My Dominant Lady And My Slave Training (3)

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More Of A Pussy Slave Than A Pain Slut

When my mistress femdom returned I could only hear the click of her heels around me. I had stayed in place and now felt anxious about her next desire.

  • “I want to waste no time with you, pet as I am excited to mold you to my desires. You presented yourself well when we first met earlier today and now it is time that you are made to feel your new owner. I may only own you when you are here and when your Lady needs a break but when I do…it will be full. Do you understand?”


  • “Yes Goddess Aislynn,” I replied.

With my acknowledgment of understanding, her control now went deeper. My mistress femdom picked the leash back up and held it as she placed a chair behind me and sat. I could see her heels and legs as I kept my head down and looked back. I could also see her placing latex gloves on her hands and I began to suspect what may come.

A whack of a paddle hit my ass and I flinched.

  • “You will get some pain when I feel like playing…though from talking with your Lady I know you are much more of a pussy slave than a pain slut. But we won’t let that stop us from establishing control of you and pleasing my whims now will we?”

Mistress Femdom Exploring Her New Sex Toy

femdom mistress



  • “No Goddess Aislynn,” I replied and another whack hit me.

A few more after that had me feeling it and I’m sure my ass was red showing off her work. I was bracing for more contact when I felt the cool of something drizzled on my asshole and the finger of my new mistress femdom spreading it around.

  • “Your obedience will be very important now m. You will be experiencing things that are new and foreign for you and I want to know that you can simply obey me. You WILL obey me.”


  • “Yes Goddess Aislynn” I replied.

Her finger now began to poke inside me in small increments. My mistress femdom now explored me like the new toy I was to her.

  • “As my new toy you had the honor of exploring my pussy earlier and you now know your main function for me. I will use you in other ways as well and I will take things from you that will ensure you not only obey me but that you truly feel owned by me. This is what you need correct?…This is why you are here?”

Worship your mistress femdom!

  • “Yes Goddess Aislynn” I replied.

Her finger now went deep inside me. Her other hand took hold of my balls and held them with a firm grip and pulled them down. This made me jump around and she pushed the finger hard in and told me to stay. She slid another finger into me and began to firmly massage my tightly held balls.

My cock was hard, my head held down and my nipples aching beyond my pain threshold. My mistress femdom held me and fingered me…teasing me, rimming my sphincter, testing me. She did this for several minutes and then she pulled out her fingers nearly all the way. I already had my ass high but felt myself struggle to reach it higher still to feel her in me again.

  • “Good boy!” she said…” that is exactly what I was hoping for…I want you to want it …to crave your role with me and become my slut.”

Her fingers went in again and then she began to work them in and out. My mistress femdom released my balls and held my cock, giving me several strokes.

  • “You are doing well m and I’m turned on…come worship.”


Your Hole Is Mine

She directed me to get up and follow her. Not having much choice, I was led by my leash with my cock raging hard and my ass still feeling the sensations. She walked me to another area on the second floor. A small room with a chair and some bondage gear.

  • “Come and kneel right here, facing me.”

Goddess Aislynn pointed to the floor at her feet where she stood by a wall. The wall must have been set up as her play wall as it had all sorts of hooks, rings, and such items upon it. The most intimidating accouterment was the dildo protruding right behind where I was told to kneel. There wasn’t much space between Goddess Aislynn and the wall and the chair that sat just behind her. I knelt down in the tight area and felt the tip of the dildo brushing against my ass. As I looked back a bit noticing this, Goddess Aislynn spoke.

  • “You feel that behind you but it won’t just tickling you. Are you prepared to give yourself to me now?”


  • “Yes Goddess Aislynn,” I said but my mind was racing in every direction.
  • “Good boy, now get on all fours for me,” which I of course did quickly.

I stayed there while Goddess Aislynn moved about and then I suddenly felt more wetness on my ass. A finger entered me and I felt more lube being worked into me.

  • “Relax pet…this is MY hole now so you just relax and give it to your Goddess Aislynn”

Push Back On The Dildo

Her finger played a bit while her hand reached up to grab my leash. She began to pull me back a bit with one hand and fingered me with the other. Looking down I could see glimpses of her gloved hand behind me. She used the leash to bring me to a rhythm of softly rocking back and forth on her finger, the leash held firm as her finger was inside me. She worked around and seemed to relax my hole with her touch.

She stopped and I immediately missed the feeling. ..but would not miss it long. Mistress directed me to back up a few inches… then came,

  • “Stop pet. Now relax and work the nice big dildo head inside you,” she said as she placed the tip of the dildo at my hole.

I worked to relax, to open to the sensation, and take the head of the dildo into me. I pushed back, aided by her hand pulling my leash back taut but not too tightly, and then the head popped into my ass. She spoke again,

  • “A little more now pet…take a little more for me and then stay.”

I did so and froze with just a bit more than the head of the toy inside of me.

Goddess Aislynn then came to sit before me in the chair, which she adjusted closer so that when she sat before me and spread her legs her pussy was right at my mouth just inches away.

  • “We are going to train you to love both of these experiences at the same time pet. I want you to learn to lick me slowly and lovingly, to make love to my pussy as it is the center of your universe.

Please Your Goddess

  • And you will be learning to be my man-slut at the same time. Each time you lick me you are to move forward almost far enough to pop the toy out…leaving the tip barely in your hole…lick me up from bottom to top, slow and lovingly…and then back onto the cock but you may only have as much as I allow by the leash. Do you understand pet?”


  • “Yes Mistress” I said…my breathing now intensifying.


  • “You may have your first lick pet,” She said and I pushed forward to lick her sex.

I hadn’t seen her pick up the riding crop but I felt it as swiftly as I licked her.

  • “Don’t get greedy! Did you listen to me a moment ago?”

Another whack of the crop came.

  • “Slowly, lovingly learn to please your Goddess…now back onto the dildo.”

And I backed onto the toy until the leash came taut.

  • “Again, let’s try again.” She said.

This time I slowly moved ahead feeling the cock leave my ass and my tongue leaves my mouth. A long lick up her pussy slowly brought her juices to my mouth and at the top, I began to rock back to take the toy in me again.

Lick Every Last Drop

  • “Good boy…much better…and with every lick…drink what you are able to catch. This is how you will learn to live for my juices slave.”

And so she began to work me…a lick of her flavor and then the taking of my ass under her direction. She would let the leash out just a bit more after 5 minutes or so of licking her so that I took a bit more of the toy in me every few minutes. And then she started to get very worked up. I could tell she was close to coming.

She placed her feet up on my shoulders and grabbed my head with one hand. She began to moan and push forward. Her pushing moved me back further and further and now filled me completely with the dildo. As she writhed and came in my mouth she had pushed me back to the wall and my ass cheeks now flush against it. I was fully impaled on one end and my mouth full of her cum on the other. She relaxed into post-orgasmic bliss and said but one word as she kept her feet pushing me onto the toy…

  • ”Drink.”

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  1. Having the sissy’s ass filled with the dildo while his mouth is full from HER cum really made me wish that I was HER sissy in that position. I wishe that SHE would take me walking with the chain of the nose ring as a leash and a plug that was adjustable in my male pussy.

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