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The Ceremony

cuckold ceremony


A Cuckold Affirmation is designed for couples to hold that are already actively enjoying a cuckold related “lifestyle”. The event should be held as a celebration of the Wife’s sexual freedom and the husband’s submission and devotion to his Wife’s pleasure. It should not be used as a way for a Wife to begin cuckolding her husband; instead a “cuckolding contract” would be a better option for this – which is not covered in this document.

The Wife decides that She would like to celebrate and make official Her status as a cuckolding or Hot Wife. Based upon the manner in which She practices and enjoys the cuckold lifestyle there are several options open to Her to hold a cuckold affirmation event. This event takes some planning and usually begins with the cuckold affirmation ceremony which generally parallels a standard marriage ritual with some important and obvious differences.

Some hold cuckold affirmations as an official way for a Wife to un‐do her marital vows.




The basic idea is for all parts of the Cuckolding Affirmation to follow many of the traditions of a standard marriage or vow renewal ceremony, reception and vacation or “honeymoon” but now called a “Cuckymoon”.

The Wife should carefully consider and plan all of the details ahead of time so She can relax and enjoy the happy event. The cuckold husband can and often should play a major role in the planning and preparation of a ceremony in accordance with his Wife’s wishes.

Note: Consideration should be given to the timing within the calendar year of when the cuckold affirmation should be held. The spring or summer might be best but also consider when the couple’s wedding anniversary is. Some find it best to have a about a six month interval between the wedding anniversary and cuckold affirmation ceremony.

If the ceremony is very detailed it might be advisable to have a rehearsal shortly before the actual ceremony.



The best and most convenient place to hold the ceremony would generally be in the couple’s home but a large gathering might require more formal accommodations at a hotel or resort.



As part of the celebration guests should be included witness and participate in this festive event. These guests should be either cuckolding wives or couples or in general be comfortable with this special lifestyle for obvious reasons. They would be present to witness the ceremony, support the Wife and help Her celebrate.

If photographs or video will be taken of the ceremony or reception some guests may want to hide their identity from the cuckold husband or the Wife’s studs because of their job or standing in the community. These guests would wear a stylish mask of some kind over their faces.


Ceremony Leader

The ceremony should be lead by a Woman that is a friend of the Wife and is comfortable with this special lifestyle. This Woman could also help the Wife and Her husband plan the ceremony details.


Cuckold Party

The ceremony would obviously include the Wife and Her cuckold husband. Based on the Wife’s preference the following scenarios could be used;

  • The Wife and husband are joined only by Her primary (only) boyfriend/stud.
  • The Wife and husband are joined by several of Her regular studs.
  • The Wife and husband stand together, none of Her studs are present orhe/they are off to one side.
  • There can be a maid or maiden of honor if the Wife chooses. This Womancould hold some things used in the ceremony.
  • Another cuckold husband or sub‐male can serve as the “Ring Bearer” ifdesired or the “ring” or rings could just be kept on a small table until they are needed.

Ceremony Dress

The Wife could wear Her original wedding gown if She so desires. She could also elect to just wear Her bridal veil and wear a short tight fitting dress instead. If the Wife wants to flaunt Her sexuality She can wear something very sheer and revealing. The Wife should also wear one old fashion slip‐on garter for possible use later on.

The husband and Wife’s studs can be dressed or undress as She chooses (and decorum dictates). If the husband is a cuckold due small penis size the Wife could have him and Her studs naked or in thongs that would make it clear to everyone why the husband is a cuckold and what the Wife gets to enjoy outside their marriage.


Start of the Ceremony

The Woman leading would call for everyone’s attention and announce that the gathering is being held as a celebration of <Wife’s name> official status as a cuckolding or Hot‐Wife. She would then ask the couple if they are ready to proceed. The Wife would affirm their intent to proceed with the ceremony.

The Woman would ask the couple: “<Wife’s name> and <husband’s name> are you ready to assert and demonstrate your deep love and commitment to one another here to today?”
The couple each answers “Yes”

The Woman would say “<Wife’s name> please kiss your husband. The Wife would give Her husband a deep kiss. This would signify their bond together as a couple.



The Wife and husband should write the “vows” to be used at the ceremony. Here the Wife’s primary stud might assist in writing at least part of the vows. The vows should affirm the Wife’s right at having sex outside the marriage and the husband’s pledge to remain faithful to Her. Each vow should reflect the Wife’s interests and cuckolding “style”.

Woman (leading): “Do you <Wife’s name> declare your rights and freedoms as a cuckolding Wife here today?”
Wife: “I do”

Woman: “Do you <Wife’s name> take <husband’s name> as your cuckold husband to cherish and control?”
Wife: “I do”

Woman: “To tease, frustrate, and deny him as a cuckold wimp should be?”

Wife: “I do”

Woman: “Do you <Wife’s name> promise to pursue and use other men as studs and to enjoy yourself with anyone you desire?”
Wife: “I do”
Alternate: Woman: “Do you <Wife’s name> promise to have and enjoy hot sex with <stud’s name>?”

Woman: Do you <Wife’s name> promise to let your cuckold watch you with your studs or tell him every detail of how they please and satisfy you?”
Wife: “I do”

Woman: “Do you <Wife’s name> promise to be a good <slut / Hot Wife> to your boyfriend/stud?”
Wife: “I do”

Woman: “<husband’s name> do you promise to accept being <Wife’s name> faithful cuckold in body, mind and spirit freely and without hesitation?” Husband: “I do”

Woman: “<husband’s name> do you acknowledge the fact that sexually you cannot provide <Wife’s name> with all of the sexual pleasure She needs and deserves?”
Husband: “I do”

Woman: “<husband’s name> do you accept the position of cuckold husband with the understanding that <Wife’s name> has complete freedom to have sex with whoever She wants while you must remain completely faithful to Her?
Husband: “I do”

Woman: “<husband’s name> do you promise to love and support <Wife’s name> extra‐marital affairs be they long‐term, short‐term or one‐night stands? Husband: “I do”

Woman: “<husband’s name> do you promise, if asked, to help find competent studs for your Wife <Wife’s name> that will provide Her with the sexual pleasure you cannot.
Husband: “I do”

Woman: “<Stud’s name> do you as <Wife’s name>’s boyfriend/stud promise give Her the sexual pleasure she needs?”
Stud: “I do”

Woman: “<Stud’s name> do you understand that you are used for the <Wife’s name> sexual pleasure and can make no claims to this Woman as your own? Stud: “I do”

The vows should be tailored to suit the couples and primarily the Wife’s interests and lifestyle.

Some lifestyle‐specific vows might include;

  • The cuckold’s acceptance of his Wife controlling his orgasm by locking him in a chastity device.
  • The Wife’s desire to have sex with two or more men at the same time.
  • The cuckold’s agreement to perform most or all of the domestic chores for the Wife – so she has more free time.
  • The Wife’s need for a lover who is better endowed then her cuckold.
  • The cuckold status as the Wife’s sissy, slave, slut…etc.



One or more rings or pieces of jewelry can be used in the ceremony. Some options are;

  • A thumb ring for the Wife to denote Her status as a cuckolding or Hot‐Wife.
  • A toe ring.
  • An ankle bracelet.
  • A wrist bracelet.
  • A necklace.

The ceremony leader should direct the placement of the rings and announce their significance in the Wife’s marriage – here are some options;


  • The new jewelry can be plain or contain a special engraving or insignia to signify the Wife’s sexual freedom. It can be placed on her by Her stud or husband.
  • When a toe ring is it the husband usually places it by kneeling at his Wife’s feet. This ring signifies the husband’s devotion and submission to his Wife making and keeping him a cuckold. After placing the ring on his Wife’s toe the husband should reverently kiss Her foot.Optionally: The husband should remain kneeling for the remainder of the ceremony.
  • If the Wife desires She could accept a ring or other jewelry in a previously pierced nipple. This could be placed by either Her husband or Her boyfriend/stud.For the husband;
  • The Wife could slip and secure a leather collar around his neck.
  • The Wife slips the husband’s wedding band back on his finger after she had itinscribed on the inside with the word “Cuckold”.
  • If the husband is nude or nearly so the Wife could place and lock a chastity harness around his cock if one is not already there. She could also attach (or be displaying) the key to the lock onto a necklace She is wearing.
  • Installing a special piece of jewelry in a previously pierced nipple, penis…etc.


The Kiss

With the vows recited and the rings ritual complete the Woman leading the ceremony would declare the Wife free to pursue all of Her sexual interests while Her husband remains Her faithful cuckold.
She then says “<Wife’s name> you may kiss your stud(s)”.

The Wife gives her boyfriend/stud (or each of them) a deep full mouth kiss. She then might extend Her rump out for Her husband to kiss. Each stud might grope or fondle the Wife. The Wife should pre‐arrange this with Her stud (studs) before the ceremony. Another option might be for The Woman leading the ceremony to tell the husband to give his Wife a “cuckold kiss”.

The cuckold husband, still kneeling would plant a reverent kiss on each of Her ass cheeks. If She wants the Wife could have Her cuckold kiss Her crotch instead of (or in addition) to kissing Her ass.

The ceremony is then complete.


Reception (Celebration)

With the ceremony completed those in attendance would celebrate the happy event with a small party. Drinks and light snacks would be served and if the couple wanted, some fun activities could be enjoyed by all.


Bouquet or Ring Toss

Since the bride usually tosses Her bouquet at a traditional wedding a similar “toss” can be done as part of the cuckold ceremony celebration.

If the Wife carried a bouquet She can toss this. If not She can take Her wedding band, tie a ribbon to it and toss it instead. All women in attendance would be asked to stand on one side of the room; the Wife would stand on the other side with Her back to them. Note, all women, married and single can participate in this.

The Wife makes the toss over Her shoulder. The woman that makes the catch gets to have some fun with the cuckold husband by giving him a spanking. A chair is placed at the front of the room and the Woman told to sit on it. The cuckold husband is called forward and told to remove his pants and underwear. He is instructed to lay prone across the Woman’s lap. She may give a paddle or use her bare hand. The husband is to receive a swat on each cheek equal to the number of women in attendance. The woman would deliver a double swat, one on each cheek. In front of everyone, the husband’s bare ass is spanked while everyone counts off the blows. Once the appropriate punishment had been given the Wife could, if She uses the paddle to smack Her cuckold’s once on each cheek for good measure.

If the Wife wants Her husband humiliated in some way another activity could be substituted like;

  • The husband must kneel before the woman (catcher) and jerk‐off, squirting his cum on Her shoes. He is then required to lick up the mess and clean Her shoes with his tongue.
  • The women in attendance stand in a line, each about two feet from the other with their legs apart. The cuckold husband is required to crawl through the tunnel made by the women’s legs. As the husband pass through each Woman’s legs She can swat his ass as he goes by.

Garter Toss

The cuckold husband or the Wife’s Stud is called forward to remove the Wife’s garter. All of the “eligible” men would be told to stand at the back of the room. Depending on who was in attendance some men might be considered “ineligible” to participate in this activity.

Again either the husband or the Wife’s Stud face away from them and toss the Wife’s garter backward over his shoulder. The man that catches the garter gets to have some fun with the Wife.

The garter catcher might be allowed to kiss and fondle the Wife through Her clothing in front of the others at the celebration. If the Wife preferred She could decide to give this man his treat somewhere private.


Ceremony & Celebration Photographs

If She so desires the Wife can have a friend in attendance take some selected photographs (digital) of the cuckold party. Here the photographs would not be explicit but just to capture the moment. The photographer must be aware of any guests that do not want their photograph taken. Again masks should be available for those that don’t want their face to show in any of the photographs due to job, family, or societal concerns.


Memory Album

Any photography or other details of the day’s activities should be preserved in a Memory Album. Recorded in it would be a list of the guests in attendance, the vows used, etc. in addition to other details of the day and night to come. This album would be created by the husband for his Wife as a gift to Her for making and keeping him as Her cuckold.



In general, the guest in attendance should not be expected to bring a gift since the ceremony is an affirmation of something that has already been established. If some guests really want to give a gift the following should be considered;

  • A gift certificate for lingerie or sex toys.
  • A locking chastity harness or tube for the cuckold husband (if the couple doesn’thave one).
  • A gift certificate for a piercing or tattoo at a local parlor.



Celebration Ending

Any gifts would be presented to the Wife at this time. Unlike a marriage ceremony, the Wife should open each gift so everyone in attendance can see what She got since some of the gifts might be humorous or otherwise entertaining.

As the guests exit the couple’s home the Wife, husband and any studs would greet everyone as they left thanking them for attending. This would be similar to the practice of greeting the new bride and groom at the conclusion of the marriage ceremony greeting everyone as they leave the church or chapel.

The Wife would stand by the doorway with Her husband and stud on either side of Her. The husband should be kneeling to denote his position in the marriage. If the Wife was very dominant She could also have Her stud kneel as well.

Once all of the guests had left it would be time to prepare for the “Cuckymoon”.


The Cuckymoon

Like the Cuckold Ceremony the Cuckymoon parallels the standard honeymoon but with particular emphasizes on the Wife’s freedom to pursue sexual pleasure and the husband’s deference and submission to Her.




  • At the Wife’s home
  • At the boyfriend/lover’s home
  • At a hotel or resort

The Wife

  • Brings her only or primary boyfriend or lover on the Cuckymoon.
  • She brings or meets and has fun with 2 or more boyfriends/lovers.


  • Stays home and is excluded from the Cuckymoon.
    o Husbands that are excluded are generally left home to do chores.
    o The Wife might have a trusted female friend check on her husband while she
    is away – some call this woman a “cucky sitter”.
  • The husband goes with the Wife and her boyfriend/lovers on the Cuckymoon.
    • With this option, the husband’s proximity and actions with respect to his Wife and her gentleman can vary greatly depending on what she wants. The husband can be there just to assist his Wife and be her servant or maid – helping her bathe, dress…etc.
  • The husband goes or is dropped off somewhere apart from his Wife
    • This could mean the husband goes to a friend’s home or somewhere designated by the Wife. For some, the best option is for the cuckold to spend his time serving his mother‐in‐law while the Wife is off on her Cuckymoon.

Scenario 1

The Wife decides she wants to go off with her boyfriend/lover and leave her husband at home to do chores, work or maybe take care of their children.
Before leaving the Wife might;

  • Give her cuckold a list of chores to do while she is away.
  • Check that her cuckold’s chastity device is securely locked.
  • Make arrangements with a trusted female friend to check on her cuckold while she is away. This woman might also have a spare key to the husband’s chastity device in case of an emergency.

Scenario 2

In this example, the Wife and husband would entertain the boyfriend/lover in their home. While the Wife and her boyfriend took a shower the husband would prepare and serve a nice dinner. While the Wife and her lover have dinner the cuckold might eat with them or just have a sandwich in the kitchen and then go prepare things for their evening. He might spread fresh rose petals on way to the bedroom and turn down the bed. As the Wife and her boyfriend retire to the bedroom the husband cleans up the dinner dishes and makes preparations for breakfast the next morning. The sleeps in a guest room and finally falls asleep listening his Wife’s moans of pleasure coming from the other bedroom.



Scenario 3

In this scenario, the Wife has decided to meet two or more of her lovers at a hotel and decided to have a more complicated cuckymoon.
Generally, the husband would book a suite or several rooms ‐ one room for him and his Wife and one for each of Her studs participating in the cuckymoon.


Hotel Accommodations

Based on how the Wife enjoys Her studs several options should be considered. If the Wife has an openly cuckolding relationship and Her studs know about one another a large suite should be booked or a group of the hotel rooms reserved ‐ as close together as possible.

If the Wife’s studs do not know about one another then each room should be on a separate floor from the couples and one another. In this scenario the husband must make the reservations in advance telling the hotel that he is planning a surprise reunion and each guest cannot know about the other and therefore needs the rooms to be on separate floors of the hotel. Of course the reunion will be his Wife with each of Her boyfriends/studs in a different hotel room.

The husband should tell each stud to check into the hotel that evening and to order room service (within reason) while waiting for his Wife to arrive. They should be instructed to wait in the room for the Wife.

The husband should also advise each stud on the purchase of a little surprise for the Wife. This could be flowers, jewelry, sexy lingerie…etc. The studs would present the Wife with these gifts when She visits them in their hotel room.

The husband and Wife should check into the hotel early. In their room the husband should prepare the Wife for the evening’s activities.

  • He should draw Her bath.
  • Help Her get into and out of the tub, and towel Her dry.
  • Trim Her pubic hair
  • Assist Her in picking out Her clothing.


Visit Accessories

Based on the Wife’s preferences and the relationship She has with Her studs the following can be brought on the visit to each of Her stud’s hotel rooms.

    • A digital camera for Her to snap a few memory photos. This of course assumes that the Wife would want to take photographs of herself with Her stud. Any photographs would be added to the Wife’s Memory Album.
    • Condoms if the Wife desired to use them with a particular stud.
    • A cell phone so Wife can call her husband and let him listen to her moans of pleasure.

Visit Options

The husband should escort the Wife to each of Her stud’s hotel room. Based on the relationship that She has with Her stud he might be invited into the room to either watch or provide “cuckold services”.

If the husband is allowed into the room he could take some pictures of his Wife and Her stud. The husband could just stay for a moment until being dismissed by the Wife or he could stay and watch everything based on the Wife’s preference.

If the husband is not allowed into the room he should just see that his Wife is greeted by Her stud and then return to their original room until his Wife calls him.

If the husband was sent away and then the Wife calls the husband must go back to the stud’s room He would knock at the door and wait be let in. His job would be to help the Wife collect Her belongs.

Between Visits

Once back inside their room the Wife would tell Her cuckold the details of everything that She did with that stud. The husband would take notes to be later added to the memory album when She visits the next stud and leaves him alone.

During this time the Wife could also have Her husband massage Her feet and/or if She so desired lick Her pussy. After She has briefly rested She would put on Her coat and go to Her next stud with Her husband escorting Her.

The process is repeated until the Wife has visited each of Her studs once. If the Wife’s desires She could start the cycle over with Her first stud. Depending on the Wife’s libido and energy level She may make several “cycles” through Her “stable” of studs. All this activity would be Her way of celebrating Her sexual freedom.

At some point the Wife would join the husband in their room. Completely satisfied the Wife would sleep until the morning. Her frustrated husband might have some difficulty falling asleep based events of the ceremony and intensity of his Wife’s activity during that evening. The lack of sleep on his part should be a small price to pay for his Wife’s pleasure and satisfaction.


Between Visits

Once back inside their room the Wife would tell Her cuckold the details of everything that She did with that stud. The husband would take notes to be later added to the memory album when She visits the next stud and leaves him alone.

During this time the Wife could also have Her husband massage Her feet and/or if She so desired lick Her pussy. After She has briefly rested She would put on Her coat and go to Her next stud with Her husband escorting Her.

The process is repeated until the Wife has visited each of Her studs once. If the Wife’s desires She could start the cycle over with Her first stud. Depending on the Wife’s libido and energy level She may make several “cycles” through Her “stable” of studs. All this activity would be Her way of celebrating Her sexual freedom.

At some point the Wife would join the husband in their room. Completely satisfied the Wife would sleep until the morning. Her frustrated husband might have some difficulty falling asleep based events of the ceremony and intensity of his Wife’s activity during that evening. The lack of sleep on his part should be a small price to pay for his Wife’s pleasure and satisfaction.


Scenario 4

The Wife and her lover drop the husband off at the home of friend of the Wife’s who happens to be a lesbian couple. The husband would serve as the women as their maid and as a reward for his services take him out one evening to a tattoo parlour for some special ink work or a piercing. The piercing could be done as part of a new chastity harness or it could just be for decoration. Similarly, a tattoo in or around the husband’s pubic area denoting either his cuckold or subservient status could also be considered. Since the husband would likely be in a frustrated and aroused state the pain he would experience during either or both of these options should be minimal.

Back Home

Once back home the Wife She can relax and decide how She wants to reward Her cuckold husband. For example; if he deserves to be released from his chastity harness with;

  • Allowing him to have regular sex with Her including ejaculating inside Her. <This is clearly the most generous option>
  • Letting him have sex with Her while he wears a condom.
  • Allowing him to penetrate Her but without ejaculating inside of Her – instead hewould be allowed to masturbate.
  • Performing orally (fellatio) on him to orgasm.
  • Giving him a hand job
  • Allowing him to masturbate in front of Her. He should be made to kneel if possible and squirt his ejaculate onto his Wife or what She is wearing;
    • bare feet
    • high heels
    • boots
    • labia
    • bare breasts

Using Her fingers or a sex toy the Wife “milks” his prostrate. This will ease some of the pressure to cum but only add to the husband’s frustration.
<This is the most severe option involving sexual activity with the husband>

In any of the above scenarios the Wife should collect the husband’s output and make him consume it (i.e. lick it up) or in the case of fellatio deposit it back into his own mouth for him to swallow (snowballing).

After this, the Wife and husband should spend the remainder of the day cuddling and enjoying one another’s company a Wife and cuckold.


Follow‐Up Activities

The following should be considered in the weeks after the ceremony and cuckymoon;

  • The husband sending out thank you notes to everyone that attended the ceremony and/or after‐party.
  • The husband assembles a memory album for the wife with photos of the ceremony and/or after‐party.
  • The husband creating or updating a special journal of the cuckymoon.


Affirmation Anniversary

Each year from then on, much like their wedding anniversary, the couple should celebrate the anniversary of their Cuckold Affirmation in some way. These celebrations can be simple or elaborate and mirror the couple’s commitment to the cuckold lifestyle.

Couples that have used this ceremony have reported subtle but beneficial changes in their marriage afterward. The wives often say they are more confident in their marriages and in their chosen lifestyle of being a Hot‐Wife.






My Wife, My Trainer, My Mistress, My Everything

Cruel Femdom Goddess X


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  1. i am 64 and have never seen anything so fucked up. I would never agree to such bullshit. No real man would put up with such degrading things to be done to him by a woman, Now I see why woman are sometimes called whores

  2. I knew a couple that the wife wanted to have a fantasy to come true of sleeping with another man with a big cock so the husband helped her do it. It was supposed to be a one time thing but the wife started fucking guys behind his back. When he found out and confronted her about it she said that he can’t satisfy her so he just has to live with it. I agree that some wome are fucked up. He told her to leave and let her other men take care of her ass that he don’t have to live with shit. Then he devorced her. Some women just don’t get that a relationship isn’t about sex. It’s about love carring and respect. How can a women treat a man like that and say she loves him when she don’t care about him and disrespects him.

  3. I think the article was amazing and made a lot of sense. People who disagree with the article are obviously NOT into the Lifestyle or have the mindset to allow these things to happen. The couple, as a couple, decided to commit to the lifestyle which is obviously out of the norm of a vanilla relationship. Good article !!

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