My Dominant Lady And My Slave Training (2)

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My Goddess Mistress Thinks I Am Trainable

Goddess Mistress


I went back to cleaning up and not 5 minutes into the task I was summoned back to Goddess Mistress Aislynn. This time I went ahead and scrambled to kneel at her feet.

  • “Oh good boy…you ARE trainable.”

She said as she leaned forward towards me. Her hand reached out and pulled my collar…and me…down to the floor. I scooted my knees back to accommodate her directive, pushing my ass up in the air.

My head was touching the floor and Goddess Mistress Aislynn took my hands and moved them to stretch out flat on the floor. She reached down to grab my balls firmly and pulled up, forcing my ass higher into the air. Now she really began to take more control.

  • “When I point to my feet, as I have several times today, you are to kneel at them. But when I tell you “get down” for me you are to assume this position…do you understand?”


  • “Yes Goddess Mistress Aislynn,” I replied as she paced around me and seemed to be evaluating me.
  • “Ass high!” she said and she reached down and began to play with me, to squeeze and rub and explore.

When I moved she reminded me to stay put with a whack.


  • “Stay means stay still pet…STAY.” She said as she explored my body.

Learn Your Protocols First

She reached down and ran her hands over me…and then around my cock a few times finishing by squeezing my balls tightly. A good teasing…the tip of my cock dripping. I spoke up to say I was close. Having already spoken up once that I may cum if she didn’t stop, Goddess Mistress Aislynn now slowly teased and I was shaking.

  • “I will own your orgasms and I WILL take your cum as I wish but not yet, and I assure you that I will take your cum in the most wonderful of ways m. But first you have protocols to learn.”

I was now shown the third position I would be required to know.

  • “Kneel where you were before.”

She said and I got to my knees. She came to sit in the chair before me. As she sat back she also reached back and held her dress, pulling it up over her hips as she settled back into the chair. She pushed forward with her hips and sat at the edge. She pointed to her panties and I moved my head closer down, getting on all fours with my face now between her thighs.

Your Primary Sexual Role

She took my collar and held it firmly as she attached a leash to the front ring, securing the clasp, her hand slid down the leather strap to the loop at the other end. Reaching the loop, she moved it towards the floor and laid it down with the loop forming a small flat circle by my left hand. Her leg moved and she placed her black high heels down in the middle of the leash loop assuring I would stay near her heels. She spread her legs just a bit wider, sliding the loop with the heel inside as she did.

  • “This is the position you will know as “worship” from now on…do you understand boy?”


  • “Yes, Goddess Mistress Aislynn.” I replied and she smiled down at me…


  • “Your primary sexual role here will be to please me with your mouth m. This is your first time with me so you may go ahead and explore your new altar…worship me m.”

I leaned forward to her sex…starting with light kisses and leading to small licks beginning to explore her pussy. She knew I couldn’t move much or go far leashed to her heel but she placed a hand on my head anyways. Gently, she spread her hand across my head and massaged lightly as you might do with your pet. She even added a “Good boy” several times and I felt myself release deeper into her service.

Clean Me

Her juices now flowed and I licked and sucked them up. Each time I did this, Goddess Mistress moaned a bit and said “Good boy” again which began to fuel me at a very base level. I could feel her building and close to cumming and focused on her clit with circled licks and a bit of suction…her hand tightening against my head as I did. Her orgasm greeted me with wetness, deep moans, and the fusion of my face against her tightly as I drank her cum from her.

She held me there simply saying

  • “Clean me.”

I worked to ensure I had not missed a drop of her and she must have known I was mostly done as she now used my face and head to pat herself dry. Covered in her juices, she pushed me back and said,

  • “Get down.”

Thinking back on it earlier in the day…I put my head and hands to the floor and my ass high in the air. My Goddess Mistress stood up and walked my leash around and moved the collar ring to the back so that she was holding me like a dog.

  • “Stay.”

She said and she placed the leash down on my back and between my ass cheeks and left the room.


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