A Night Full of Orgasms for My Beautiful Wife and Mistress

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My day started out as usual with making breakfast for my wife or I should say, my Mistress.  When she finished eating her breakfast she told me to get the house picked up, dusted, and polished this morning and she may call me later with further instructions.  Mistress left for work and I got started with cleaning up from breakfast and then cleaning the house.  

I had just taken a seat for a short rest when the phone rang. 

  • Hello Mistress,

She responded with:

  • Did you get the house cleaned up?
  • Yes, I did.  


  • That’s a good pet. 


  • I will be home about 6:00 pm from work and we will have two guests for dinner.  I want you to prepare a special dinner and get a few bottles of sparkling wine.  Oh by the way I left your black lace panties and bra to wear with your little kitchen apron, oh and your 6-inch heels. 


A Special Dinner for My Mistress

I was in a frenzy to decide what to make for a special dinner but got started right away.  When I had the chance I took a shower with a scented body wash, did my hair, did my make up and dressed as instructed.  Even though a little confused by the instructions of what to wear, Mistress has never been that detailed before, I wonder what is up.

Dinner was about done and I was setting the table when the door opened and my wife called out to me and I rushed over to the door. Mistress asked:

  • Why was my pet not at the door waiting for me to arrive?  We will deal with this later. 

I could see that there were two men behind Mistress. 

Mistress’s Surprise

They all came into the house.  My wife told me to fix her friends a drink and she was going upstairs for a shower.  As I gave the men their drinks Mistress was ringing her bell for me.  I rushed upstairs and my wife told me to help her undress and start her shower, which I did. 

I asked if I could go downstairs to check on dinner, Mistress said yes but come right back up I will need you to dry me off.   After drying Mistress off she wanted me to rub body lotion on her and I asked what would you like to wear. She said nothing just yet but you can call our two guests up to as she lied on the bed. 

The two men came up and were surprised to see Mistress on the bed naked. Then, she asked them:

  • So which one of you will give me a good Ass Fuck? 

They both said yes,  good for me.!

Mistress’s Good Ass Fuck

Mistress then told me to go downstairs and finish getting dinner on.  A short time later she rang her bell for me so I rushed upstairs where I saw all three of them in bed and naked.  Mistress told me:

  • You need to help our guests freshen up for dinner.  Be a good pet and lick their cocks clean and then come lick the cum from my Ass. First I want you to come here!

Then she pointed to one of the men and told him to stand up, then she told me to slip my panties down and step out of them and then hand them to him. 

  • You may now start to freshen him up. 

When I was done with him, my wife called me back over to her and told me to unhook my bra and hand it to the second man and then freshen him up as well.  

Cleaning up After the Men!

Mistress then called me back to her and told me to clean up the cum from her ass as I started to lick her clean. I heard her say to her friends:

  • Doesn’t his bear ass look lovely?  My pet is now our party slut for the evening so treat him accordingly.  

Then, she told me to go back downstairs and get ready to serve dinner. 

I did and was thinking this is unusual for Mistress to have me just in my apron and heels.  After a short time, the three of them came downstairs. They still were naked, and Mistress told me to get a soup bowl.  I got the bowl and then she told me to stand behind each of our dinner guests and give them a hand job while collecting their loads in the bowl. 

The Collection

When I finished with both guests the bowl was full.  Mistress then told me:

  • The bowl of cum is a great meal for such a pretty slut, you can eat your dinner at the kitchen table.  We will dine in the dining room so please everyone take a seat and the Slut will begin to serve dinner. 

I poured each of them a glass of dinner wine and served dinner as instructed.  Then I went to eat my cum soup. Mistress rang a few times during dinner and I gave her as she ordered.  As they were eating dinner I could hear them being playful and then Mistress rang for me and she told me that they were going to go into the living room and that I was to make them fresh drinks.

After Dinner Drinks for My Mistress



I brought their drinks into them and after handing out the drinks Mistress told me to put my tray down and to stand next to her,  then I felt my apron fall to the floor. Mistress said:

  • Isn’t he a pretty slut?

Then Mistress took my hand and pulled me down over her knees and proceeded to spank me for not being at the door when she arrived from work.  After my spanking Mistress told me to get on the floor on all 4’s and she inserted an extra large butt plug vibe with a remote.

Mistress then told me to get up and go back into the kitchen to clean up from dinner and do not let the but plug come out.  As I was washing dishes each of the men came out for another drink with the remote in hand and kissed me with the vibe.  When all done I went back into the living room and Mistress said it was time to FUCK.!

Time to FUCK!

Mistress told me to kneel in front of her as she spread her legs and then told me to fluff up her pussy for the boys.  When I was done mistress said let’s all go up to the bedroom.  When we got to the bedroom Mistress produced a chair with a big dildo mounted on the seat, she told me to sit in the chair and put my hands behind me wear she cuffed them. Mistress then lied on the bed and had each of the men Fuck her as I watched.

Watching them fuck my little dick got hard and shot a little cum.  When Mistress was done fucking she got up and un-cuffed me and then saw my little cum puddle and laugh:

  • What a wet little bitch you are!

Mistress then told me to lie on the bed with my ASS up. Then, Mistress lied beside me and then told the men to take turns fucking me.

My turn to be Fucked

The whole time Mistress was telling me how good an Ass Fuck feels and to save the feeling of hot cum feels inside of your body “this is the best thing being a girl”!

After what seemed to be a very long time the men were done with me and Mistress told me to once again lick the men clean and help them dress. Then I was to walk them down to the door, after they could not resist playing with me touching and foundling at the door they left for the evening and I returned to the bedroom to ask Mistress if there was anything she needed.  Mistress said just one thing:

  • please come and sleep with me tonight “you know that I love you” my sluty bitch whore.

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