Dominant Nurse Liz Has Fun With Her Boy Toy (1)

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My Encounter With Dominant Nurse Liz

Who would have known that a scheduling conflict with my doctor would turn into an encounter with Liz, the dominant nurse? The doctor’s office called to tell me he had an emergency and if we could reschedule. We tried to arrange a time but nothing fit. The doctor’s receptionist promised to call me back after she tried to work something out. An hour later, she called back. There was no need for Doctor Sammis to be in the office when I had the cardiogram. It just required a technician to hook me up to the machine and get the readings. He could go over them the next day. As it happened, Liz, his dominant nurse, was going to be in the office tomorrow Friday when the office was usually closed.

I knew Liz. She knew me as a patient and she’d said she wouldn’t have a problem seeing me in the morning and doing the test. No one else would be there, so I’d have to ring and she’d buzz me in. We agreed that ten a.m. would be fine, and that was that. Except that it wasn’t. Liz made me nervous, in a good way. I was still in my twenties, and she was in her early forties. She was a great-looking woman, two inches taller than my 5’8″, voluptuous, brunette, and probably weighed 5 or 10 lbs more than me.

The dominant nurse was in great shape, and we’d talked a little about our gym workouts. This was 1980, and she was one of the last in her profession to still wear the white uniform dress and little hat. She told me once that she liked the tradition and her uniforms always fit her great, hugging her strong, shapely figure and showing off her slim, smooth-muscled calves.

dominant nurse

Getting Ready To Go To The Exam Room

Normally someone my age wouldn’t be thinking about a cardiogram, but both my dad and grandfather had died young of heart attacks and Dr. Sammis thought it couldn’t do any harm to get a picture of “how things are going in there.” In fact, I saw Dr. Sammis every six months, so Liz, my dominant nurse, and I had had a number of chances to visit when she took my blood pressure, took blood, weighed me, and did general workup things. She was always efficient but friendly, and there was even a bit of teasing, a hint of flirtation. And now I was going to be alone in the office with her.

It was a mild morning in late spring, and I was wearing shorts, a tee-shirt, and sandals. There were butterflies in my stomach as I rang the buzzer, and I hesitated for just a second when Liz buzzed me in. In I went and she let me into the office and locked the door behind us. She looked as terrific as ever as she said, “

  • “Hey Greg, good to see you. We’ve got as much time as we need. I’m here until three this afternoon.”


  • “Nice to see you, too, Liz. How come you’re here at all?” I asked. “Isn’t this place usually closed on Fridays?”


  • “Come on, let’s head back to the exam room,” she said, resting her hand on my shoulder and guiding me in.

She was just naturally taking charge.

  • “I’m moving… actually, relocating to California.”

Take Your Clothes Off Young Man!

  • “This is my last week here.”

I felt a surprising wave of sadness that she was going. I really liked Liz. As we entered the exam room where the cardiogram machine waited, I asked,

  • “Why are you leaving?”


  • “Just ready for a change,” she answered. “I’m going to the Bay area. I have friends in San Francisco, and I always have a great time when I visit.”

She gave me a bit of a sly, teasing smile, and continued,

  • “I’m really a bit wilder than I seem, and suburban Long Island really is a bad fit for me. Much too conservative.”

Then she smacked my bottom!

  • “Now, young man…take your clothes off so we can get started.”

I actually blushed.

  • “Um…everything?” I asked.


  • “Leave your underwear on. I’m going to set up the machine…unless you want me to leave.”


  • “No, no, that’s fine.” I smiled nervously.

What was wrong with me? I wasn’t exactly a blushing virgin, I’d been around, had some pretty wild adventures in college. But I hadn’t been with anyone in a while after a bad breakup six months earlier, and I was sharing a house with a couple of old buddies. This tall, attractive older woman had me rattled. I could actually feel myself trembling a bit as I peeled off my tee. When I got it over my head I saw that she’d finished whatever she needed to do to the machine, and she was standing with her arms folded across her ample chest, watching me with a small half-smile.

  • “Keep going,” she said.

I undid my shorts and slipped them off and stepped out of my sandals. I stood a bit awkwardly. The underwear style for younger men back then was bikini briefs, and I had on a particularly small pair of white ones. I felt my cock hardening, and her eyes glanced down at the distinct outline of my erection. She stepped close, put her hand on my chest, and gently pushed me so that I backed up to the exam table.

Relax Greg!

  • “Sit,” she commanded.

I sat. Liz, my dominant nurse ran her hand over my pecs and shoulders.

  • “You really are in good shape,” she said. “You have a great body. I see a lot of naked people here, but you’re one of our youngest patients, and it’s nice to see someone who’s really fit.”

She drifted her hand down over my stomach, and rested it just below my navel, just above the waistband of my briefs.

  • “Good abs!” she laughed. “Okay…lie on your back.”


  • “Yes ma’am,” I said, my voice cracking a bit.

I was really turned on…especially since she kept her hand on my lower abdomen as I lay back. My cock was stiff, and it was embarrassing how much it was bulging out of my briefs.

  • “Okay, RELAX,” she ordered.

She rested her hand over my heart. It was pounding.

  • “Are you nervous, Greg?” she asked with a teasing tone in her voice.


  • “You have to be relaxed for this test or it’s going to show a very skewed result. I’ll bet your blood pressure is spiking too. What’s got you so nervous?”

She smiled down at me.

  • “I’ll bet it’s me, isn’t it?”


  • “Oh boy, yeah,” I said.

She kept her hand on my stomach and started caressing gently. She stroked my head with her other hand and smiled.

  • “I like having you like this. When I heard that I could get you alone before I left I liked the idea a lot. I’ve thought about you, Greg…and I think you’ve thought about me, too.”

I’m Totally In Control!

  • “I have,” I whispered.

I reached for her…and she caught my wrist in a strong feminine hand and held it.

  • “Uh-uh…you’re my patient…we don’t want to be unprofessional, now, do we? Whatever I do is the treatment for a patient…you don’t get to be in control.”


  • “Then you’re in control?” I whispered as she started to stroke my stomach and chest again…that hard-on of mine was ridiculous now. It was starting to push out of my briefs.


  • “Totally. I’m totally in control. Do you understand…?”


  • “Yes, ma’am…” “


  • Good boy…I think you like that, don’t you? It SEEMS like you like it…” she teased, and slowly drifted her fingers over my cock head as it started to push up out of my waistband.


  • “Yes,” I groaned, “I like letting you be in charge.”


  • “Good boy. I prefer it. And you’re going to be a very good patient, aren’t you? Whatever treatment I think is appropriate you will submit to, won’t you?”

She slid her hand into my briefs and closed it around my cock and squeezed gently.


  • “Yes ma’am…! Whatever treatment you think is necessary…I’ll be a very good patient,” I said, my voice raspy and hoarse.


  • “Then lie back…hands behind your head…lie back!” she pushed me back with one hand on my chest, her other hand still squeezing my cock.
  • “Now let’s have a look at what’s troubling you…lift your hips…”

I did as she ordered, and she grasped my briefs and slid them down to the tops of my thighs.

dominant nurse

Let’s Have Some Fun!

My cock popped straight up, eager and yearning, and she wrapped her hand around it and caressed it maddeningly.

  • “Mmmm…very nice cock, young man,” she purred, smiling at her control over me.

I lay there naked, exposed, hands behind my head as she’d ordered, as this beautiful older dominant nurse examined my cock. She pushed it back and held it against my stomach, the head pressing against my navel, and she stroked the underside. Liz, my dominant nurse cupped my balls, squeezing them gently and getting a groan of pleasure and desire from me.

  • “I COULD make you cum for me right away, couldn’t I?” she teased.


  • “God, yes, ma’am…” I whispered.


  • “But we have hours…so let’s prolong the agony a bit, hmm? How long does it take you to recover after you cum?”

I was young, I hadn’t had sex in a while and I was rampant with desire for this dominant nurse who stood fully clothed over my naked body, toying with me.

  • “Probably ten, fifteen minutes the first time, and then a half-hour after that…and maybe again after about the same time…”

She laughed, leaned over, kissed my cock, and then sucked on the cock head for just an instant.

  • “Mmm…THAT’S why I love young guys,” she said. “I’m going to have some fun with you…you’ll cum when I tell you to and not before, understand?”


  • “Yes ma’am…”


  • “If you’re relaxed enough after that, we’ll do your cardiogram. If you’re still so…tense…we’ll play some more, get you off again…then try again. After your cardiogram I’ll have some other ideas…do you have any plans for today?” she teased, and tugged HARD on my rampant cock!

Complete Exposed In Front Of My Dominant Nurse

  • “No ma’am! I’m…I’m all yours!”


  • “Well, good boy! Turn over…let’s see that hard young ass!”

I did as she said, turning onto my stomach. She ran her hands up my back, over my shoulders, along my arms, bringing my hands over my head to the edge of the table.

  • “Hold this,” she said. “I’m going to give you a massage to relax you a little…okay?” and she swatted my bare bottom with a quick snappy spank that made me jump. She laughed.


  • “You DO have a pretty bottom, Greg,” she said, caressing my hard buns. “Hold still.”

Liz, this dominant nurse ran her strong hands up and down my back, my shoulders, massaging me. My dominant nurse made me feel really good. She had some sort of lotion that she started massaging into my neck and back and I felt the tension start to ease and my breathing slowed down…but my cock was still rock hard.

She ran her strong hands over my buns, massaging, kneading, pushing her hand between my thighs to fondle my balls and cock.

  • “These briefs are going to need to come off,” she said and tugged them off completely. “Now…spread WIDE.”

I gasped…but I did as she told me.

  • “Lift your hips,” she ordered, and when I did, she slipped a hard cylindrical bolster under my hips to keep my bottom raised and spread.


  • “Mmmm…now THAT’S a nice view,” she said with a sexy chuckle.

I was completely exposed, open and accessible.

  • “Now, don’t move.”

She touched the tip of her finger to my anus.

  • “Do you like being penetrated, Greg?”


  • “I…don’t know. It hurts when the doctor examines me…”


  • “That’s because he’s not trying to make it feel good…but it really can…just relax…”

It’s Going To Be An Interesting Day

She took a moment to slip on a glove. Then she put her hand on my bottom again, caressing. I groaned as she moved her fingertip in a slow circle. She squirted some more lotion there…and slowwwwly pushed her finger into my ass! I’d never felt that before and I moaned. It felt amazing!

  • “See?” she said.

With her other hand, she grasped my balls, kneading them…and she started to fingerfuck me.

I’d never felt anything like that before. She was an expert, and my cock got harder than I ever imagined it could. It was throbbing, and as I started to grind into her hand my cock rubbed against the sheet on the table. Her free hand worked my balls, my cock, and she pushed a second finger into my ass. She leaned down, kissed my neck, nuzzled my ear. I felt her hot breath against my cheek as she said,

  • “I think my boy here wants to get fucked! We’re going to have a VERY interesting day!”

To Be Continued….

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