How To Adopt The Look Of A Femme Fatale

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Become The Femme Fatale You Have Always Wanted To Be

You’ve all heard of the femme fatale. The type of woman men fantasizes about all the time. Do you dream of becoming a femme fatale in order to seduce the man of your dreams? But wait a minute, what is a femme fatale?  In comic books, a femme fatale is a character who uses the power of her sexuality to trap the unlucky hero. Think of characters like Jessica Rabbit in Dick Tracy or Catwoman in Batman and Robin.

In our society, the femme fatale seduces her lover to the point where she has her way with him. She pushes him so hard that he becomes incapable of making rational decisions. A dominatrix is a prime example of a modern-day femme fatale.

If you are a dominant woman at heart and want to incorporate a dominatrix-like wardrobe in your everyday life but never dared to tap into your true sexual nature, this is your opportunity to radiate the essence of a femme fatale by adopting the look and confidence of a dominatrix. You can try a dominatrix-looking outfit the next time you go to a party or are out on a date.

A Femme Fatale With The Look Of A Dominatrix

femme fataleIf you want to dress like a femme fatale with dominatrix leanings, you should wear outfits with dark colors that are sexy yet elegant. Black, brown, and red colors are good choices for seductive outfits. These clothes should be classy yet tasteful and definitely not sleazy. They don’t have to be expensive but they should be nice. Looking glamorous and sophisticated will help you stand out in a crowd and attract the type of man you desire.

Heels are a must for any femme fatale to complete her outfit. A lot of men have leg and foot fetishes and are attracted to a woman wearing a nice pair of heels. Heels do not have to be worn every day but try to wear them as often as possible as this will make some men weak and submissive to you. Also, try to incorporate leather clothing into your wardrobe. A lot of men have leather fetishes and will be weak and submissive around you when they see you wearing a leather top or a leather skirt.

Here are some examples of sexy clothes you could wear in public and in the bedroom.

  • Corsets / Corsets
  • Sexy dress
  • Leather skirt
  • Lingerie

Seductive Perfume And Hairstyle For A Dominant Woman

A dominant woman should wear an unforgettable fragrance that characterizes the essence of her female dominance. This perfume must evoke images of powerful, sensual women in a man. The fragrance is a message that reveals her personality to others. If you want to give the image of a dominant woman, you should avoid fruity scents or scents that are too girly. Choose spicy fragrances. Amber, Gardenia, and Musk’s scents are provocative enough that when smelled they evoke images of strong, powerful women.

Be careful not to use too much perfume. The goal is to seduce a man not repel him by wearing very strong-smelling perfume. Additionally, having beautiful hair will help you feel confident and radiate the female power that is inside of you already. Ideally, your hairstyle should be what looks best for your facial features and skin color. You can consult a hair stylist to determine what “look” looks best for you.

Makeup For A Dominant Woman

To truly be a dominant woman, you must learn to wear red lipstick. Red lipstick exudes female power and men find women who wear red lipstick very attractive. Choose a shade that enhances your complexion and use lip liner to accentuate the color of your lips. As for the rest of your face, during the day you can wear subtle colors to accentuate your natural contours and at night you can put on more seductive makeup like black eyeliner and grey eyeshadow for a smoky, mysterious look. Don’t let other people see you putting on makeup or you will lose some of the mystery you created surrounding your “look”.

Accessories for A Femme Fatale

However it isn’t enough to look like a dominatrix, to have a man submit to you fully, you must also have the right accessories. Many submissive men fantasize about having sessions with a Dominatrix. Here are some accessories to help you become a formidable Dominatrix in the bedroom with your partner.

  • handcuffs
  • whip
  • collar and leash
  • bondage ropes
  • blindfolds
  • butt plug
  • chastity cage

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