A Strip Tease for my Demanding Mistress Fiona – Part 2

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The Punishment from Fiona, my demanding Mistress


The mistresses wanted to educate me so that I would become a real dancer of cabaret and look good in front of the camera. They led the game, each with an English cane in hand, accompanying the bullying of the cane. They took a malicious pleasure to lift the petticoat and take a severe strike across my buttocks. I applied myself to play the role. Despite the blows and the bullying, the difficulty of walking on these high heels I was fine. I felt good in this pink satin robe. I was beautiful in this dress, glittering, well-shaped thanks to the petticoat. At the end of this game, I really felt like a woman, call girl of luxury.

The Magic of the Mistresses


Transform a simple boy into a cat in luxury as they say. Yes, they have the art of transformation, the art of creating the dream, making it real for whoever comes to their service.

But this is the first part of the scenario. Now it’s time for the punishment. The camera stopped rolling, time to change. Here I am, completely naked, in the latex hood wearing make-up. Which was removed by the mistresses to be replaced by the thick leather hood. She is rough with an expert determined hand. My head was constricted, no hole for the mouth, only 2 small holes for the nostrils, breathing is hard, 2 small holes for the eyes, the view is very minimal. When you are a subject, you have to adapt in record time. But with the habit, this is not difficult for me.


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The Making of the SM Video

In the continuation of the scenario for the SM video, they planned to use the bridge. This device looks like a gym apparatus. A wooden beam covered with a good thick piece of black leather, about 4 feet long at an angle, at the bottom of each foot a ring. With the difference that it is not used in length but spread. With her hand she placed me in front, the bar covered with leather touches my lower abdomen. I plunge my head forward, arms well-stretched forward. Here I am suspended by the belly, hands, and head hanging in the void on one side, and legs hanging in the void on the other side. As I am up the photographer shouts action, the camera starts to run again, the mistresses enter the scenario by placing the leather bracelets at my ankles and wrists that connect to the rings of the bridge by fast links.

Tied up Tight!

Here I am tied tightly, head down, butt naked on the horizontal beam. The mistresses can tap on them, with no risk of escaping. And they will strike, again and again without stopping. The blows rain dry, fast, I felt my butt burn. They were entitled to English canes, whips, paddles. It’s long, it’s hard, but we have to endure. It is for the pleasure of the mistresses, for the pleasure of watchers. I endure because there is no faking possible.

Finally, everything stops, for long? No idea, we’ve lost the notion of time. Although I confess that when I suffer it is enjoyable. I’m freed from ties, hood, light hurts my eyes, I feel a bit muddy. The mistresses say nothing but smile at each other, I know they are satisfied.

Satisfied Mistresses

They get rid of their waders, corsets, latex combinations, which now litter the floor, the privilege of mistress, go to the shower, and then to the snack. Since my performance was good, I was given a place at the table, the actresses, the actor, the photographer, all around the table. The moment of a meal, no mistress, no submissive just people. Simply the satisfaction of having done a good job.

After this fast meal, I resume my place as a submissive while doing the dishes. Then, while the photographer arranges his materials, I pick up the clothes that littered the floor. I put on the pink satin dress and the petticoat in the clothes basket, so finished the dream.

Clean Up

I quickly wash the latex, hung it, tomorrow when it’s dry another subdued will impregnate it with a special product for latex. I polished the waders before hanging them on their side.

Then, while the mistresses are entitled to a raw preview before editing the SM video, I keep cleaning the dungeon. In a dungeon, there’s always something to do. My demanding Mistress Fiona passes, inspects, and says “it’s good”. This was permission to end my day of submission, she had a smile on her face. The video seems to please her.

A few days later a phone call told me that the video is online. The scenario is online as planned, the users will only see the dream. They will see two mistresses, an English cane in hand, teaching a sissy to become a luxury call girl. They will see that a simple boy can be a real cabaret woman and can also make do a strip tease like a Real Woman.

The Punishment

Then the punishment, appreciate the blows borne by the mistresses, to be able to imagine a full day of work that the submissive has lived. I know, I made you live an SM video from the inside, from the view of the stage. Is this interesting? Is it rewarding? I answer yes, I have made other videos, and I will make others.

But the story doesn’t stop there and will experience a rebound in a few months. I will be forced to do a striptease again for my mistresses in another circumstance. Under their domination I realize the scenario they imagined, they know that the role is difficult for a boy, and I succeeded. They are very happy. Then they will demand that one night I repeat the scenario during an outing in an SM club.

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