FATAL FETISH Man goes crazy over the LIPS of another man’s wife

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FATAL FETISH Man goes crazy over the LIPS of another man’s wife

SHAH ALAM – It was a case of fatal attraction for a man who had a fetish for the lips of another man’s wife. Her husband, accused of causing the man’s death, has been sentenced to 10 years’ jail.

Self-employed Mohd Fadliey Ibrahim, 39, had been furious with despatch rider Ahmadi Zuhari Yahya for texting his wife, accounts clerk Nurul Saliza Ghazali, for months and expressing his liking for her lips.

During a meeting at a restaurant which he asked his wife to arrange with Ahmadi Zuhari, 29, both men got into a fight.

Mohd Fadliey splashed water on Ahmadi Zuhari’s face and struck him with a glass. He also slapped him and repeatedly kicked him, causing Ahmadi Zuhari to sustain serious injuries and lose consciousness.

He was pronounced dead at Kajang Hospital on Feb 11 last year, four days after the incident.

Yesterday, Mohd Fadliey admitted to an alternative charge of causing Ahmadi Zuhari’s death at the restaurant in Kajang at 9.20pm on Feb 7.

His lawyer Azizzul Shariman Mat Yusoff said it was natural for a husband to be angry at a man who had harassed his wife for four months, and he had arranged the meeting to advise the man.

He said his client, a first-time offender who had been remanded for a year and five months now, was remorseful over his actions.

However, DPP Rosidah Abu Bakar pressed for an appropriate sentence, saying the accused took the law into his own hands and allowed his feelings to cloud his judgment.

“The accused could have settled the matter amicably through a discussion,” she said.

She added that she believed the accused’s wife and the deceased had exchanged SMSes during the period.

“We don’t know if his wife had also melayan (entertained) the deceased,” she said.

High Court judge Justice Abdul Halim Aman found Mohd Fadliey guilty and jailed him for 10 years from his date of arrest on Feb 7 last year.

“I hope you are remorseful. We understand your situation at that time. But a person cannot take action according to his own wish when there is law,” he said.

Upon hearing the verdict, the accused got teary-eyed as his wife and family members wept openly.

Earlier, Azizzul tendered a police report lodged by Nurul Saliza, in which she stated that Ahmadi Zuhari had expressed a liking for her lips. – Asiaone





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  1. You can’t let your fetishes govern your life!
    This isn’t the first time I hear a fatality because of it happens.

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