International Male Chastity Day, Jan 14, 2019

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The Annual Celebration

male chastityLadies and gentlemen calling all male submissives… today Monday, January 14, 2019, we celebrate International Male Chastity Day. This is the day where your slave wears his chastity cage all day with pride. Fortunately, the cock cage is very hygienic and your submale can urinate without having to remove it. Of course, your submissive should want to wear his chastity cage voluntarily as a sign of his absolute submission to you. Once he gives you the key to his chastity cage, you have total control over his orgasm. Knowing that he can no longer masturbate without your permission excites your submissive and you can increase that excitement by keeping him in a state of tease and denial. This game creates a state of perpetual erotic ecstasy that becomes extremely addictive to him.

Male chastity represents the end of his desires and the beginning of making your fantasies a reality. His sexual purpose becomes about pleasing you. Does this mean the end of his sex life? Not at all, he gains a lot of pleasure in pleasing you and knowing that you have complete control over his sex life.

Male Chastity and Tease And Denial Games

There are many ways that you can tease your submissive. Since he will be absolutely devoted to giving you pleasure you can demand he give you oral sex whenever you want it. As a constant reminder of his submission to you, you can make him wear his chastity cage to work and tease him by sending him nudes of you throughout the day so you are always on his mind. Before he goes to work, you can passionately kiss him and fondle his cock cage making him hard and giving him a painful erection he’s forced to think about while he is on his way to work.

When he arrives home from work, you can strut around the house in lingerie but he is not allowed to touch you in anyway. Remember, tease and denial is all about making sure he does not have an orgasm the majority of the time so it’s best to keep him guessing as to what is going to happen next.

In conclusion, ladies don’t hesitate to write to us about your experiences with male chastity and submissives, tell us your point of view on how you feel when your Mistresses lock you up.

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