Complete Honesty in a FLR Relationship is Required at all Times

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Complete Honesty in a FLR Relationship is Required at all Times


My wise Dominant Lady taught me years ago that if I was sincere about embracing Her leadership and control within the context of our committed FLR relationship then I would need to be totally honest with Her. About everything. There is no room for a ‘little white lie’ or ‘dishonesty through omission’ within a FLR. Absolute unequivocal honesty between partners, She explained to me, is the very foundation of a successful long-term FLR. Without it, the Lady cannot depend on the necessary support to guide the relationship to its absolute potential. A relationship attempting to thrive in an atmosphere of deceitfulness, no matter how seemingly insignificant, may be many things to many vanilla couples, but it can never be a FLR.

Non-Negotiable Standards;

The high non-negotiable standards of bare honesty are what makes FLR’s work. I see vanilla friends in relationships that seemingly are quite strong telling each other small lies all the time. In a strange kind of a way it is what makes their particular relationship work for them. Basically, the slanted version of the truth is what they prefer to hear. It’s less confronting. There are fewer difficult concepts to have to think about.


For me, the precise opposite applies. I am dedicated to my Lady and to the growth of our FLR and to even consider telling Her anything but the truth is unthinkable. The relationship would cease to be sustainable and it would have become unglued years ago. I would only be pretending we had an FLR. It would be unforgivable to so thoughtlessly dishonor  Her Feminine Intelligence and Wisdom, Her intuition and Her years of selfless.

Trust & Training;

Her strict on-going training of me to make me a more competent and respectful servant to Her and a devotee of the inevitability of Feminine Rule in society.

Total honesty between a couple requires trust. Again, a cornerstone of a FLR. Sometimes it is difficult. For the past two years my Lady has had a younger lover who She is extremely fond of and who adores and worships Her as I do.  He also honors Her wishes as I do. She spends 2 to 3 nights per week at his home and has always been honest with me about their shared intimacies. She has gone to great lengths to explain to me the boundaries of our – and his – relationship. My required faithfulness to Her has made me a far more confident and worshipful submissive male.


It has also provided me with the inspiration to serve Her more creatively, which is something She has always wanted from me and which She has been encouraging me to do for years. Our two-way honesty has allowed me to try and anticipate Her needs, which She loves, and to listen respectfully to Her corrections when I disappoint Her. She enjoys that I have been motivated to work hard for the good of our FLR.



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1 thought on “Complete Honesty in a FLR Relationship is Required at all Times”

  1. Power exchange relationships are the only relationship type that i’m aware of that can’t possibly become whole in the absence of 100% honesty between the Dominant and the submissive/slave. Incidentally, i’m referring to committed 24/7 relationships as distinct from the pay-by-the-hour model which, although valuable, can get by in most circumstances without total truthfulness.

    my Lady asks me almost every day if there is anything i need to tell Her. She currently has me on a 2-week semen retention cycle (we practise tantric lovemaking and are interested in taoist philosophies, but that;s another story) and i am not permitted to masturbate (at least not without Her prior consent). This morning i ‘confessed’ to Her that, yes, i had masturbated for a few minutes as the feeling was overwhelming but had most definitely not ejaculated. As a consequence my release date has been put back one day. She thanked me for my honesty. i could have lied to Her and our relationship would undoubtedly last for while but it certainly would not be a true FLR.

    Just my thoughts.

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