A Brief Explanation Of Sadomasochism

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What Is Sadomasochism?

Sadomasochism (S&M) is giving or receiving pleasure from acts of inflicting pain or humiliation on a person. The term sadomasochism (or “S&M”) refers to the respective writings of the Marquis de Sade relating to the pleasure of hurting others and Leopold Van Der Masoch who wrote the eulogy of sexual submission. The masochist needs to be hurt or humiliated to feel pleasure. Contrarily, the sadist receives pleasure by inflicting pain or humiliation on others. Communication between consenting adults is necessary to understand and choose whether they want to participate in the erotic games involved in S&M practices. Finding yourself unprepared in a situation like this can be a traumatic event.

An S&M encounter takes place in the form of a scenario. Everyone has a role. There must be a dominant and a submissive. The dominant direct the scene. The goal is to be able to get your submissive to submit to you completely. We often see images of submissive men and women with their hands tied or blindfolded, but their roles are not definitive. It’s like a game, you have to let go and try everything, even switch roles from time to time.

The Safeword

For example, in a case of a man having erectile dysfunction, it may be reassuring for him to play a game where he doesn’t have the right to penetrate his dominant female. The man can submit to the woman without any hesitation since there is no pressure to perform. It may seem difficult to understand but some people need the pain and humiliation to feel the excitement. This mode of sexual function is indicative of a person’s previous sexual experiences.

In S&M relationships, some couples use safewords. A safeword is a word that indicates when a person has exceeded their limit. For example, if the man is tied up and is whipped by his Mistress and decides the pain is too much for him, he can use the safeword to stop the scene.  Trust is essential because pain and pleasure are mixed. There is no obligation from anyone participating in scenarios to do an activity they are not comfortable with.

BDSM Accessories

BDSM accessories such as whips, floggers, ticklers, handcuffs, etc have been popularized in movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey. However, besides the attention they have received in mainstream media, these accessories can also be used to stimulate people who do not know their bodies … or are too afraid to explore their inner desires. For example, an alpha male may be hesitant to submit to a dominant female because he may think submitting to a dominant woman is emasculating. However, a scenario where he is sensually dominated using these accessories may entice him to explore his submissive side further.

When we talk about sadomasochism, most people imagine rich CEOs who let their fantasies run wild in trendy fetish clubs. Yet S&M relationships are not reserved for a certain social class. Accessories can be expensive. But they are not absolutely necessary to have in a scene. It’s about giving free rein to your imagination. The main thing is to find what you desire the most and succumb to it.

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3 thoughts on “A Brief Explanation Of Sadomasochism”

  1. I did not realise where I fitted in relationships, I had the standard male dominant idea of relationships in this society and I always was attracted to strong women. I was dating a lady for awhile and one day mentioned the weaker sex, she said there is no such thing. She said I am not a whimp and can do anything a man can do. We wrestled and I pinned her easily. Then she demanded a boxing match, no rounds, be at my place next Tuesday at 10.a.m. I arrived on Tuesday and she had cleared her lounge room. She said she did not want me to concentrate on punching her breasts and would wear high heels as a compromise otherwise we were to look like 2 men boxing, both stripped to the waist and took a pair of gloves and went into her bedroom.She emerged looking stunning, she was my size and weight and strutted past me looking very soft and feminine and I found the thought of punching her soft body very sexciting. We faced off and she was flexing her biceps which I hadn’t realised were quite large then we moved in to touch gloves and the boxing started, I landed a good hard punch into her big soft belly and she grunted, buckled a little but stood her ground, she took it much better than I expected, she punched me on the jaw and sent me reeling, the fight was on, it was no different than boxing a man except her bare boobs bouncing in front of me were mesmerizing. After about 10 minutes of boxing we were both very sore but she was dominating the fight, I felt I was fighting to save my body and my life, it was obvious she wanted to hurt me badly and she was ruthless with her punching, when she had me on the backfoot she just kept bashing me, I had to punch her off me, she king hit me after 20 minutes and the fight was over, she had knocked me out and I was out cold.I was in a female lead relationship then for the next 16 years.

  2. Hello Mistress Cindy , I feel I was born submissive and my early years I was always under the control of females, my mother was in a bad marriage an abusive husband who was always gone , my mother worked outside the home and my 3 older sister took turns watching me at times when my mother was working I was the youngest and my mother said I would never grow up to treat women badly , my sisters who really didn’t want to watch me took turns and they didn’t let me get away with anything my mom when she punished me would call my sisters in the room and strip me naked in front of them and she’d whip my ass with a belt and I could tell by their smiles my sisters enjoyed seeing me getting punished , it was humiliating at first but after a little time I would feel good like I paid for my wrong doing , I wasn’t mad or anything I just accepted female authority over me I never challenged it, when I grew up wouldn’t you know it I married a dominant woman lol my wife really made it clear from the moment I met her that if I wanted to be with her I’d would have to be very submissive which was-not a problem I fell deeply in love with her as far as I’m concerned she can do no wrong , my wife soon took charge and she whipped me regularly for punishment and well to maintain my submission and it did work very well, we were an FLR marriage but as her power over me increased our marriage became more of a total power exchange I love her and I have complete trust in her and she must have complete freedom so first I was put in chastity and soon after she made me her cuckold slave, I know some people don’t agree with TPE you see there is no bargaining I’ll do this, I won’t do that, no all I worry about is obeying she has my trust and why wife gets off on whipping me I give her oral sex afterward she says we have a marriage made in heaven or maybe hell lol she’s a sadist and I’m a masochist now there isn’t safe words and she does get carried away but I just want her to be happy so if she hurts me well it’s my tough luck it’s no problem and I thank her all the time afterward I know everything she does to me is really for my own good and it’s really only fair that she has a lover, a real man and my wife does love him , he watched her whip me then while I was on my knees in front of them they kissed and told me they were in love so it’s all in the open they didn’t hide it or anything and I am submissive to him I call him Master Micheal and well he has added a few rules the main one is I can only eat my wife’s pussy I’m never allowed to fuck her but I didn’t do that to her anyway she wouldn’t allow me to do that and I can only eat her after he has made love to her which I feel was very generous of him and well my wife only has sex with black men that’s her personal preference so she would never make love to me and I’ve seen that 91/2 inch big fat black cock ( she made me measure it once ) buried in-my my wife’s Lovely pussy it is a beautiful thing to see I love being their clean up slave and my wife has taught me to worship black cock , some other couples we met that have a Femdom FLR marriage don’t like the idea of her having a black lover but it’s not a problem my Mistress and Master are great i OBEY that’s my mantra I OBEY slaves that are in TPE relationships can find their way into sub space very easily thank you so much slave cc

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