Trained as Her Fuck Toy (1)

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her prefered fuck toy

The Mysterious Figure Observing Me

He woke up as his face was slapped for the third time. As he opened his eyes in the dimly lit room, he realized that he was naked and that his hands were bound together behind his back. He was kneeling and could feel hands on his arms holding him up.

Lifting his head he looked up at the figure before him as the hand was raised for a fourth slap. Light reflected from the gleaming latex that clad it from high heeled boots to the long ponytail emerging from the top of its head. The glass eyeholes mirrored his face, the only visible skin was the shocking pink of the lips contrasting with the black latex.

Preparing The Femdom Fuck Toy

“Good, awake at last” came a husky female voice as the lips moved.“Ready to be prepared for your Mistress’s pleasure. Before my assistants get you ready, you may worship my dildo to prove your humility.” She moved towards him and thrust her rubber strapon cock into his mouth. He gagged but had no choice as her hands held his head and pulled him towards her.“You will find it more pleasant if you do the job properly.” She chuckled and released his head as he started to suck and lick at the life-sized rubber cock.

“Excellent, I hope that your Mistress finds you a good enough toy to let me train you fully.” After a few minutes of face fucking, she pulled away. I think we have enough on video now. Pussies, prepare the toy. While you do that I will instruct it further.”

Blackmailed By Mysterious Figure

He felt one set of hands let go of his shoulders and from the corner of his eye saw a figure move away and return holding something dark in its hands. He glimpsed a naked female form as it approached but instead of a human face, he saw a cat and a matching tail behind. That was the last he saw as a leather hood enclosed his head and a rubber gag slipped into his mouth.

As the hood was tightened over his head he heard the husky voice again, slightly muffled now as his ears were covered. “I have been employed by your Mistress to prepare you for your first session as her plaything. You will be masked and restrained until she decides that you are compliant enough. You will obey her at all times if you have any thoughts of not doing so; the video of you sucking my cock will be released on Youtube tagged with your name and phone number.

Plugged With A Helmet With A Dildo On The Side

Further pictures are being taken of you as I speak so that should prove effective insurance of your silence and compliance. Your helmet is complete with a dildo connected to the other side of your gag for your Mistress’s pleasure and you should now be able to feel one of my pussycats inserting the butt plug tail that will prepare your virgin ass for your Mistress if she requires that as well.”

He felt the hands bend him over and cold lubricant being applied to his anus followed by something hard being inserted and filling his ass which then clamped around the narrow neck of the plug. The hands lifted him to his feet and he felt soft silky hairbrush the inside of his thighs. He felt hands on his cock and balls as some sort of harness was attached.

A Familiar Voice Greet Him

“Very pretty” He heard muffled giggles. “Good, escort the toy into the next room where his Mistress awaits. Remember toy; you have no choice but to obey your Mistress. If she is displeased you will be punished. If you are good enough you may be rewarded. Either way, I will see you again.”

He felt something being clipped to harness his cock and stumbled forward as he was pulled along by the lead on his balls. After a few moments, he felt the lead go loose and a door closed behind him. “Hello Toy.” A new voice purred, it sounded familiar but he couldn’t quite place it. “Well, she has done a nice job on you. I love the tail.” He felt light hands on his body, stroking his nipples and moving down to his genitals, which responded to the gentle touch.

“Yes, very good. I have a choice of things to pleasure myself with.” The hands moved back up his body and suddenly pinched his nipples. He wriggled and tried to squeal, but the gag efficiently muffled any sound.

Do As I Say

“Stand still, attempts to evade my pleasure will result in your punishment. Also, you will only cum on command or suffer my deep displeasure. An example of this will sharpen your mind.” He heard a swishing sound and suddenly felt a sharp pain across his bare left buttock, followed by another on the right. “My riding crop is always ready for use. Now let me get you ready to please me.”

He felt a tug on his balls and stumbled forward until his knees came up at what felt like a bed. A hand on his back pushed him and he fell face-first on to the bed. He felt the plugin his ass being rotated and then a slap to each cheek. The voice chuckled.

“I’ll have some fun with that later. Now I am going to free your wrists for a moment. Do not try anything clever, your helmet is locked on and I do not have the key so you will not get far. Once your arms are free, lie on the bed and reach over your head.”

I Swallowed Her Cum As It Dribbled Down The Dildo

He followed instructions and heard two clicks as his wrists were secured to the top of the bed. Spreadeagled on the bed he felt the weight of her body as she lowered herself on to the dildo on his mask. He could smell her arousal through the breathing holes and realized that the dildo was hollow as well.

“Now fuck me Toy, if you are very lucky some of my cum will trickle down and let you taste your Mistress as well. You’ll be begging to drink my cum by the time I have finished your training.” His mouth gripped on the gag as she pleasured herself on the dildo, her hands playing with his nipples, cock, and balls; sometimes stroking but often pinching and squeezing. As she came for the first time, he could taste her cum as it found it’s way down the hollow stalk of the dildo, he sucked without thinking and heard her giggle as she felt the suction.

“Good toy, your Mistress is happy to feed you. Now I think I’ll have your virgin ass before I use your cock for a second climax. He felt hands at his ankles as straps were clicked into place and then felt as his legs were spread and lifted into the air. A pillow was pushed under his buttocks, lifting them up and he felt the butt plug being first rotated and then extracted. Fingers worked more lubricant into his now slightly stretched anus and then slowly he felt himself being penetrated.

Femdom fuck toy

Virgin Toy Now A Fuck Toy

“Bye-bye little virgin toy, now a fucktoy for your Mistress, enjoy the first of many.” Her hands played with his cock as she steadily fucked his arse. “Don’t cum now toy or you will be severely punished.”

Unable to escape, his cries muffled by the dildo gag, his body jerked to her thrusts. Her hands kept his cock hard until at last, he heard her orgasm again. As she pulled out of his well-used ass, he felt his legs released and they dropped to the bed where she pulled them together and locked his ankle straps.

“Now, time to finish you off I think. Bring me to a final climax and we’ll call it a day.” He felt her climb up on the bed again and straddling his bound body she slipped his hard cock into her dripping cunt. “Remember, no cumming until Mistress tells you.”

You Are Going To Be A Good Fuck Toy

She tweaked his nipples. “I think a little decoration for these next session, I like my toy to look pretty.” Steadily she rode his cock, one hand behind her squeezing and playing with his balls. It felt to him as if she was trying to push all his genitals into her hungry pussy and he knew that he would not last forever, but was afraid of the results of disobeying her orders. Skilfully she used his body until at last, her breathing now ragged as she approached climax, he heard:

“You may cum now toy.” The built-up pressure exploded just as she shrieked with her orgasm and he felt her vagina grip his spurting dick, sucking his cum deep inside her. As his body stopped shuddering, she lifted herself off his now shrinking penis.

“Good toy, a little more training and you should be a valuable asset. Now Mistress is going to leave you with a little present and then the trainer will release you and give you some further instructions. I’ll see you soon.”

Who Was This Mistress?

She moved up to his head and removing the dildo carefully placed her dripping pussy over his gagged mouth. “Suck now toy, taste all those yummy juices. Mistress will be training you to clean up after a session soon so you need to get used to it.” Juices dribbled through the channel in the gag as he started to suck and suddenly jerked as the crop lashed across his body

“Suck harder toy. Disobedience will be punished.”He sucked harder and could taste the mingled cum as it slid down into his mouth.“Better, my little cumslut. Soon you will be lapping it up with your tongue. Bye for now.” He felt her weight leave his body and heard a door close.

As he laid there, drained and bound to the bed; he wondered what had happened. Who was the Mistress? Her voice still sounded familiar but he couldn’t quite place it. He could still feel and taste his cum as it trickled down into his throat and he feared what the next session might bring.

Fitted For A Chastity Device

Suddenly he heard the click of high heels and felt hands on his body. Well, she certainly used her toy well today. Clean it up and get it ready to leave.” One set of hands washed his cock and balls, while the other removed the masking helmet. He coughed as the gag came out of his mouth and was about to speak but the latex-clad figure held up a hand.

“Quiet. You may only speak when spoken to. Now before I release you and allow you to leave, there is a little present that your Mistress has requested be given to you.” She passed a bag to one of the cat maidens and he watched as his cock was locked into a chastity device.

“You will be able to piss and the device will be invisible in your normal clothes. Your Mistress has the key and this ensures that Her property is not abused except with Her permission. It is also insurance that when you receive instructions for your next meeting, you will attend promptly unless you wish to live in the device for the rest of your life.

Hope To See You Soon

You will be released now and shown into the changing room where you will get dressed and you can then leave through the shop. Remember the location as you will be required to return in the future. Also, remember that I have pictures that you are unlikely to want to be made public.”

His hands and ankles were released and one of the maids led him to a doorway and pushed him through into a dark space beyond. As the door closed behind him a light came on and he turned to see his reflection in a full-length mirror. His clothes were hanging on one wall and he dressed, checking that his encased cock was indeed not bulging in his trousers. Unbolting the door opposite the mirror he found himself in what appeared to be a second-hand clothes shop. Walking towards the street door he passed a lady at the counter who smiled and said,

“Thank you for your visit, hope to see you again soon. We are always getting new stock in.” He smiled back and walked out of the shop and on to the street, trying to look natural despite the pull on his genitals.


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My Life as a Slave and Maid to my Mistress

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