A Journey Into Submission – A True Submissive Tale

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A Journey Into Submission – A True Submissive Tale


I have always loved dominant females and knew I had to find a way to meet a woman that I could worship, serve, and obey. As a submissive it always excited me. I had always heard the best way to find a domme was to go to a munch. So, I joined a website and saw a local group called Femdom’s: Ladies of Leather. It sounded perfect. In my mind it would be a meeting where a submissive could meet several dominant ladies,dressed in leather, and see if I could make a connection. Boy was I wrong. Most were older overweight women dressed in old ladies clothes that just seemed crabby.

I was extremely disappointed.

So, I went back to the website and noticed a post in that group where a domme was looking for someone to clean her house. I jumped at the chance because I have always considered myself a service oriented submissive. I thought that performing domestic services could be a great way to meet and impress her. So, I messaged her. The response I got surprised me. She said that I could not just waltz into service. If I wished to serve her, I needed a background check and references. I also needed to prove my sincerity and devotion by presenting her with a gift of her choice. My instructions were to send her the background check and references asap, then order her gift from her Amazon wish list.



When her gift arrived, I was expected to make sure it was exquisitely wrapped and make arrangements to meet her at a posh restaurant for dinner to present it to her. I must admit that I was shocked by how demanding she was. I mean, I was already going to spend a day cleaning her house, then I had to buy her a gift and take her to an expensive restaurant. But, at the same time, I was so turned on to find such a demanding goddess that was so detailed with all of her expectations for me.


The night came when I was to meet her and I had everything in place. I was told to be outside the restaurant on my knees with her large wrapped gift held high for everyone to see. I waited like that for almost a half hour before she arrived. It was humiliating but so worthwhile. She took my breath away because she was so sexy and sophisticated. Of course, she ordered the most expensive dinner and wine on the menu. During dinner, she informed me that I would need to take off work the next day and be prepared to work from sun up to sun down. She pulled out a detailed list 3 pages long of the chores in her house and her yard for me to do. Then she gave me a list of items to buy after dinner to be prepared for her in the morning.


The List;

I was blushing and so aroused as I read the list: a collar, panties, maids outfit, heels, and ball gag. Wow, I could not believe all of this was happening from just agreeing to clean her house. She knew that I would do whatever she wanted and she was right. Not only that, she knew that it made me so excited to follow her commands and be at her beck and call.

After my day of chores, Mistress collared me and had me do anything she desired. She would text me day or night to drop everything I was doing with detailed instructions of things she needed me to do immediately. I truly became her slave and her property. I had to clean, cook, run her errands, drive her places, bathe her, and buy her gifts.


When I wasn’t working for her, I was used to giving her messages, service her, and go through her extensive slave training regiment. But honestly, I felt like the luckiest man on earth.

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  1. The Divine Lady needed to ascertain your sincerity. It was a highly intelligent way of going about it. By setting such tasks early She could quickly eliminate the not-so-submissives who would eventually contribute nothing to Her Life, be disrespectful, dishonest, disobedient and dismally dull. She established in super-quick time that you could potentially make a useful slave and not waste Her time. Cherish the moments you get to spend in the Presence of your Domina, work hard to make Her Life wonderful and learn to anticipate Her needs. She will take your servitude to levels you never imagined possible.

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