Genetically Modified Male Sub (4)

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First Meal Of The Day For The Sub Slave

Like every morning, the first thing Alice did was get up to use the toilet. Her sub slave, Tommy-boy had been at the door of the bathroom waiting for her. She grabbed him by the leash and dragged him inside the bathroom. Tommy-boy followed her on all fours, like a good dog. “When was the last time you were fed?” “Yesterday, Mistress,” the sub slave said. “You must be hungry. This will be your first meal of the day.”

The boy positioned himself on his knees in the bathtub and opened his mouth. Alice grabbed the slave’s head and pressed it against her pussy. With a sigh of relief, she let a stream of hot, steaming liquid gush from her crotch and flood the boy’s mouth. At first, he struggled to swallow his Mistress’ nectar but managed to keep it all in his mouth. The golden shower was acidic and strongly scented.

The stream gushed down strongly and the slave struggled to keep his face pressed against her pussy. Yellow threads ran down his chin. Alice heard him coughing and choking but despite this, she held his face tight on her intimate parts. Alice pushed with her pelvis to increase the flow of urine. She enjoyed watching her sub slave struggle to drink every last drop that came from inside of her. When she was completely relieved, her sub slave was soaked and covered with piss. He finished swallowing the urine that was still in his mouth.

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Being Cleaned And Sanitized

“The advantage of you swallowing piss,” said Alice, smiling with amusement, “is that it not only allows you to feed but also to disinfect the inside of your mouth, which will be useful for what will follow afterward. She turned the shower on and filled the tub with ice-cold water and poured ice in the tub. Tommy-boy curled his body instinctively, aware of what was going to happen to him next. Alice liked to keep Tommy-boy under cold water for a long time, ensuring every part of his anatomy was clean and sanitized. When she ended the bath, the slave shivered and chattered. “Dry yourself with this towel and join me in the living room!”

Alice sat down on her wide red leather sofa. It was mellow and warm, perfect for relaxing. Her sub slave came and kneeled in front of her. “What would you like from me, Mistress?” “Well for starters, you can start preparing my breakfast in the kitchen for me. I want a cup of hot milk, with a little coffee first, and then grilled toast. I want half of the toast with jam and the other with butter and honey. Sliced oranges too. Put it all on a tray and bring it to me.”

“As you wish, Mistress.” “Hold on,” Alice said authoritatively. She pointed to her right foot. “When I give you an order, I want you to kiss both my feet as a thank you.” “Yes Mistress.” The boy bend over and kissed the right foot of his mistress, then put his lips on the left, with servility and submission. It pleased Alice to humiliate her slave and lower him to the level inferior to that of an animal. Of course, even if legally slaves were considered objects, they were indeed human beings like everyone else, regardless of what anyone says. The lottery of life, though unjust, had simply selected them at birth to become docile servants deprived of the slightest freedom, condemned to spend the rest of their lives in the service of a woman.

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  1. i wish it was that way. gender should determine your position in life. the birth of a girl should trigger off a celebration. a boy should start his servitude training. that way a female would grow up feeling empowered to take her place as a ruler. the male will accept his place as a servant and learn to obey. punishment of the male in public fornot properly serving or obeying.

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