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Tommy-Boy As Mistress’ Foot Slave

Tommy-boy brought back the tray loaded with food to his Mistress. She had turned on the television and was busy watching a comedy show. Seeing this docile foot slave walking towards her on his knees carrying a tray made her smile. The boy placed the tray on the floor next to her feet. “Now lie on the floor and shut up until further notice!” Alice said. “I want you to be absolutely silent and motionless.”

Tommy-boy obeyed. He barely had time to lie down before he saw a pair of feet placed over his face. Alice positioned her left foot on the slave’s eyes, forcing him to close his eyes and plunging him into complete darkness. Her other foot went to crush his nose and mouth. He could barely breathe.

Alice was surprised to find that Sylvia was right. As a foot slave, Tommy-boy’s face perfectly matched the shape of his owner’s feet. His features seemed to adapt and contort in such a way as to optimize the comfort of the feet of his Mistress. Alice really felt like she had a warm, soft cushion under the arches, rather than a human being.

Life Is Easy For Some People

Alice had just gotten out of bed and she was particularly sweaty. Her feet were hot and clammy and sticky with sweat. The smell was so strong that it reached Alice’s nostrils. Inwardly, she could not help but feel sorry for her foot slave. She was sitting comfortably on a couch, enjoying delicious toast and hot milk while watching TV. He was lying on the hard, cold floor of the living room, naked with two extremely odorous feet resting on his face. Having neither the right to speak nor the right to move, he was forced to breathe deeply the spicy and suffocating smell of the pair of feet that crushed his nose.

Life was definitely not easy for everyone. Because she was a woman she was not destined to be someone’s foot slave for the rest of her life. She was the mistress. Tommy-boy, on the other hand, had been trained to satisfy her for the rest of his life with no complaints from him. The morning passed quietly and Alice lounged on the couch enjoying the adorable feeling of having a cushion of human flesh under her feet. Sometimes, she plunged her foot into the slave’s mouth and ordered him to suck her toes. The boy would lick and suck each toe one by one, ridding them of their sweat. Other times, she would order him to lick the soles of her feet to clean them of various dirt particles that had accumulated during the night: Dust, dead skin, grime, perspiration, etc..

foot slave

Lick Every Last Drop

Around noon, she decided it was time for her to get down to business. She led the foot slave to her room and tied him to the four corners of the bed, arms, and legs spread wide apart. He was at her mercy. The situation made her wet instantly. “Take advantage of what’s about to happen and apply yourself, my little foot slave” she murmured in the boy’s ear.

With these words, she sat on his face, crushing his mouth with her pussy. She was already wet, and her nectar spread all over his face causing his face to glisten. Alice began rubbing her pussy against the boy’s face, asphyxiating him with her scent. She rubbed her clitoris while grabbing his hair and gradually accelerated the rate of her grinding on his face. “Tommy-boy, lick every last drop,” moaned Alice. “Yes, Mad …”

Alice stopped abruptly and slapped the boy across the face twice. Her slaps left two large red marks on his cheeks. She had hit him hard and the sound of the second slap resonated throughout the room. The foot slave looked at her, confused, not knowing why he had been slapped like this. “Have I given you any permission to open your mouth for anything other than licking my pussy? Alice said icily. “Do you have the right to speak?” “No Madam.”

Give Mistress Pleasure

“I warned you. You broke one of the main rules I set in this house. I am going to punish you accordingly. For the moment, do your best to give me the most pleasure possible and do it in silence!” The boy turned pale, realizing that he was going to receive a punishment he would not soon forget, and began licking his mistress’ clitoris with ardor and devotion, imagining that it might allow him to be forgiven. But Alice did not see it that way stopping sometimes between her sighs of pleasure to slap him across the face as hard as she could.

After 30 minutes, his face was entirely stained with cum and beneath her nectar, his cheeks were bright red from being struck. Alice turned and put her buttocks on Tommy-boy’s face. She took good care to position her anus directly in the middle of his face and smiled as she felt the boy’s nose sink in with a slight sucking sound into her rectum. When she was sure that her slave had the nostrils plunged into her asshole, she put all her weight on him and buried Tommy-boy’s face between her thighs.

Time To Recharge

“This is your time to recharge, foot slave. Inhale as much as you can. I want to hear you sniff! The foot slave suffocated while Alice sat on his face nonchalantly reading a magazine. Two full minutes passed before the slave began to have spasms because he couldn’t breathe. Alice consented, with annoyance, to slightly raise her buttocks so Tommy-boy could suck a breath of fresh air. He inhaled loudly, panting like a dog after a long run.

Alice only allowed him to breathe for a handful of seconds before she sat down on him again. She was pleased to hear him sniff the smell of her anus deeply. To have fun, while her foot slave was reloading by smelling the scents that escaped her ass, Alice leaned forward and started stroking his penis. He shuddered at the touch of her fingers. ”I wonder what I’ll be able to do with this,” she said in a malicious voice.

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