Espresso, Sex Positivity and Playtime in a Dungeon – Coming soon!

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Espresso, Sex Positivity and Playtime in a Dungeon – Coming soon!

Is there anything better than coffee and kink? We didn’t think so either! Coming soon, MoonFyre Cafe will be opening in Portland, Oregon in August. This coffee enthusiast, has brought members of the BDSM/Kink community together to meet and learn in a sex-positive community.

Sex Positivity

Of course this coffee shop will have a few basic requirements, most importantly it will be age restricted. This means you must be 18 years of age if you  want to order a cup of joe. The owner of this new age cafe is professional dominatrix Pixie Fyre. She is brewing up a sex-positive atmosphere, the coffee shop will also offer discounts to sex workers.

Coffee with a splash of kink?

Don’t fret if you are not all that into whips and chains you are still more than welcome to stop in for a cup of coffee. “If you just wanted to come in the space and be social and not go down the rabbit hole, you don’t have to,” the cafe’s owner – Pixie Fyre. The kinky play is limited to the back room to insure everyone is comfortable and no one crosses any boundaries they are not ready to cross.

BDSM Coffee Shop Rules;

Customers that are interested in joining in on the dungeon fun have to pay $5 per person. This includes condoms, lubricants and the cost of sterilizing the space. It’s one hell of a deal! Safety at the cafe is a priority. All of her staff will be equipped to manage potentially dangerous situation to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit.


“We believe that the best (and safest) play experiences are done with clear mind and body,” Fyre. “We advocate education and safety.”

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