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When women are keeping us frustrated with tease and denial and/or chastity (or even if the slave is just a premature ejaculator), and they require us to play a game of “How long can he last?” or “Who will cum first?” in order to earn sex or something else that submissives and cuckolds are usually denied.

I get off on the fact that women almost always win, but on top of that I like them to be evil and rig the games so that the cuck can never win, and even so, the whole thing is self-perpetuating.


Should I accept my girlfriend’s challenge?




For instance, let’s say I’ve been in chastity for 8 days. I have another 6 days to go (to make my 2 weeks) until I’m allowed to cum, and another 2 weeks to go after that before I’m allowed to have sex again, but my girlfriend wants to make a deal with me. She has a date scheduled with her big-cocked lover in a few days during which my baby cock will remain locked in its tube and I’ll be worshiping her feet while she gets her pussy stuffed by a cock two times the size of mine…

So, I can receive my cuckolding, do my time in my tube, get my release next week, and even have “big boy sex” this month as usual. Or… I can accept the challenge. She’ll unlock my cock right now, strip to her bra and panties, and slowly massage my cock with lotion. All I have to do is last for 2 minutes. If I can last for 2 minutes without squirting my load, she’ll stroke me until I cum (without a condom, and I don’t even have to eat my cum), and fuck me until I cum again tonight. She’ll then cancel her date for this week, I’ll get to fuck her instead, and again the following week, and on my sex day, she’ll do anything I want all night. On top of that, she won’t fuck anyone but me for the rest of the month…


It would be so stupid to accept her challenge!

But… if I lose, and cum too fast, my cock immediately gets locked back in the tube for a month, I lose my sex days for 3 months (I’ll be cucked on those days), my regular release days will now take place with a condom, I will eat my cum every time, she will call her lover over tonight and be fucking him more regularly, and the list goes on and on and on. Basically, if I think she’s made me desperate and pathetic at this point, I ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

I know I shouldn’t accept the challenge, that would be so stupid. By locking up my cock, she’s made it impossible for me to win. 2 minutes seems like nothing, but I haven’t cum in 8 days. At this point my cock is just constantly drooling precum and straining in its tube every time I even think about my girlfriend for one second. I’m so frustrated at this point that she could make me cry like a bitch just by saying the right thing. She could get me to do absolutely anything she wanted right now. It’s the reason I’ll never win this game, and the same reason I have to try no matter what. That’s the beauty of it for her.

And the best part of it for the women is that after we lose by blowing our load after 10 seconds, the next time we play the game we have 10 times more reason to play yet 10 times more likely to lose because our desperate situation just gets worse and worse lol.


There is no way I can win!


Think about it. There’s no way I can win, but I go for it, thinking about finally having sex with my girl again, actually getting one of those blowjobs that she gives to the big cocks, and even if I lose, at least I get to cum. So I stupidly say yes. Of course, she makes me squirt my load in a matter of seconds, and now She owns me for at least 3 months. So a month and a half in, she gives me another shot… but this time she barely offers anything for winning, maybe just a handjob. And she takes away even more for losing. But I do it again because I need her to own me, and I’m even more desperate than I was the first time.

It’s great lol. Your girl only needs to convince you to play the game one time, and as soon as you say yes, you become her slave. Indeed, you’ve lost all sex, all freedom to masturbate, all power in the bedroom, all say whatsoever, because it’s perpetual, and since you’re already under her control, she can change the rules at random and do whatever she wants to make sure you never win.





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