Find the Man of your Dreams, a submissive handsome man

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Find the man of your dreams, a submissive handsome man? You think it is impossible.

But first, what is the definition of the perfect man for you?

For me, as a dominant woman, the man of my life must be a submissive handsome man and hot with green eyes and brown curly hair. He must be tall and strong with some maturity. I really like when my boyfriend takes care of me and invited me to the restaurant. I want him to give me a lot of presents and do all the housekeeping, the cooking, and the shopping.

Obviously, he needs to know how massages.

I like when he tells me every day that he loves me and I am so beautiful. So are you still thinking that it is impossible to find a man like that?

But I can tell you it is possible and I found him. We have been in love for 15 years now!!!! So you can find the man of your dream too.

submissive handsome man

First, you have to know and understand that a dominant Mistress has all the power over men. You just have to be aware of that. There are so many submissive men all around the world who are looking for their Mistresses. This is the true reality. You have, probably, already met some submissive men too shy to ask you to be their mistress.

At the beginning of each relationship, when a man is wooing you, he acts like a good submissive man. He knows you are the one who has the power and the control in the relationship but after a while, because of your friends and your family and their perception of the submission/domination relationship, things can change.

You must stay the strong and powerful Mistress that he felt in love with. Otherwise, he would be frustrated, and finally, he could look for another mistress to serve. Just be the dominant Mistress, the strong woman who you really are, and allow yourself the ability to find the perfect submissive man to be your slave. Once you find him, be really rude to him and take control!!

Use him like the Slave that he is. Trust me if he is a truly submissive man, he will be very happy and very grateful to serve you. If you want to find a real slave, go on the website Slave-Selection.  You will have a large choice of submissive men ready to be at your entire disposal.

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16 thoughts on “Find the Man of your Dreams, a submissive handsome man”

  1. Mistress Cindy, only time will tell, but how can i strengthen my odds of finding that true Alpha Female who is undeniably out there looking for me?

  2. Well creating a profile on websites like Slave Selection helps. Also, you can attend the fetish parties and other local events in your area that cater to the femdom lifestyle. When you are around females it also helps to show your submissive side in subtle ways. For example, always taking direction from a female and always willing to serve her. Eventually an alpha female will read these subtle cues and choose you as her sub.

  3. Mistress Cindy, thank you for the ideas. It has proven to be very difficult to find some serious Females. I will keep searching and keep pushing forward in my quest of finding my place in the world of Female supremacy. If you or anyone you know is willing to provide more in depth help I will be humbled. I know I have to figure some things out on my own but knowing there are Women out there such as yourself who ‘could’ enlighten me, I figure I’ll reach out for help as well. Thank you Mistress Cindy.

  4. A dominant woman like myself appreciates a humble sub like you who wants to find his place in the world of female supremacy. We are always here to answer any questions you may have about the femdom community and female supremacy

  5. Thank you, Mistress Cindy! Very kind of you to be so real with me. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again

  6. Miss Cindy, I want to become a real Mistress like yourself is there a way where I can contact you in a more direct way so this can be more private?

  7. Me again, Mistress Cindy. I’m figuring You are going to see the post from anonymous sooner or later so I thought I’d chime in. Had a few drinks so sorry if it’s long winded.
    I’m in no rush to transform overnight but do you have any friends/ideas/knowledge of the fetish/femdom culture anywhere near Central PA? I know it’s a far reach but I believe it would be very beneficial in my quest to start having some encounters. Any hot tips, Mistress Cindy?

    P.S. You are very much so respected by me, and your knowledge and willingness to show any compassion and understanding is greatly appreciated and it truly feels like an honor(how silly) to build rapport with you. Have a great night/day/morning/afternoon!

  8. Check if there are any fetish parties or events in the area. Also you can check if there are any local clubs geared toward BDSM or female domination in the area.

  9. Hey, this is a response to why there are so few young subs.

    I’m what most people would call a very handsome man. I’m blond, 6.2, very well trained and with a masculine facial structure. I’m not trying to brag, simply illustrate the picture that I have a presence that people notice. Due to my appearance however it seems like people have expectations of me to be very dominant.
    This has dealt a lot of confusion and discomfort for me over the years. I suspect that many men feel threatened by me and take the slightest chance they can to insult me or diligently pointing out my mistakes/flaws. Girls become angry at me for not taking initiative thus feeling ignored.

    This has led me trying to become more dominant. I thought it was something wrong with me. I felt like a coward, less of a man and I had to become stronger. “toughen up soldier!” So in my early 20,s i started to lash out. Quite turbulent years followed and I tried to become someone that was the opposite to my very nature. I started to hate myself in the process.

    I’m now 27 years old and after a recent breakdown, that crushed the very foundation of my being, I’ve finally started to rebuild myself as true and honestly as possible.
    I’ve started to study psychology, philosophy and done several personality tests.

    Some of my traits:

    Agreeableness: High 82 percentile%
    Compassion: Exceptionally High 96%
    Assertiveness: Very High 90th percentile%

    So here a three of the traits that I think is really interesting in relation to me being submissive.
    If I would have done this personality test 7-10 years ago my agreeableness and compassion would probably have been around the same. But my assertiveness would definitely be down to 10 or 20(which is very common for an agreeable person). I have always been an highly emotional and empathizing guy (nerd/pushover and bullied during my school years). I’ve always felt at best when I can make other people feel good,
    So when i suddenly tried to change myself in my early 20’s you can probably imagine that my life become very volatile. During these years I’ve done a lot of things I regret. I’ve been mean to people, started fights, been reckless, aggressive, befriended wrong people and taking unnecessary conflict. I mixed up being assertive with aggressive. I built up a tough front which I still have to some degree. The positive of this is that I have no problem standing up for myself and coordinating my co-workers at work.

    Now I have both realized and accepted that I prefer being submissive in a relationship. It doesn’t make me any less of a man. I’m still strong and perfectly capable of standing up for myself. I know my worth and I value my self-respect.
    I still want to be a part of the decision making in a relationship. But I prefer my partner taking the lead. I would do everything in my power to fulfill her and only belong to her. She will be the only one I truly can be vulnerable (not to be mistaken with weak) too.
    I am still an extremely strong man, but I choose to give up my control. I’m no doormat. I don’t accept being humiliated. I don’t tolerate being mistreated. I want appreciation, loyalty and love too, I need it.

    In conclusion I think a lot of men mix up being submissive with being weak and pathetic. This creates a lot of guilt and shame. You are more susceptible to peer pressure at younger age as well, and depending on your personality it can take some time to build up your character.

    Sidenote: I apologize for any grammatical erros. English is not my native tongue.

  10. Always be rude to him? Make him buy you lots of presents? Don’t kid yourselves. There is no “love” here.

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