Submissive Jacob Paying His Debts

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Paying His Debt To Miss Eloise

Submissive Jacob had three months left of his six months to finish paying his debt to Miss Eloise. She decided the best way for him to pay his debt is through servitude.  His tasks would consist of mopping the floors, wiping down furniture, cleaning the bathroom, preparing all her meals, making the beds, washing clothes by hand, and any task Miss Eloise could think of at the moment. Jacob was only allowed to wear black, boxer shorts while he performed his tasks.

Besides being locked in a chastity cage during his servitude, Eloise told him,

  • ” There will be no sex on your part, Jacob. Avoiding the distraction of physical pleasure will help you be a good slave and stay focused on your tasks.”

She said this while locking him in the cock cage and putting the key around her neck.

Submissive Jacob Is Alway There When She Needs Him

Submissive Jacob moved to Eloise’s apartment temporarily so he could be at her disposal 24/7. He slept on the floor in the corner of the living room with a blanket. Eloise treated him contemptuously like he was an object which she only acknowledged receiving her orders and he was only allowed to respond with,

  • “Yes Miss.”

Submissive Jacob thought she would request a massage so he could touch her beautiful body, but she forbade him from having any physical contact with her. Of course, she often scolded him or punished him by whipping him with a belt she often wore with these sexy, tight jeggings that accentuated her butt.

One day when submissive Jacob returned from shopping, he found a silver tray in the kitchen with a ball gag and a message for him saying,

“Put the ball gag on and organize the condoms and lubricant symmetrically on the tray. Wait for me on your knees holding the tray in the bedroom.”

He quickly fulfilled the order and assumed the indicated posture with the tray in his hands in the bedroom.

submissive jacob

The BDSM Bull Arrives

It was not long before one day Eloise arrived accompanied by one of her lovers. A muscular, white man who was taller than submissive Jacob. He looked at Jacob who was on his knees on the side of the bed and said,

  • “Is that your husband, Eloise?”

Asked the BDSM bull pointing to Jacob,

  • “He wishes he was,” she said laughing at him.


  • “If you want, I can order him to leave us alone,” Miss Eloise said, passionately kissing her lover. “Let him stay, he might learn something,”

The couple lay on the bed and began to kiss and caress each other passionately.

The BDSM bull removed Eloise’s panties and placed them on Jacob’s head,

  • “He would make a fantastic lamp”

The couple burst out laughing between kisses and caresses. Submissive Jacob remained motionless the whole time for fear that Miss Eloise would punish him.

The passion between the two lovers was so much that it would have excited even the most seasoned porn film producers. They began with position 69 and then Eloise started riding his cock. They had sex for a long time and of course always with condoms. Each time the BDSM bull ejaculated, Eloise placed the condom on Jacob’s thighs to humiliate him and remind him of how pathetic he was.

I Have A Surprise For You

The submissive cuckold continued to remain motionless, but the sexual acts excited him, consequently, the chastity cage was causing him pain and discomfort by preventing him from getting an erection. Everything ended when the bull left leaving Eloise completely satisfied.

  • “You can retire to your corner now,” she said to submissive Jacob, who left the room to his corner to sleep off what was left of the rest of the night.

A few days later, Eloise returned to the apartment alone but somewhat cheerful. Submissive Jacob was finishing washing the dishes in the kitchen when Eloise interrupted him with a hug and whispered in his ear,

  • “Come to my bedroom when you’re finished here. I have a surprise for you.”

When he was done with the dishes, submissive Jacob went to the bedroom where Miss Eloise was sitting on the bed waiting for him.

  • “You have been a good servant,” she said. “So tonight I’ll let you feel some pleasure.”


  • “Please, Miss, do what you want with me,” the cuckold submissive said to Miss Eloise.


  • “That’s what I wanted to hear,” said Eloise as she was placing a blindfold on the cuckold.

Submissive Jacob felt how she caressed his body and why she removed his boxer shorts.


You’re So Insatiable

Before submissive Jacob could do anything, she laid him on the bed and forced him to lie on his stomach while she handcuffed his hands and legs to the bedposts.

  • “What are you planning to do?” He asked why she covered his mouth.


  • “Silence dear,” she said while she covered his nose forcing him to breathe through his mouth only.

Afterward, she placed pillows under the submissive’s hip so she could lift his ass.

Miss Eloise put latex gloves on and lubricated her hands. Then she put her finger inside Jacob’s ass making him scream,

  • “Oh come on…. I told you that you would feel pleasure but I didn’t tell you where.”

She began massaging Jacob’s virgin anus making him moan. When his ass was fully dilated, she put on a strap-on dildo to penetrate Jacob.

Miss Eloise began penetrating submissive Jacob with force.

  • “Come on bitch, scream louder.”

She penetrated him with more force and lustfully. Finally, he couldn’t contain himself from the rectal stimulation and ejaculated all over the pillows on the bed. Eloise took the semen on the bed and smeared it all over his face.

  • “You are so insatiable, I have to be tougher on you next time.”

Miss Eloise continued sodomizing Jacob for a long time until she was done with him and kicked him out of her room forcing him to sleep on the floor in the corner of the living room with his blanket.




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