My Dominant Lady and My Slave Training (5)

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The Submissive Pet Becoming The Slut

Looking up… Goddess Aislynn feeding herself to me…my mouth full and wet. As her submissive pet, I could only move a little of my upper body as she hooked her calves and feet back over my arms and pressed her thighs against my shoulders a bit to hold me firmly in place.

“We are doing so well my new submissive pet. There are a few things I would like to discuss with you and this is a wonderful way for us to talk. I am going to do most of the talking obviously as it is rude to talk with your mouth full so you may reply with a yes or no nod. Understood?” “The next area we will explore with you is becoming my slut, submissive pet. Do you know what I mean m?”

Nodding no also made her chuckle and she explained herself. “You will learn to enjoy pleasing me in a role reversal way m. It is important that you remain masculine so that it means so much more when I make you my slut. I am going to train you to be fucked by me and to want it, to crave it, and to be very good at it for my entertainment. Are you prepared to give this to me my submissive pet?”

You Will Know What It Means To Be A Slut

My hesitation, though a natural response to this new expectation, was not appreciated. Goddess Aislynn. “Are you unsure m? Are we going to have a problem with this?’ she asked and as I began to shake my head no, she stood up. Standing above me she leaned down, grabbed my leash, and spoke again.

“We have limited time together m so we will not leave things to chance. You have been a good boy so far but I want it all my submissive pet so we will move ahead right now. I am going to take the dessert I really want. When I am finished you will understand what I meant by making you my slut. Now get up and gather all of the toys to the bedroom m.”

I gathered everything together and met her in her bedroom. As I entered her room, I was greeted by her preparing her own entry. She straightened the straps of a strapon dildo around her hips and looked over to see me staring. The glint in her eye was a bit intimidating but not nearly as much as her friend she now wore. She pointed to her bed and told me to lay out the cuffs and lube for her.

You Liked Your Ass Being Used

“Cuff your wrists and ankles and make sure they are snug or your ass will feel sorry submissive pet. I want you over here where I can use you. Lean over and cuff each ankle to the hooks on the frame.” I could barely reach to hook my legs but as I did I realized I would be immobilized. She pushed me forward and as she did she told me to stretch my arms forward. A quick few loops of rope secured my arms forward. She reached below me to settle my still leather-wrapped cock and balls down over the edge of the bed and to stroke me now as she spoke.

“Now there…I don’t want my time interrupted by a bunch of squirming or you trying to get away. Did you enjoy our earlier time when your ass was used?” Yes, Goddess Aislynn I replied. “ Good boy…from your hardness and the dripping I’m feeling here it seems you are ready for the next step yes?” This time my “yes Goddess Aislynn” was greeted by her lubed-up dildo rubbing around my hole. She took her time and seemed to enjoy training her submissive pet to accept this extension of her will.

submissive pet

When You Serve Me Well, You Will Get A Reward

She wouldn’t enter me until I was squirming and once she did spread me, she did so very slowly. Her movement began to rock in and out, popping her head in and out and the sensation began to overwhelm me. I shivered a bit at her movements and she reached down to hold my ass now and went in a bit deeper. She slid in and out several inches now and with each out, she took the head out and she teased me a bit beginning to treat me as a pet who she wanted to train with care. She added a bit more lube as she went and soon I was filled and moaning.

“Such a good submissive pet…that is enough for now. You served me well today and deserve your reward. You are going to love this!” She released my legs and they felt weak. She released my hands and directed me to the bed and stood on the bed and now tied cuffed wrists up above my head.

“Now do you understand what being my slut means m?” yes Miss A I replied still shaky from the experience. “And when you serve me well and are pleasing me you will get your good boy reward…but still as my slut. I’m going to lay down on the bed and I want you to straddle me now, facing me, and prepare to take me inside you again.”

Cum While Getting Fucked

She positioned herself below me and as I straddled, she guided the toy into me. “Now like a good slut…you will cum while getting fucked. I want you to raise and lower yourself on my cock as I play with you my submissive pet.” She removed the leather harness from my sex to access me and with one hand she held my balls and with the other she held my cock and she teased me.

“How about the more you take, the more I will give you. If you take me a bit deeper, I will take you further. You are already close to cumming so I will only stroke you as fast as you fuck my cock.” She used her hand to steady the dildo as I wiggled my ass to get the head inside me. I began to go up and down. She spoke… “faster for me”…”take it for me”…and she stroked in the same rhythm. The dance did not take long and I stopped to ask her permission to cum.

Mark You Like The Slut You Are

“I will take it when I am ready…” Her words brought this crazy frustration and she teased me now by just squeezing my balls and releasing, milking them. This pleasure was quickly joined by several strokes of my cock and her directing my repeated spurts of cum onto her stomach. She milked me to the point of torture, making me wiggle around on the dildo to her amusement. Her enjoyment of my orgasm seemed much more intense with her next decision.

“Oh how nice, now I can mark you like the slut you now are. Here we go.” She began to rub my own cum on my face, my chest and body, and some on her own breasts. She “marked” me and even went to milk me of another drop, which she rubbed on my lips. She slid off the bed and in one motion emptied my ass and left me kneeling hands secured above with the drippings of sex all over me. “I am going to clean up and you just stay there feeling what it is to be mine now…welcome to your new role m.”

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