Just Another Wednesday for Slave Dillon with Mistress Ella

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Slave dillon It’s just another Wednesday.  Mistress Ella is beginning to wake.  But instead of an alarm clock She is slowly awakened by the feeling of a warm, wet  tongue gently flicking lightly on Her clit.  She moans slightly and with a smile on Her face, she opens Her legs, puts Her hands on the back of Her loyal slave dillon’s head and gently but firmly pulls his head in closer to allow him the ability to fully satisfy Her.  He doesn’t disappoint, he begins to gently suckle Her clit while flicking it with his tongue.  He alternates this with very quick up and down flicks with just the tip of his tongue.

Good Morning Mistress!

After several minutes, Mistress Ella commands, “Mmmm, suck it hard!”.  Dillon does as he’s told, as he always does, and engulfs Mistress’ engorged clit in his mouth sucking hard, and flicking while sucking, until Mistress lurches up and shakes with satisfaction.    This is not an unusual circumstance, in fact it’s the everyday morning routine in this household.
Mistress Ella rests for a moment as slave dillon, prepares Her shower.  Mistress relaxes in the shower as slave washes Her body slowly and meticulously, front to back, top to bottom.
When slave dillon is on his knees, washing the back of Mistress’s legs, Mistress playfully pulls slaves head into her perfectly round ass and leans forward, hands on the wall.  Dillon know what to do, he french kisses it like he would a mouth, inserts his tongue into Mistress’ backside as deep as it will go.

Slave Dillon’s french kiss

 In and out, in and out.  Slave dillon loves the feeling of his tongue on the inside of Mistress anus.  The skin is smooth, soft and velvety with a moisture that feels like nothing else on this lovey earth.   Mistress knowing there isn’t enough time to really enjoy this activity to it’s climax, laughs and smacks slaves head away.
 “Just finish your job, slave”, Mistress laughs.
They finish the shower and towel off.   Mistress sits on a stool as slave dillon applies lotion to Mistress Ella’s long and beautiful legs and perfect feet.  As Mistress Ella grooms for the day, slave, puts out Her clothes and then goes to the kitchen and prepares a healthy lite breakfast.  As Mistress eats, the slave attends.
With Mistress at work, slave dillon runs errands, works out and does chores.  As the workday ends, the slave prepares a gourmet, healthy meal for his Mistress.

Welcome home Mistress Ella

When Mistress arrives home, Her slave is waiting at the door head bowed, a glass of Mistress’ favorite wine in his hand.  He wears only his collar and a pair of panties.
Mistress Ella enters and removes Her jacket, hands it to slave and takes the glass of wine.  She sits on the couch.  Slave removes Her shoes and begins to massage Her fee as she enjoys Her wine.
 “The shower was a little too cold this morning”, Mistress declares.
 “I’m sorry Mistress, shall I get the brush or the paddle?”, asks the slave.
 “Bring me the paddle”, Mistress commands.
 Slave gets the paddle and gives it to Mistress.
“Over my knee, slave”, Mistress Ella commands.
Slave submits and places his body across Mistress knees.

Thack! Thack! Thack!

Mistress delivers about ten good thumps to Her slave’s naked ass.
“That’s all for now”, says Mistress as She gently pets and soothes Her slaves cherry red ass.   Slave dillon has a massive hard on.
“You’ve been a good boy otherwise or it would have been more severe”, says Mistress.   “Thank you Mistress Ella”, slave says as he leaves the room and puts away the paddle.
Mistress Ella goes to the dining room and slave serves Her dinner.  Mistress enjoys the dinner while Her slave attends and brings Her whatever She needs.
After dinner, slave cleans up as Mistress relaxes in the living room.  As slave enters the living room Mistress commands,
“Remove my clothes, slave”.
Mistress stands as slave unzips her dress and removes Her dress, bra and panties.
“My night shirt”, Mistress states.

Night Cap

The slave goes to the bedroom and returns with her long t-shirt and helps put it on his Mistress.   Mistress Ella spreads out on the couch and  signals to  Her slave to sit at the other end.  Mistress, puts Her feet on the slaves lap as She begins to read her book and enjoy Her wine.  Slave massages Her feet and legs as Mistress reads and sips the wine.  “Suck”, commands Mistress.  Slave complies and begins sucking each and every toe, licking up and down Mistress ankles, the bottoms, the sides but going back to each toe again and again.
After a bit Mistress says,
“Slave, get the wine bottle and come to the bedroom”.  Slave dillon get the bottle and comes into the bedroom.
“Lay down on the bed on your back”, Mistress commands.
Slave dillion complies and Mistress ties his hands and feet to the bedposts.  She removes Her night shirt and sits on Her slave’s face.  And the real fun begins…
–Spartacus Castus

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