Dr Phil’s Son Jordan McGraw Makes Sex Fetish Video

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Dr Phil’s Son Jordan McGraw Makes Sex Fetish Video

Phil “Dr Phil” McGraw of daytime TV fame has two sons. One is Jay, creator and executive producer of The Doctors. Dr. Phil’s younger son is Jordan. He’s a guitarist with the band Stars in Stereo. Their single Leave Your Mark is accompanied by a “Syndicate XX Censored Video.” It features the lead singer Bec Hollworth wearing tight black leather pants and an accessory that looks like a chastity belt, among other young sexy women. The age-restricted video features “a whole bunch of different fetishes played out in people’s minds.”

Stars in Stereo told Revolver Magazine the video was filmed like a porno to reflect the lyrics of the song, which is about sexual liberation. “Feeling loved in your skin, whatever kinks you may have. To literally have someone leave their mark on you.” They admit some fans wouldn’t watch the video. The lead singer said: “People thought I was just sexualizing myself to get attention or something, that bothered me. Especially considering I had all my clothes on.” Jordan will compete with the rest of the McGraw family on Celebrity Family Feud which airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.


Dr. Phil’s Son Jordan McGraw Makes Sex Fetish Video


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