My boyfriend likes to have sex as a woman

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My boyfriend likes to have sex as a woman

(Miami, Florida )

I’ve been with my boyfriend almost 6 months now. When we first got together, we had normal vanilla sex but this past Labour Day weekend , we had an excellent time and during our last evening together, he asked that I get on top of him while he spread his legs and placed his feet on my ass just like I would.

He was panting and excited so I got aroused also and started moving as if I had a penis. Pretty much mimicking what he does to me. He was really moaning and even screaming, his penis was leaking a little cum and he genuinely enjoyed it.

I liked the power it gave me to embrace my male side I guess. Has anyone had this experience? We are a both very curious and he is a bit freaked out. He assures me that he doesn’t like men and he’s worried that this jealousies his male ego.

He wants to be a woman having sex with a man who is really his girlfriend. It’s erotic and I assure him I don’t see him as less of a man. It’s kink and with kink, there is no right or wrong. We have fallen in love all over again, I don’t really see him as a woman but it turned me on that he acted like I would when he is fucking me.
He never had anyone until me encourage him to fully engage as a woman which is why he is having a hard time with this.

I’ve always been very open and view this as simply an extension of him. I’m not turned off or worried about my sexual orientation. I’m very much a woman who just loves him enough to embrace a desire he’s suppressed since after puberty. Can anyone add anything that may help him feel better? I’m researching as much as I can. He’s 49 and I’m 42. Thanks so much!




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4 thoughts on “My boyfriend likes to have sex as a woman”

  1. Lol my boyfriend loves to do that, he likes to be a girl in bed sometimes but I really enjoy that way cause turn me on!!!!

  2. I had a kiss with my girlfriend, while I was dressed in a female manor.
    I am still exited when I think about this special moment.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. When I was younger I had women take the top position. I never thought I was the woman. I just love the sex and when she’s on top, she can do anything she wants. Now that I’m a senior sub male and serve a Mistress, I know what it’s like to be a woman. My Mistress calls me her sissy slut bitch and uses her strap on dildo on me. I love it. It also helps that I’m a bi male bottom.

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