Stranger to Mistress Over Coffee

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It started so slowly I didn’t even realize there was it. I was in a Costa ordering an Americano when I dropped some change. A couple of coins rolled under a nearby table stopping by the foot of an attractive woman who sat drinking a latte. I approached the table expecting, as one does, the woman to reach down and get the coins for me. But, have you ever been in one of those situations where you don’t know the rules of how to act? She just sat there smiling somewhat enigmatically. I wasn’t sure if she’d noticed me or not.


Now, I wasn’t bothered about losing a couple of quid but deciding she was just being awkward I determined to be so too. I scrambled to my knees and reached under. But she surprised me swinging her foot over (almost grazing my face as she did) and reaching down to pick up the coins. Her enigmatic smile became warm as she spoke, a giggle touching her voice

  • “I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have teased you. But you looked so cute struggling there”.

As she spoke she leaned towards me and took my hand, gently folding my fingers around the coins. Being called cutely is not a common experience in my life. An unexpected compliment combined with my usual inability to articulate in the presence of attractive women should have brought things to a halt then and there. But somehow we ended up talking and drinking coffee for hours.

That led, as it does to a number of fun dates and trips to country pubs for lunch on the occasional Sunday. Then she proposed we go away for the weekend. I was never going to say no to that so come the end of May I found myself driving us down to the Cotswolds to a country house she’d booked. 



My first weekend with this mysterious woman



After a long drive, I pulled up to the quiet grounds of a typical honey-stoned Cotswold house. After the formalities with the owner, I carried our bags to the room. She followed a couple of minutes later as I was putting away the things I’d bought.

  • ” Oh leave that to me. You must be shattered after that drive. Go and freshen up then have a nap. I’ll do that”.

Protesting feebly I allowed myself to be bundled to the shower, feeling content at the thought of her doing her domestic act. 

Half an hour later I was brushed and scrubbed and half dozing on the bed while she took a shower. My semi-stupor vanished as she stepped into the room. She hadn’t bothered to dry herself. Water beaded like jewels on her soft skin. Occasional rivulets of cooling water trickled over her curves. The dark hair of her mound glistened. I sprang from the bed to go to get but she was quicker.

  • “No, I want you to relax!”

Her hand pushed me gently back till I fell back onto the bed.

I lay there as she clambered onto the bed beside me. She had a wicked smile playing over her mouth as she reached her hand down onto my stiffened cock. As she started playing with it I let my hand strike down to her thigh. I leaned up a little to reach deeper.

  • “No” she almost yelled, “I said this is about you. I want you to just enjoy this first.”

Here, stood up the incredible curves of her bum swaying as she walked to the drawers. She pulled something out and hurried back, kneeling astride me on the bed.

  • “Give me your arms!”

A bit confused I held up my arms and in an instant, she had them both bound above my head using what looked like her stockings.

  • “now you can’t do anything for me till I say you can. So until I’m ready you can just lie there and let me play”.

Well, short of ruining her stockings I was stuck. And let’s be honest here, she said she was going to enjoy herself playing with me. Why the hell would I want her to stop?

So much pleasure and so much frustration at the same time!

Nearly an hour later it was a different story. Not that she hadn’t given pleasure. Far from it, it was the best ‘fun’ I’d ever had. Except. Well, except I hadn’t come. I was ready. Oh, boy was I ready. My cock was stiff and slimy with her spit and dribbles of pre-cum. But there had been no release. Now her mouth was there again, tongue flicking and teasing. I groaned.

  • “What’s up, sweetie? Don’t you like it? I’ll stop if you don’t like it”
  • “O God no, don’t stop. But please I need to come. Please let me come”

She looked up at me from between my legs, all cutesy and innocent-eyed. A look only slightly spoilt by her hand squeezing my cock beneath her chin.

  • “But it’s your willie darling. It’s up to you if you want to come. I can’t control that can I? I thought you’d just been enjoy letting me play.”

Now anyone will realize that the situation I was in was not one conducive to rational thinking.

  • “No, no you keep stopping…Oh jeez”

This was because she’d transferred her attentions for a moment to my balls. She looked up again.

  • “But you want me to enjoy myself don’t you baby?”


  • “Of course, it’s just I so need to come it’s almost painful. You’re so good.”

She left the crotch area.

  • “But if you just come what about me? Can’t I come?”


  • “of course of course I’ll do anything you want”.


  • “What, anything?”

Acting more and more like a dominant Mistress!

So another hour later I still hadn’t come. But she had. And to be fair the pressure to come was more manageable. She knelt above me her hands gripping the headboard above where mine were still tied. Her pussy was slick with slit and her cum. My face was sticky with it. My neck was aching a bit as my tongue slipped along her lips and onto the bulb of her clit. I sucked and licked some more, feeling the tremble in her thighs as they tightly squeezed my head. A few minutes later and the juddering and moaning stopped. After a few seconds with her hair-covered mound pressing against my mouth, she slipped to the side seemingly exhausted.

We both lay quietly, she still trembling slightly, me hopeful that now I must get a chance. Silently she moved to my wrists and after a bit of a struggle managed to untie them. She started to snuggle, which I don’t mind normally but I’d been strung out for two hours now. And I wasn’t thinking. I held her but mumbled, “my turn now?”.

Well, you’d have thought she’d found out I’d shagged her sister. She leaped from the bed, almost shrieking.

  • “Your turn? Your turn! Like it’s some sort of trade? Is that all you think of me?”

Tears were forming. I hurried to her

  • “what? No, that’s not how I meant it. I just meant” but did I mean.


My loyalty tested by this dominant Mistress!



She turned back to the bed and sat. I tried to go to comfort her but she shook her head violently.

  • “No, just you stay there” she wiped her eyes somehow looking even more gorgeous, naked and tearful on the edge of the bad.

I stood naked but rather less gorgeous a few feet away.

  • “Where are my slippers?”

I saw them by her foot but didn’t say anything. She looked at me.

  • “you really upset me”. “
  • “I know but honey I really didn’t mean how that came out. You know that’s not what I think. I’d do anything to prove it”.


  • “That’s the second time”.
  • ” what?”


  • “The second time you’ve said you’d do anything for me. Well prove it”


  • “ok. What?”


  • “First fetch me my slippers”.


On My knees in front of this gorgeous Mistress!

As she sat there haughtily I knelt by her feet and reached under the edge of the bed, grabbing her slippers. She crossed her leg over, her foot almost grazing my face as she reached down and gently opened my hand.

  • ” now you put them on my feet.”

This felt most peculiar. But I was so aroused from the last two hours it simply made my cock throb even more. On my knees, I took her foot in my hand. My heart was beating so fast. I was about to gently place her slipper on but she stopped me

  • “Ah ah” she wagged her finger. “No, before you do that I want you to kiss my foot”

I looked up at her from my knees. Tearful, but still beautiful and now stern. The pounding of my heart almost deafening me I took a breath and leaned in my mouth delicately nibbling the soft skin above her toes and my tongue gently circling around her big toe for my first kiss to Her foot.

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