The True Nature Of A Submissive Man

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Submissive Man Tendencies

It is likely that a person’s nature is decided from the first few days that they are alive towards what will be their destiny. For the submissive man, it is likely he was born with the desire to serve a woman. The rest is the environment, it leads him to it or it moves him away from his true destiny. When a Mistress is training a submissive man she must adequately tailor her training to his predispositions and innate reflexes that want to serve her.

I always knew that I was not made to take the reins, command a team or lead a project with a firm hand. I needed authority, security, and of course, it was a long time before I became aware of this. I never knew how far this authority should intervene, and in what areas of my life. Of course, it was only later that I realized that this authority had to be total and feminine.

It was still necessary for a woman to detect my submissive man tendencies, then reveal to me what she figured out about my personality. Also, this woman must have the taste for discovery, the desire to educate, and the patience to carry out this mission with skill and love. She slowly instills her female dominance over me until my desire to serve her overwhelms me. Once she has laid the groundwork for her dominance and the BDSM rules have been well established between Mistress/slave, Mistress orders and I obey. In this type of relationship, the woman is superior to the man, and that rule is no longer questioned.

submissive man

Her Slave Dog

And once the question is settled, there is no need to return to it. Never. And the submissive man can finally blossom into the man he has always yearned to be. At this point, Mistress is done with her slave training. My name is Terry, and my Mistress’s name is Charlotte. We are neighbors in a small apartment building in Houston, TX. This situation was facilitated by a long period of adaptation between us. First, we observed each other, then came our verbal exchanges, discovery, and finally the desire to serve her which intensified slowly. Eventually, the time for more and more intimate encounters arrived and I did not want to disappoint her.

One evening as we were leaving her apartment, she said to me with a smile:

  • “The next time you go through this door, you will do it on all fours. It is the slave dog inside of you that I want now. Not the man standing in front of me.”

Today, my name is Olga, and I am a good submissive dog, proud and happy to sleep at the feet of my Mistress.

Nothing else matters more than her smile and her satisfaction at seeing me obey, at seeing me crawl on the ground, humiliated, accepting her orders without question. The word “no” has disappeared from my imagination and my vocabulary. And yet when a man walks on all fours, the degradation is obvious. A simple story of coherence. A dog walks on all fours, and so it is. But as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the roads that led to my submission were very long and I still have a long way to go.

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