The Naughty Therapist

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Appointment With The Naughty Therapist

The images of legs, high heels, assertive looks, and women in black latex and leather obsessed Paul so much that he decided to see a therapist specializing in sexual problems. Once in the waiting room, he almost wished he hadn’t come. He thought having fantasies of dominant women was quite natural. However, he fantasized about it every day, the same images over and over again were always on his mind.

Paul began to mope in the waiting room until he heard the therapist’s footsteps approaching him. He smiled at the therapist (a.k.a naughty therapist, he thought) who was wearing stiletto heels, walking towards the door. She approached her office, opened the door, and invited Paul to walk in, which he gladly did.

The naughty therapist wore bright red stiletto heels with black stockings that shaped her legs long, a skirt up to her knees emphasizing her wide hips. Her V-shaped sweater pressed against her beautiful, voluptuous chest, and her piercing blue eyes stared at me as if she had me all figured out. Without saying a word, she pointed to the sofa as she sat on a chair in front of me.

Images Of Dominant Women

The naughty therapist was very pleasant but her gaze scrutinized Paul at length as if she was analyzing him. She finally spoke.

  • “So, what brings you here?”


  • “I don’t really know, it was my girlfriend who pushed me to meet with you,” Paul said.


  • “And why me, Paul?”


  • “I don’t know, she found you through a Google search.”


  • “It wasn’t you who was looking for a therapist?”


  • “It was her. I like my girlfriend a lot but she can be myopic sometimes when she has an idea in her head,” Paul said.


  • “What woman isn’t?” the naughty therapist said laughing. “And you still don’t know why she sent you here?”


  • “Well, it’s hard to say it out loud,” Paul said.


  • “Many of my patients say this in the beginning..just say how you feel. There is no judgment in this room.”


  • “Well, I am obsessed with these types of images of women.”


  • “What type of images,” the naughty therapist asked inquisitively.


  • “Well, it’s difficult to say..”


  • “Pictures of women and certain body parts.”


  • “What type of body parts?”


  • “Legs, feet, women wearing stiletto heels.”


  • “So you like images that are a little kinky? There is nothing wrong with that.”


  • “No, but I think about it all the time. It haunts my dreams.”


  • “And that bothers you?”


  • “Yes it does,” Paul said.


  • “Why are you embarrassed and what type of relationship do you have with your girlfriend?”

When the naughty therapist asked Paul this question, it really forced him to stop and think about what type of relationship he had with his girlfriend.

  • “Well, I would say we have a good relationship but I still don’t feel like there are parts of me she understands. She discovered the images I saved on my computer and she looked at my browser history and saw the sites I was visiting.”

naughty therapist

This Excites You

  • “Did those images disturb her?”


  • “I assume so. She sent me to see you.”


  • “Is she a naturally jealous person?”


  • “Yes, she is.”


  • “Well, that makes it difficult to explore your sexuality with her. Maybe you should find another girlfriend. You should be able to enjoy watching these videos with her.”


  • “Yes I agree; That would be nice.”

So the naughty therapist suggested,

  • “Maybe you should do sexual role-playing activities based on the videos you watch with her.”


  • “No…I don’t think she would want to do that with me. They are too kinky for her.”


  • “Well, what kind of videos do you like to watch?”


  • “They are BDSM femdom videos. I enjoy watching strong women dominate men.”


  • “And this excites you sexually?” Said the naughty therapist coyly while she uncrossed and crossed her beautiful, long legs. “Are these desires only sexual or do you truly want to submit to a woman?”


  • “Well…yes..I would say a little of both!”

The naughty therapist and Paul started laughing.

  • “And do these desires to shock your wife?”


  • “Yes..she doesn’t understand why I want to submit to a woman.” “Sometimes I feel like I am a sexual deviant.”


  • “But your not. These desires are quite common. Have you ever tried to submit to a woman?”


  • “Oh God no. I’m not crazy.”


  • “So you think men that submit to women are crazy?”


  • “No..I think it’s weird.”


  • “Yet you are obsessed with female domination. Dreams can be a sign of unfulfilled desires,” said the naughty therapist.

The Naughty Therapist Haunts My Dreams

  • “Maybe you should try experimenting with the femdom lifestyle to see if you can fulfill your deep-seated fantasies. Men or women sometimes become the object of pleasure for their spouse or another person whom they call Master or Mistress. This is quite common in Japan.”


  • “I didn’t know this fetish was so popular.”


  • “Think about it, and let’s make an appointment for next week and we can talk about it some more.”


  • “Same time?”


  • “Yes, same time.”

Paul walked out of the office and shook his head, confused and ashamed to have entrusted someone else with his fantasies and desires. This woman of extraordinary beauty fascinated him and he fantasize about her, which is why he immediately made the appointment for the next week. Still in love, he went home, eager to see his girlfriend. However, from that moment forward, his dreams were haunted by the apparitions of the naughty therapist.

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