A Naughty Woman And Her FuckToy (1)

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As a Naughty Woman, I Begin the Domination of my Fucktoy

You are lying on my bed…completely naked…blindfolded…spread-eagled, arms and legs tethered. I slowly crawl onto the bed in between your legs. I gently kiss you, low on your right thigh. Moving up, I leave a trail of soft kisses…moving to your left thigh, I leave an equally soft trail. Your struggling decreases just a bit. My fingertips trace a path from your knees, up to your thighs to your groin. You’re still unsure of what’s to happen. I gently rake my nails down your thighs. There’s a slight movement from your cock…your body beginning to betray you already.

I am behaving like a naughty woman. You feel my breath warm across your cock. Again, slight movement. Showering your cock with kisses, I slide my tongue over the head of your cock and into my mouth. I hear a gasp as your body relaxes into the bed and I swallow your cock. “Oh god” makes its way to my ears as I work your cock in and out of my mouth. Your cock grows rock hard in my mouth and I can’t help but moan against it. I pull away just as you begin to rock your hips in sync with my sucking. I flick your cock with my finger and slap your thigh sharply with a riding crop.”Ow! OW! Fuck! What the hell??!” Me being a naughty woman, I work on taking complete control of you.



You Scream As I Slap you Around

I slap your face lightly, but firmly.

  • “Shut up.”

I grab your face, get right up in your face.

  • “You’re MY little fuck toy now. You’ll do as I say…you’ll take whatever I give…you’ll cum when I give you permission…and you will love it…”

The riding crop lightly brushing your skin as I speak like a naughty woman. Your body slightly flinching and you attempt to move away from it. A quick slap with it.

  • “Won’t you?”

Slap and a cry out from you.

  • “You’ll love it, won’t you, my little fuck toy?”

Slap, slap, slap, and more cries.

  • “OW! Fuck! Stop it!! That shit HURTS!!”

I, like a naughty woman, am going to do whatever I want to you!!!

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap…a barrage up and down your legs, bites into your chest, arms, and belly…

  • “Of course it does…pain is a wonderful motivator…”

Another barrage and I watch your skin begin to redden hearing more protests.

  • “Ah, love it!! The more you protest, the more I give you…”

I drag the crop up and down your body, pausing in certain areas circling your balls and you shudder. A shudder mixed of fear and enjoyment.

Teasing your Cock and Balls!

  • “Please…please don’t…”

Your hips shift as your try to shimmy away from me.

  • “Don’t what?”

As I continue circling your balls and stroking the length of your cock. Your reaction again is mixed: breathy sighs of pleasure mixed with sharp gasps of hesitation and anticipation.

  • “Don’t what?” I ask again.

Then, a gentle slap on your balls, and you jump.


I giggle at your protests…another gentle slap…

  • “You mean THAT?”

You jump and cry out again. This time I notice your cock stiffen…I can’t help but smile.

Three more slaps on your balls with the riding crop elicit more screams from you. You scream out in pain, yet your cock stiffens with each strike. I lean over and tenderly kiss your balls as I switch up my toys. A sweet gasp from you as my tongue soothes your ache. I continue tenderly kissing, licking, and sucking your balls as I introduce you to my other toy. You feel it…something tickling your skin as it moves up your leg…it moves up your thigh, your hip, across your belly, to your chest. You can’t figure out yet what it is. “It” seems soft, gentle, teasing. “It” tickles you as it dances across your skin making your nipples hard and your cock responds nicely, standing at attention.


How Many Lashes Can you Take?


A soft sigh and you relax into the bed as “it” travels the length of your body. I pull it away and pause, watching you…so relaxed…so trusting…so blissfully unaware… Slap…a scream…as leather bites into your skin…

  • “Oh my god!! What the hell??!!”

Two more across your belly and chest. You try to move away, attempts are futile. Three more strikes to your belly. Four on your legs.


You twist and turn to try and move away, but it just allows new areas for me to punish.

A barrage of strikes, leather biting at your pale skin, reddening it. Your wriggling causing your cock to come into the line of fire…three strikes. A brutal scream from you.



  • “Stop?…mmmmmmmm…that’s not the magic word, love…you don’t like it?… I thought for sure you’d enjoy a good flogging.”

The barrage continues. You scream and try to move away…Four more quick, sharp strikes to your body.

  • “But baby your cock is so hard! Are you sure you want me to stop?”

I dangle the flogger over your cock, the leather strands teasing your cock, now beautifully fully engorged and fully erect. My pussy aches as I catch a glimpse of a bead of precum at the tip. Squirming now, I want that fat cock so badly. Slowly I want to lower myself on him and straddle him. Impaling me, stretching me, filling up my juicy fuck hole. But I resist…and instead continue with another barrage of strikes, as my juices drip from me and down my thighs. Your screams fill the room.

A Forced Facesitting Session

  • “My god you are so fucking loud!”

I slap your face.

  • “Shut up!”

I turn and straddle you…Slapping your cock, I cause you to take in a deep breath. I slap again and before you can scream I cover your face with my pussy and ass.

  • “This will keep you quiet! Hope you got a good breath in sweetie…you’ll be there for a bit!”

I giggle as your squirming ceases and I feel your mouth open and suck my fat juicy lips in and begin chewing on them.

  • “Oh yes…just like that….mmmmm…oh god yes…oh I love that…eat my pussy baby…eat it all up…”.

I grind my hips to your face. You moan against my pussy and I can’t help but grind harder trying to shove more into your mouth. It feels soooo good!!!!

I get so caught up I almost forget.

  • .”Here’s your chance, baby boy, better take it…it’s only a second”.

I lift up and allow you one breath and plop my ass back over your face. Again, I grind my pussy on your mouth. Again, the biting, licking, and sucking make my head spin. I rock my hips back and forth and work my ass over your mouth. Spreading my ass cheeks your tongue finds my asshole. You lift your head, burying your face deeper, your tongue penetrating my hole. I whimper as you ravish my ass.

naughty woman

A Hot Position 69 Experience

  • “Oh god yes…yes yes yes yes YES!!! Ooooo you’re so nasty! I love it!!”

I grab your cock roughly and squeeze it hard.

  • “Oh you’re such a good boy.”

I shove your cock in my mouth and voraciously swallow it down. Gagging and coughing on it, I spit up all over it. I slurp it up and spit all over the head watching it slowly slide down your shaft. I pull at your cock and suck your balls sliding my tongue all over them as I continue grinding on your mouth. Your moans tickling my ass, making me so hot, I ache for you.

I allow another breath, just one, and again my pussy is shoved in your face. I hear you grunt, feel you pushing against me, trying to get as much of me in your mouth as possible.
You suck my clit in your mouth and bite. I almost jump off of you. Feeling and hearing a laugh from you as you begin your assault on my clit. I am now the one gasping and moaning, getting louder the more you bite and suck my now swollen clit.

Your hips buck towards me, shoving your cock deep in my throat. Pushing down, I feel the fat head at my throat. I push further still…feeling it stretch my throat and force it down. Gushing a bit, you moan, sucking my hole to get my juice and back to my clit…I allow one more breath…

  • “Oh fuck…”

I hear before you’re smothered again.

The Teasing Continues By The Dominant Naughty Woman

Your cock still at my throat, you buck again and I feel it stretch and slip deeper, cutting off my air. You become still and moan loudly. You feel it too. So deliciously deep!! I am still not wanting to move, trying to relax as my heart beats wildly in my chest, partially from lack of air, but mostly from never having had a cock so deep in my throat. My throat involuntarily clenches around your cock, Making you stiffen and making me gag again. I pull away, coughing, and raise up to allow you to breathe. We both gasp for air.

I turn and crush my mouth to yours. I lick and suck at your lips, tasting as much of my pussy as I can get.

  • “Oh god…that was awesome!!”

Your words come in a harsh whisper.

  • “I love the way you suck my cock!”

I reach over and pull a rope. Both legs are pulled up and apart…fully exposing you to me.

  • “Whoa…what are you doing?”

You raise your head, but still blindfolded, you see nothing. I giggle to myself.

Don’t You Appreciate What I Do For You?

  • “I don’t like it when you do that…what are you doing?””Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, my sexy love, shhhhhhhhhhhhh…”.

I am right in your face.

I kiss you tenderly before you feel clamps lockdown on your nipples.

  • “Oh shit…agh!…that hurts”


  • “Good…you seem to respond well to pain, sweetie…”

As I slap your cock around.

  • “What are you going to do?”

I grab your face and get in close.

  • “I’m going to hurt you, baby. I’m gonna hurt you real good.”

I swipe my tongue across your lips and bite your bottom one. You whimper and your head falls back.

I giggle again as I focus my interest elsewhere.

  • “Damn you!”

A faint whisper I almost miss. I grab the crop and smack your balls and your rock-hard cock several times.

  • “What?! What did you say?”

I ask, my voice stern. You cry out again.

  • “Do you not appreciate my efforts? Do you not appreciate the pleasure I bring to you?”

Several more sharp hits to your now fully exposed ass, cock, and balls.

I Am Going Keep Having My Way With You

You cry out over and over.

  • “What an ungrateful shit you are!”

I flick your balls with my fingers.

  • “You will be punished, of course….you do realize that, don’t you?”

I say loudly over your cries.

  • “Please! Don’t! Sorry! I’m not ungrateful! PLEASE DON’T!”

Again I laugh. I get up and walk away for a moment. You raise your head to try and hear something, anything.

  • “Where are you?”

I grab you by the hair and shove a gag in your mouth. You struggle but lose.

  • “There. That should keep things a little quieter.”

You shake your head, and I hear muffled “no’s” from you, but I pay them no mind.

  • “You like the way I suck your cock, do you? Mmmmmmmmm. I’m going to have fun with you.”

More muffled protests elicit more giggles from me. I come back to the bed.

  • “Your ass looks so inviting, I can’t resist having my way with that as well…”

You wriggle around and try to scream your objections. Your head shaking.

  • “Oh yes sweetie. This naughty woman can and will.”

A barrage of smacks to your ass with the flogger. The leather biting your skin makes you squirm. I reach over again and pull the rope tight. It pulls your legs up higher, lifting your ass off the bed, making it more difficult for you to move. Tracing my finger around your asshole, I see it pucker and I feel deliciously dirty. I rub your hole and press against it. You try to move but with the ropes so tight, it’s impossible.

  • “Mmmmmm…yes baby, you are going to be MY fucktoy…”

To Be Continued

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  4. I love the storey . My wife and I have began to live out my fantasy of being somewhat dominated by her . I love anal on myself .. for years she had no idea , until a few years ago when I told her my darkest secrets . Since then we have explored each other more and more . I see she loves to Dom me .. and I love it as well … Do you have any info or suggestions for me and her ?… we are pretty much Rookies at this . And any suggestions will help .

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