Man With Alleged Horse Urine Sex Fetish Arrested In Arizona

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Man With Alleged Horse Urine Sex Fetish Arrested In Arizona

A Pennsylvania man with an apparent horse urine fetish has been arrested in Maricopa County, Arizona. The Arizona Republic reports that 68-year-old Michael Crawford allegedly traveled to Arizona in order to have sexual contact with an equine. That’s not the only disturbing detail in the case, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio is sending a message to animal abusers with the intended prosecution of the man.

Crawford is accused of arranging an encounter with a horse through online correspondence. He allegedly posted an ad on a popular website looking for someone with a horse that would let him have a sexual encounter with it. Aside from that, he also wanted to soak some shirts in horse urine so that he could later wear them for his own sexual gratification. Raw Story shared footage that led to the man getting busted for his alleged plans.

Joe Arpaio is not going to tolerate crimes against animals in his county, and he made that fact known when addressing this case. The long-time sheriff is a notorious animal lover who takes incidents such as this one very seriously. His comments about the incident were harsh.

“This is animal cruelty; there is not enough teeth in the law for animal cruelty. He would have gotten away with it if he’d picked the wrong county and the wrong sheriff.”

This horse urine incident highlights a unique fetish, but this is not the first time a person has been arrested for bestiality or similar crimes in the Grand Canyon state. In fact, Arpaio acknowledged that his county has seen approximately eight arrests in the past five years.

Last year a 22-year-old man was arrested for “conspiracy to commit bestiality.” Apparently he used Craigslist to look for a horse with which to have sexual relations, which is similar to the arrest of the Pennsylvania man in this latest incident. In 2013 a Maricopa County couple and a friend were arrested after they were caught trying to arrange for a sexual encounter with a dog. At the time Sheriff Joe Arpaio had no problem expressing his disgust.

“People who do this for enjoyment are a different breed, that’s for certain.”

Fortunately no horses were harmed over the course of this latest case, because it was all a setup. The Pennsylvania man had traveled to Arizona to collect horse urine soaked shirts after sex with the animal, but he was really part of a sting.



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