The Wonderful Path to Feminization A Slaves Tale

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The Wonderful Path to Feminization A Slaves Tale

Hi, my name is Mikie and a few years ago I met the most amazing woman who led me down the wonderful path to feminization.  We went on two dates when she asked me to come over to her place for a drink.  When we got to her apartment she closed and larked the door and then told me that she is in charge here and in the bedroom, got it.  I liked her so I agreed, not sure what it meant.  She said good, now you will address me as Mistress Halaina , say YES Mistress. 


Go to the Bar over there and make us both a drink.  Mistress then put on some music and we had our drink and talked some.  When Mistress was done with her drink she said it is time for some fun, Told me to stand up and undress and she had me put all my clothes into a bag and then seal the bag.  Then she gave me my new name Mikie.  Mikie go to the bathroom for a shower.  Once in the shower she told me that I need to shave off all that nasty body hair including your cock.  So I did and then after I was done she told me before you dry off turn around and bend  over and she proceeded to SPANK me, and after about 10 spanks she told me that you will obey me or there will be punishments.  Then she handed me a towl to dry off and then she instructed me to step into silky panties, and stated that you are now my bitch and will do as I say, Yes mistress thank you!  Mistress brought me into the bedroom and told me to stand at the foot of the bed, as she swept off her clothes and laid on the bed playing with her self.  After a little bit she sprang from the bed and asked if she told me to get a hard on.  What!  Bitch you do not get a hard on or touch yourself unless I give you permission.  Remember I am in charge.  She then told me to lie on the bed face down, and I felt her slip my panties down a little and she threshed a butt plug in my ass.  Then she told me to pull my panties back up, and get up.  Then she handed me a silky nighty, put this on and you can sleep on the floor. 

Over the last few years I have come to accept my life in pleasing my Mistress.  I have been completely transformed into a She male.  My Mistress has friends over and she uses me to pleasure them, and humiliates me which excites me the most.  When I am really good Mistress will Fuck me with her strap on and on days when she is in a really good mood she will have a friend or two share the strap on.  When Mistress brings home a Bull I MUST SIT AT THE SIDE OF THE BED AND WATCH THEM FUCK, then when they are done lick them clean and the Bull can not leave until he fucks me and cum in me multiple times.  After he is done there is no shower for me just to put my panties and nighty on and sleep on the floor. 

I loved my Mistress and am truly thankful that she showed me the wonderful, exciting, world of fem life,  I would do anything Mistress ask’s and I do without thought or question.

Slave Mikie     



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  1. I’m very submissive feminine cross dresser since I was 12 I’m very attacked to strong dominating controlling women.

  2. I am disappointed in this story . It don’t say how she feminized him Wich is what the story was supposed to be about. I wanted the steps on how to make a man from not just a lame short story.

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