My Wife, My Trainer, My Mistress, My Everything

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We’ve been married 13 years, and we have more than 20 years apart. My wife is younger than me. We are of two different cultures, my trainer Mistress has a Far Eastern culture and I have a European culture.

A year before our wedding and the beginning of our union, Mistress loved spanked me once a week. My Dominatrix used a wide leather belt from the army, a short whip, and a long whip; on my bare buttocks. My buttocks had traced for a few days.

At that time, my trainer Mistress liked to wear a short skirt and black leather stilettos long to correct me.

My wife was taking pictures of my butt after each session. I had to count the strokes, which made over 460 shots per session heartfelt.

We left the Far East, to return to Europe for five years. Weekend Corrections stopped.

We returned to Asia five years ago, and for some time, my wife again my English education.

Dressed entirely in black leather, with a fitted jacket and a straight skirt or black leather shorts with thigh boots with high heels, for an up session in hand.

Now I have to count the strokes in his language. If I am wrong, it begins again.


Mistress practice as in the UK, ie by 12 series of twelve strokes (or 144 strokes) for shots leather belt, blows with the little whip, and the long whip. It goes without saying that my wife and Mistress alternates after each series of 12 shots hitting, belts, and riding crops. This makes me more than 432 blows on my buttocks.

Mistress also love to pinch my breasts with his fingers between each dozen blows, so that I can remember for a long time then. Mistress puts me clamps on the ends of drooping breasts my correction.

My post is black and blue I can not sit in the evening. It’s been a great pleasure to Master and Mistress asks me smiling on if I’m okay.

Last Saturday, I got a second session after dinner with her friends and teacher at the restaurant.  

Mistress two Asian friends, who came to see the EA practice, and they started to correct me, after my session.

My wife has taken their picture and video fully dressed in black leather, with a bra and a tight-fitting leather pants down to their high-heeled boots in the session.

These are true Straightening who learn quickly and take great pleasure to correct me, to see me twist me under the blows and see me cry.

One pinched my breast, while the other spanked me, and vice versa.

This earned me yet another very painful session when her friends are gone. I wanted no more on my legs. For this session, I had a gag in his mouth and blindfolded. I was shaking and crying in pain so I was aching nipples and buttocks. When I saw the next video and photos, I understood the pleasure that my wife took during the last session. I’ll remember a long time because I still hurt after 5 days. Mistress tells me that her friends will not come to meetings, because she wants to keep a certain intimacy in our marriage, and if her friends each have a slave while there, there may be sets sessions to share their common experiences.

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