Sissy Maid Mannerisms-Part 2

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sissy maid

Madam’s Punishment

Yes, I felt embarrassed and I wanted to be mean and rude to Madam Rebecca and my friend Steve. The sissy maid uniform I was wearing consisted of a very tight corset underneath, 4-inch spike heels, and make-up. What was I actually going to do? Before he left I had to fix dinner and breakfast. After he left, Madam bent me over a sewing machine table, the commercial kind, and tied me fast. She then took a belt and spanked my bottom for a long time; slow and steady. Harder and harder She spanked me.

As She did She said,

  • “You were not very nice to my guest. Why was that?”

I said I was nice and did nothing mean. She then told me that the look on my face told the entire story. I was sulking and did not look like I was happy to serve Her and my friend.  She said I didn’t seem to enjoy the fact that he was sexually satisfying Her. Did I not enjoy prancing around in my pretty sissy Maid’s uniform in front of Her lover?

A Sissy Maid Must Always Make His Madam Happy


Well, She was right about all of those things and I saw no reason to be HAPPY about any of them. I told Her that and the swats got harder as She went on explaining that I was Her Maid and what a Maid’s duty was and about manners. She told me that I represented Her and if that was the way I was going to represent Her I should leave because it showed no love or respect.

She asked me if I loved Her and respected Her. I told Her I did. She said that was a lie because if I did, no matter what She did, if I truly loved Her and respected Her I would display it at all times. Never would I hurt Her even if She hurt me, nor would I embarrass Her even if She embarrassed me. I would not be disrespectful of Her even if She was disrespectful of me.

A Maid Must Always Try His Best to Serve His Madam

I would not ruin Her enjoyment and pleasure even if I did not THINK I was getting any. The last one made me really think and I asked Her about it. She then told me that as Her Maid it would give me great pride, satisfaction, and extreme pleasure IF I acted as the perfect Maid and I would get rewards beyond my imagination for it. What? If I was a perfect Maid, got embarrassed by my old friend, humiliated, shamed, made fun of, and laughed at while he sexually pleased my Wife more than I could I would like it? Well, Madam seemed to sense I did not get this part of Her story and so She reinforced it by spanking me even harder and making me promise over and over I would give it a try.

I am not sure I believed it even after I said I did 10 or more times. I am not sure that my tears flowing and my mascara running were indications I really believed it but I did believe She would NEVER stop spanking me if I did not convince Her I believed it. And after She did stop and the opportunity came to serve Madam and Her lover and my old friend Steve again I was sure I would let Her think I was trying so as not to experience a spanking like that one again.

It’s Always Important to Ensure Madam Is Happy

So when Steve showed up I did my best to smile, be polite and look like I was happy to be their Maid. The first day was hard. The second day Steve seemed to be testing me and it became a challenge. Madam would only smile. And Her smile did not say, “You’re doing great.” It did not say anything and so it made me nervous and I tried even harder and so did Steve. He sent me out to wash his car, inside and out. He told me what a good lay Madam was and how bad he felt for Her being married to a sissy wimp like me.

The third day he seemed to let up and he was leaving and as he was ready to leave I gave him a deep curtsey and thanked him for bringing pleasure to Madam and allowing me the opportunity to serve Her. He looked at me and said,

  • “You must really love and adore Her to put up with what I gave you this weekend.”

I curtseyed deeply and said,

  • “Yes, sir, I do.”

A Reward for the Obedient Sissy Maid

I felt good and I had a big smile on my face. When I turned around I could see Madam’s smile was from ear to ear and it was an approving smile. I blushed and She said, “I am so very proud of you. You were a great Maid and now I will give you a reward.

She took me to the bedroom and had me give Her a licking while She told me how much it turned Her on to see me serving Her and Steve; each little thing that Steve or She did to me and how it excited Her. Then She told me the reason sex was so good with Steve was that I was serving as Her Maid and She could picture me serving breakfast to them, scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees and on and on.

Now here I was on my knees licking Her after She had spent three days having sex with Steve, Her lover. I was outfitted in a Maid’s uniform and just spent the last three days being a subservient sissy Maid cuckold, which by most accounts should be a bad experience, and I NEVER felt BETTER in my life. Why? Why did I feel so good? Pride, that’s why: I was proud of my performance as Madam’s Maid because it made Her happy and I had gone past a selfish point and fulfilled what every male Maid needs to experience.

sissy maid

A Turning Point In My Role As A Sissy Maid Cuckold

I only need to serve and do my best. Steve had to keep it hard and perform one act and that act was all he was good for. He was leaving and I was staying. Madam was proud of me and She told others about my service and how proud She was, which served to expose me, tearing down any resistance to others knowing as well as making me feel pride.

Yes, as a male you may have your doubts about being polite and showing good manners and mannerisms but do it and try it and see what happens. As Madam always says,

“Being trained as a sissy Maid cuckold makes a male into a far better and more useful person and I never met one who regretted it…not ever.”

As a sissy Maid cuckold with a great deal of experience and a life I would not ever wish to change, believe me when I say manners are important and should be applied every day in every situation and, no matter what it looks like at the time, later you will never regret showing good manners and mannerisms.

A very deep curtsey to all who read this and thank you for allowing me to share my experiences and training with you, it gives me great pleasure and pride to serve Madam Rebecca in this manner.


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  1. I’m a senior sub male and have been serving a black single Mistress for 3+ years. I have offered to serve as her cuckold a number of times. She doesn’t want to mix the dominate bdsm lifestyle with her regular life. I can understand that. We have a mutual respect for one another and I always have good manners when I serve her. I know your a submissive male and serve your Mistress wife but, I do hope she as respect for you like you do for her. I don’t think it’s a good idea to let a good friend fuck your wife and disrespect you.

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