Mistress Anne Takes My Virgin Asshole

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My Response To Mistress Anne

mistress anneI answered with trepidation the message I got from Mistress Anne on Slave Selection. Mistress Anne is seeking a slave to train and own. I responded by telling her of my desire to serve her as a very obedient slave to use as she desires. Our appointment was arranged. If I truly was interested I was to meet Mistress at her door following her instructions. As instructed, I took off all my clothes as I arrived at her front door, folding them neatly and placing them at my feet.

I rang the doorbell once and knocked three times on the door. My signal to Mistress Anne that I had arrived. The door opened and I had my first gaze at Mistress. Clad in a leather outfit, Mistress was a vision of desire and beauty. With a leather crop in her left hand, Mistress stared approvingly.

  • “Now. Turn slowly around. Let me inspect what you have to offer me,” she said. Very good. Now come inside and kneel in front of the rocker in the living room.


I did as I was commanded while Mistress took her place in the seat in front of me.

  • To be my slave, you are to arrive and be naked in my presence at all times. Your duties are simple. Do whatever I tell you to do. Please me. Now, I want you on all fours.”

I eagerly complied with her orders. Mistress ran her crop up the length of my leg and over my naked and waiting buttocks. As she ran the crop over my back, I arched upward to feel the crop run the full length of my body.

Do You Like This Slave Boy?

  • “Good slave. You have done well. Mistress is pleased. Now. Roll over onto the floor facing me. You are going to get a taste of my pleasure.”

At that moment, Mistress Anne straddled my body with one leg on each side giving me my first view of her moistened pussy. Slowly, she lowered herself to her knees over my face. The aroma of her sex permeated my nostrils.

  • “Do you like this slave boy? You better because you will begin each day licking up each and every drop.”

As Mistress lowered herself onto my face, my tongue instinctively began its journey along the folds of her sex. To my surprise, I found out what the crop was for. Swat!!! The sound came as a direct hit on my ball sack. The sting was instant and I had to take a quick moment to breathe. My introduction was all that this slave could ask for and the night had just begun.

Mistress Anne again rose her statuesque body above me allowing me a slave’s view of her long slender legs. Looking down she could only smile.

  • “Now slave. Is this the life you want to lead? Because I have something extra for you if you dare to stay.”

Take My Virgin Asshole

I shook my head up and down not wanting to speak and ruin my introduction.

  • “Good boy,” she said while I crawled into the spare bedroom behind me.

I peeked into the room with an eagerness I had not experienced before. There, in the middle was a table was a big black dildo glistening as she turned on the light.

  • “Now slave this was a special purchase just for you. Get onto the table.”

I could not wait for her to demand again. Mistress walked behind me and positioned the probing cock at the mouth of my anus.

  • “Slave. Push back so I can open that virgin asshole of yours.” I did as I was commanded.

The probing stretched my sphincter as it increasingly inched in and out.

  • “Slave. You are going to become quite proficient at taking cocks for me so I can watch and enjoy. Your training will not be complete without you enjoying a real hot hard cock.”

Over the past two months, I have been introduced to many of Mistress’ desires. Each meeting is a new and intriguing session. I await each session with bated breath as I wonder what else she is going to command me to do.




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  1. I need to be totally controlled and I am going to live as a Female Slave for someone until I die once I get the money I will join site and do whatever you tell so I can find my Mistress please help become a success story I don’t need friends just need a Mistress to serve for the rest of my life

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