The Gorgeous Mistress and Her Young Slave

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At this time, I was a 21-year-old student and I had just arrived in New York. I had an obsession, I wanted to meet a Gorgeous Mistress and become her slave. Over almost 3 months, every night, I connected on the website “Femdom Dating” but I didn’t answer any messages, I was too afraid.

Then, one evening, while I was feeling very lonely, I decided to contact some of the ladies who had left messages on the dating website. Some didn’t even answer me and others wrote to me saying that I was too young and with no experience as a slave.


One night, a miracle happened!

A very fancy lady, in her early fifties, agreed to test me. The idea to train a new slave tempted her. She had no taboo and she was ready to train me step-by-step. Even if she had a smiling face, I could feel that she was a naturally dominating woman. She had blue eyes and long dark hair and she was quite tall with generous curves. She was divorced and live in a nice apartment in Manhattan. Her 22-year-old daughter didn’t live with her anymore. She didn’t work and she spent her time taking care of herself.

From the very beginning, she defined my new job. I had to make her life as nice as possible. Thus, I should be at the same time, her housekeeper, her driver, her own masseur, her scapegoat, and her sex slave. I should be ready to follow any orders even the most perverse and humiliating ones. With a novice like me, it would be easier to train a man to become the slave she had always wanted.

  • “You are like a new shoe. It is going to take some time but after a while, you are going to fit me perfectly!”, she said.

She was really clear from the beginning. So, she didn’t care about my feelings, my fantasy’s or my pleasures. The only important thing for her was her own pleasure and her well-being.

During my first lesson, I had to write fifteen times and with my nicest handwriting the definitions of the following words: sacrifice, devotion, goddess, and slave.

First meeting with the Gorgeous Mistress!

Gorgeous Mistress

The first time I was summoned to go and visit her was a Sunday. I was so nervous and so afraid to meet her for the first time that I did not sleep a lot the night before.

The first time I saw her she was really sexy and hot. She was wearing leather skinny pants with very nice black shoes with very high heels. Her top was very nice as well.

When I was in front of her, I felt like an idiot. I didn’t know what to say. I had brought with me the pages on which I had copied the definitions.

She smiled at me and took from me the pages and then she gave me a huge slap. My cheek was on fire and my ear buzzed.

  • “On your knees, slave and put your hands on the floor!”

I heard the noise of the paper that she was tearing up. The pieces of all the pages I wrote fell on me. I felt ridiculous. She was throwing away my two hours’ worth of work without any consideration. I stayed a while staring at her nice shoes.

She put one of her feet on my head.

  • “Kiss my shoes!”
  • “Each time you show up in front of me to say hello, you should be on your knees to kiss my feet. Each time, you want to tell me something, you should call me Mistress. I will punish you for each mistake you make. Sometimes, I could give you punishments just for fun. Now get up and take off all your clothes. I want to see you completely naked.”

Spanked by the Gorgeous Mistress with a whip!

Once I was naked, she took something that I hadn’t noticed before which scared me. It was a whip.

She caressed my body with the tip of her whip. I was red with shame. Then suddenly, she spanked me with her whip.

I couldn’t keep myself from shouting a little bit. She laughed but she didn’t feel angry.

  • “Oh my god! You shout for this little punishment. You should get ready the worst is yet to come. This is just the beginning, my little slave. Anyway, let go! You have lot of work to do. I want you to clean the entire apartment! Come with me! I am going to show you your tools and your nice housekeeping suit.”

She showed me the closet in which I could find all the stuff to use to do the cleaning: brooms, vacuum cleaner, buckets, cleaning products…and a white apron lace cotton.


  • “Take it and go, wear it!”


Once again, she spanked my ass with her whip.


  • “So, what do you say?”


  • “Thank you, Gorgeous Mistress”


  • “That’s better. Kiss my hand!”


She showed me her right hand, the one with the whip.

Ordered to clean all the apartment!

I had to start by cleaning the bathroom. I had 40 minutes to do it. She took the broom from me that I wanted to use to wash the bathroom floor.

  • “You don’t need a broom to clean the floor with, lazy boy. You have to mop up the floor on hand and knees!”

First, I had to tidy up each beauty product and each towel, and then I had to clean the bath with a small brush, then the windows. She had left the room. It was only 20 minutes since I had started but I already had enough.

I was too focused on what I still had to do to be really excited.

I was mopping up the bathroom floor on my hands and knees when she came in to see my progress.

  • “What a beautiful ass! Keep going my little slave!”

She sat on top of me while I was mopping up the floor.

  • “I came to support you”

I was both excited by the contact of her ass on my back and exhausted because I had to carry her. She seemed to enjoy the fact that she made me work harder.

Firstly, she put her feet everywhere I had to clean. Finally, she lifted her feet off the floor. Like that, I had to carry her on my back her full body weight. I had back pain and I could only think about that. So, I hoped she would leave me alone as soon as possible but instead of that, she started to make some moves on my back. I couldn’t do my work anymore and I couldn’t stand the pain. I didn’t know what to do. Finally, she got up.


Inspection of my cleaning by the Gorgeous Mistress!

  • “I’ll come back in 3 minutes to make an inspection, little slave. You should hurry up if you want to finish on time and if you don’t want to be punished.” She said and she left.

Even if I hurried up, it would be impossible to be done on time.

When she was back, I had just finished cleaning the sink. The floorcloth and the bucket were still in the middle of the bathroom.

  • “Come on, you’ve got to be kidding! You are not done! I am going to punish you to make you understand what working very hard really means. You are just a lazy slave!”

She kicked me, twice, so strongly in my kidneys with her whip that I fell to my knees at her feet. She kicked me again on my back.

  • “I beg for your mercy, Mistress! Please”

She spanked my ass.

  • “If you know how to beg for my mercy, maybe I will give you another chance”

I started to explain to her how much I was sorry to be such a lazy slave. I didn’t know what to say or to do to get her forgiveness.

In the end, she finally agreed to give me 10 minutes more to finish up the cleaning of the bathroom. I was so grateful for this to her but I was so tired that I could not even think anymore. I was there begging for the mercy of a woman I hardly knew to let me clean her bathroom. She was very strong and clever as a femdom.

  • “I am two kinds, Next time, you won’t have a second chance”

Second chance to finish the cleaning!

She knocked down the bucket and the water spread over the floor that I had just finished cleaning up.

  • “Wash your face with this floor cloth! You are dirty”

I did it. She laughed.

  • “Clean it now with this tissue!”

I felt really ashamed and started not to feel very well.

  • “Oh my god! Look at you! What do you think that you are here for? If you want to be my slave, you have to learn how to serve me correctly. You are just a little piece of crap!”
  • “Let’s go back to your work!”

To be continued.

By Bernager








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