The Erotic Tales Of Mistress Cindy

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Mistress Cindy Is Born

After all the years of being in vanilla relationships, I finally decided it was time to try an FLR. I dated many men throughout the years that were intimidated by my dominance and I finally got sick and tired of not being appreciated for being the dominant woman that I am always willing and ready to control a man in the bedroom. With a bit of hesitation, I decided to create a Slave Selection profile under the name Mistress Cindy. As I was browsing through the local profiles, I saw a profile picture that caught my attention.

Middle age, blond hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders, he looked like Brad Pitt from the movie “Kalifornia”, and a really cute smile. I felt a tingle between my legs and I thought, “Hmmmm, he’s kinda cute, let’s see what he has to say.” So I click on the profile and it reads, “39 year old submissive man, single, looking for a femdom mistress to worship and marry. Am into pegging, chastity, body worship, and bondage.” Well that’s interesting, he’s into most of the fetishes I am into. I always wanted to put a man in chastity and peg him and I love body worship. I immediately sent him a message, “ Hey Paul here’s is the femdom mistress you’ve been looking for, write me back.

This Submissive Man Is So Attractive

mistress cindyA few days later, I get a message from him saying, “There’s a bar on Houston and Presa Street, do you want to meet for drinks tonight?” I hesitantly agreed, even though I was excited to meet this hot stud sub, I had never met anyone online for drinks before. I wore the sexiest lingerie and dress I could find in my wardrobe. A black dress with a plunging V neckline and silver necklace so I could tease him with a view of my natural 38D cleavage. Underneath I wore a matching black bra and g-string with a garter belt that I hooked with black stockings and heels. I made sure to wear heels because most submissive men have a shoe fetish and get rock hard around women that wear heels.

When I arrived at the bar, I noticed he had not arrived yet so I picked a table that was away from the crowd of people so we could have our privacy. A few minutes later, I saw him walk through the door, I instantly recognized him from his profile pic. Wow!!! This guy is hot! He looked about 6 ft tall, muscular, thin with what appeared to be washboard abs, had some stubble on his face like he hadn’t shaved in a few days but had not fully grown a beard. He was wearing an Alfani Men’s long sleeve shirt, loose-fitting denim jeans, and Clark’s Loafers. Well dressed, muscular, and looking to worship a woman, my pussy was getting very wet as I stared at him from the table blushing.

The Urge To Dominate Him Overwhelms Me

I waved him over and he sat next to me.  I didn’t want to seem desperate so I initiated the usual small talk. Where are you from, what do you do for a living, blah, blah, blah..All the while I kept thinking, “I want to fuck you!” After a few hours of small talk and 3 Margaritas, I reached down his pants and whispered in his ear,

  • “let’s go back to my place, Paul it’s time Mistress Cindy makes you her bitch.”

I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice, big hard cock in those pants. By this time, I was so wet there was cum dripping from the sides of my g-string.

I couldn’t resist him anymore, the urge to dominate him was overwhelming. My apartment was 10 minutes away from the bar. We both drove our cars separately but got there at the same time. When I opened the door to my apartment I immediately pushed him against the wall and started kissing him passionately. I closed the door and took him to my bedroom and where I took out a cock cage, a butt plug, and ankle and wrist restraints I bought from a sex shop hoping one day I would use them. I can tell by his cock dripping pre-cum and the strained, longing look on his face that he wanted me aka Mistress Cindy to take control and dominate him.

  • “Strip Paul and lie down on the bed facing up. It’s time to test your oral skills.

Testing Your Oral Skills

  • “Any sub that is going to worship me has to have good oral skills and make me cum at least twice with their mouth.”

He lays down on the bed, I restrain him to the bedposts with the ankle and wrist restraints. I take my dress off revealing the lingerie I had underneath noticed the approving look on Paul’s face. After years of working out at the gym and doing jiujitsu, I was the tone and fit and looked fabulous in my lingerie. I put the cock cage on him and the key on my necklace to remind him of who is in charge (not him!).

I get on the bed, move my wet g-string to the side and sit on his face,

  • “Lick slave, give Mistress Cindy pleasure. Make me cum!”Let’s see what you can do with that tongue.”

He starts licking the outside of my lips slowly at first, then with more desire, he delicately moves to my clitoris and I start to feel the first orgasm flow through my body. All the pent-up stress I’ve had for days bubbles up in one big orgasm and I scream with pleasure.

  • “Yes slave make me cum!! Oooooo…You know how to use your tongue!!”

My juices drip all over his face. I turn around to see his engorged cock being contained by the cock cage.

So Many Ways To Dominate Him

Seeing this makes me want to dominate him even more. “

  • “No time to come up for air Paul. You made me cum once, now make me cum again!”

He takes a few deep breaths under my pussy and starts again. First, the exploratory licks around my labia, then he moves to my clitoris. He sucks on my clitoris and I react by having another explosive orgasm,

  • “Yes Paul make Mistress Cindy cum again!! It feels so good.!!”My juices drip all over his face. “Lick every last drop slave!”

I feel him slurping the best he can. As he does that a sense of relief flows through my body. What else can I make him do?? I thought.

I get off the bed and untie him from the bedpost.

  • “Bend over Paul, I am going to fit you with this butt plug.” In order for me to fuck you nice and hard with my cock, I want you to be nicely dilated the next time I see you.”

I grab some lube from the bathroom, pour a good amount on the butt plug, and insert it in his anus. I feel him resist at first,

  • “Relax Paul, it will hurt less if you don’t tighten up.”

I gently inserted the butt plug all the way in.

  • “For the moment Paul, I am done with you. Get dressed and leave, but when you come back you better have the butt plug inside of you.”

He nods and says to me,

  • “Mistress Cindy, I am here to serve you and do anything for you, if you want me to keep the butt plug inside of me until I see you again I will do it.”

He gets dressed and leaves. As I lay in bed drifting off to sleep, I am accompanied by the thoughts of tonight’s events and I think about all the ways that I can dominate him…so many possibilities.




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  1. Yes, that is why we are here, but in the vanilla world woman don’t wear signs that tell us who is who. Thus, sure way to lose a friend, tell her you are a submissive.

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