The Importance Of Women & FLRs In Today’s World

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Whilst we may still be a little way off living in a fully – realized Gynarchy, there are positive indications that highly intelligent, articulate, wise, empowered Women. They are beginning to shaft males from the traditional roles of leadership that they’ve been clinging to since the patriarchal society began to erode through incompetence and lack of inclusion.


The Beginning

There are beginning to be Female World Leaders everywhere you look. The U.K. and America are about to elect Women to direct their future. Australia recently had its first female Prime Minister. She was extraordinarily effective and was gracious while withstanding the barrage of misogynistic bile. That was hurled at Her through members of the Opposition Party and segments of the media. Those are all indications that the previous ruling elite (ie, the old boys’ club) is getting nervous about their grip on the reins.

My Lady has counseled me many times that an FLR is far too important to have confined to just the home. In a very real sense, we are living in an era when the future of the planet and all its inhabitants depends on the Feminine Rule. An FLR belongs in the highest levels of business, government, and social infrastructure.


My Lady

Women need to be making the decisions that impact our lives in positive and meaningful ways. Giving clear directives for a peaceful future. The male experiment has failed dismally and there are many generations of broken lives and a planet in perpetual turmoil to prove it.

We are advocates for greater visibility of intelligent Women in their natural capacity to lead. To expect and receive their natural entitlement to respect and obedience. My Lady has taught me that FLRs ought to have no boundaries. Gradually the world will change for the better. I’m not sure if war will ever be a thing of the past, but I’m confident that Feminine Power and Wisdom is far more likely to negotiate a peaceful outcome. More so than a male war-monger who can only feel the power with a gun in his hand.


I’m also not certain what the place of submissive males such as myself will be in a Gynarchy. The worker bee comes to mind. There may be places in middle management for males who are respectful of Feminine Rule. Someone who can take orders without question. A cognisant male, I hope, can be helpful and supportive of his Female Leader. My Lady, who already has a devoted long-time younger lover, believes that most highly-evolved Women in a Gynarchy will require two or more worshipful and faithful submissives to serve their many complex needs.

So we work hard at maintaining our FLR in public (as I’ve mentioned here in a previous article) because She is the Woman I obey and serve. That kind of strong dynamic can’t be kept in a box. Also, the sooner the world catches on the better.



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1 thought on “The Importance Of Women & FLRs In Today’s World”

  1. Although a successful Gynarchy doesn’t seem likely anytime soon, it did occur to me after i’d posted this article that the Femdoming site is kind of a microcosm of how a well-governed Gynarchy might eventually function. At the very top the Dominas, the Mistresses determine the rules and regulations in this contained Society that They oversee. Beneath them Their submissives, Their slaves work conscientiously to ensure that their Owners’ directives and preferences are carried out precisely. In that co-operative framework, the Society grows.

    At the very bottom, a submissive male like myself must use what intelligence and abilities he might have to earn a place in the Femdoming world. i have had to work hard to earn enough credits to ensure i have slave status for one month. i also purchased some credits. A slave drone has to earn his place in a Gynarchy. There is no free ride. The Mistresses have chosen 3 of my articles to publish, articles that embrace themes that are dear to my heart: that of intelligent Female Leadership, the day to day workings of a FLR, Female Dominance, submissive obedience and servitude. With the credits the glorious Mistresses have allowed me, i have been able to raise my status from ‘newbie’ to sub-male’ to ‘slave’. i now have to continue working – the worker bee – to retain my position in Their world of absolute Female Government. As a submissive, i am truly grateful and inspired by the chances i have been given to further the causes of FLRs and Femdom and their wonderful possibilities.

    i hope the articles are pleasing.

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