope and some brief instructions to follow. My Domina handed an Amtrak envelope to me and said

  • “I have decided to have you slave trained. So take this train to Minneapolis and find Goddess Aislynn when you get there.”


The Letter

A train ticket and a name are all I had to go by and now I was half an hour from the stop where my “present” awaited me. On the ticket envelope, the words “Miss A”… were written. It was the name I was told to look for. As the train rolled into the station I looked across the concrete platform for a placard with Goddess Aislynn written upon it. The slowing of the cars made it easy to see a striking woman towards the back of the station holding up a sign on a stick. It was Goddess Aislynn. I made my way to her and she simply put her arm out to take.

  • “Get us into a cab.” That was all she said.

And we made our way to the street level and into the first waiting taxi.

  • “Show me the letter!”

The woman said and I took the sealed envelope I had brought from my Lady and handed it to her. She opened the letter and read it. Then she handed a small folded note from the envelope to me and told me to read it. I looked down at the note and it was addressed to “m”. This is what my Lady calls me in our Dominant/submissive relationship.

You Belong To Goddess Aislynn For Now


“m…while on this trip you will belong to Goddess Aislynn. Serve her every wish as if it were my own. Do not disappoint me. Lady A.”

As we pulled up to some row houses she directed the cabbie where to stop.

  • “Here is fine, grab your things and pay him.”

She said and she walked ahead and inside. I scrambled to pay the fare and get my things as she disappeared into the house ahead of me walking up and through the vestibule to find her standing before me with a small riding crop in her hand.

  • “I am your Domina now and we will start right now.”

She told me to put down my things and strip. Worries that I am not fresh from the trip fill my head as I ponder my circumstances.

I am looked over, touched, and poked here and there.

  • “Bend over!”

I hear her say as a slight sting hits my ass.

Looking at the floor I feel the crop run over me, I hear the click of heels and then the crop on my ass again…this time stinging me even more.

  • “Go get your things and put them in the room upstairs…you will know which one, then come back to me.”

As I pass through the room to go stow my gear I see cuffs and a collar, several toys, and a strapon on the table and I catch the woman grin slightly at my noticing my fate that lies ahead.

Make Me Lunch

Upon my return, Goddess Aislynn directed me to kneel at her feet as she sat on her couch. Her nylon-clad legs and the black heels she wore certainly set the mood. The dress she wore was simple yet elegant and intensified the scenario unfolding.

  • “This whole long weekend I have you on loan from your Lady. You understand what this means?”


  • “Yes Goddess Aislynn.” I replied.


  • “And your Lady informed you that you are to do exactly as you are told?”

Again I replied,

  • “Yes Goddess Aislynn.”


  • “Good, then we will proceed with our day.”

Goddess Aislynn then told me to get the collar from the table and placed it on my neck. With that, her demeanor became a bit more powerful. She grabbed me by the collar and pulled me closer. A pinch came to my nipple and she held it tight.

  • “I understand you cook well and I love to dine so you are to prepare lunch for me. I like everything in the fridge so make something light and make sure to pour me some wine first.”

My Edging Session

With that, I went to her kitchen and poured some wine from the counter for her. Bringing it back she took it from my hand and then directed me once again to kneel before her feet.

  • “I meant to ask m…your Lady mentioned that she would indulge my desire to have you properly edged for me. Have you been chaste all week?”


  • “Yes, Goddess Aislynn.”


  • “And have you been edged daily?”


  • “Yes, Goddess Aislynn.”


  • “Good…and now we will make good use of it. Edge now.”

Her direction led me to begin to stroke myself before her. She moved her black heel close now and pressed it against my balls and flattened their plump form against me. Not long into this, I began to drip pre-cum which trailed to Goddess Aislynn s’ foot.

  • “Oh, how sloppy…lick that up!”

Quickly I found myself kneeling on the floor licking her shoe and nylon clean of the juice.

  • “That’s enough. Make lunch”

I was off to prepare her meal, my hard-on bouncing as I walked away and my mind racing into the darker reaches of service to Goddess Aislynn I now found myself on loan to. Lunch preparations went smoothly and I plated a nice meal for Goddess Aislynn. She looked down at the plate to see the sautéed chicken with mushrooms and some nice asparagus.

  • “I like your presentation, you CAN actually cook. I will note that for my report to your Lady.

Service Tasks

As she began to enjoy her meal she simply pointed down towards her feet and I scrambled to kneel before her…in wait for her next command. She took a few bites and seemed pleased enough to send me on to my next task.

  • “Up and start cleaning…front door to back door, dust and clean all of the floors.”

At her command I went about cleaning her home, dusting the shelves first, wiping everything, and then to the floors as she was finishing her meal. I am accustomed to cleaning for my Lady and I know it is her sticking point so I knew to be thorough for Goddess Aislynn. As I took the wet cloth around the edges of the floor I felt her above me…watching and judging my efforts.

  • “I’m not sure you are taking your place here very seriously,” she said suddenly.

And with that, I was ordered to go and get the bag that my Lady had sent with me. I presented the bag to Goddess Aislynn and she began to sift through pulling out a cock and ball harness and the nipple clamps my Lady uses on me.

  • “These should help you to relate to your role here slave…come here and stand.”

I stood before her and she put the clamps on my nipples snugly and then placed the harness around my cock and balls.

  • “Now continue and be quick about it as I have other tasks for you to complete.”


To be continued

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