My Ex-Wife’s Subtle Domination Over Time

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My Ex-Wife’s Subtle Domination Over Time

My ex-wife knew nothing about domination. She was beautiful, and her legs were the sexiest legs I’ve ever seen. I think that once she tried, she started enjoying dominating men. She found out that so many of them could be dominated, and short of that, manipulated. One of the games, she started to play with me, sort of her own initiative was dominating other men in front of me. It was so hot, and it turned me on like hell. I remember two of them – the Chinese young men who worked in the salon where my wife used to get her manicure and pedicure done, and the janitor in our building.

I still can’t believe how in just a few months she changed from an innocent sweet woman into a teasing bitch. I actually witnessed how it started. We were coming home. The janitor was mopping the floor in the hall of our apartment building. My wife complimented him on how nicely he had cleaned the floors, and said, more like a joke, that it would be nice if he could clean her apartment as well (she sometimes called our apartment hers, now when I think about it, it crossed my mind that she had already started to play little games with me). The man, at least to my surprise, said, “I could”. He was an older but quite educated and in a way handsome man from Venezuela that spoke perfect English and seemed quite intelligent. She burst into that lovely laughter of hers, indicating that she was still more in a kind of light and not a very serious mood, and said: “You can make some extra cash, Henry”. I could see that he slightly blushed and certainly was smashed by my wife’s looks and I suspected that her short spring dress has something to do with it. I could give You the whole story, but it’s not enough space here in the message box. I could only say that just within three months or so he would become practically her (our?) servant. With time she would see how much that game turned me on and played it out quite skillfully.


My question Your Highness: You are saying that the memory of my wife and me with Henry in the hall in our apartment produced the hottest image in Your head?

The memory is real – it happened (except I changed the name of the janitor. I don’t know it just didn’t seem right to use his real name.) One correction. My saying that he practically became her servant may be a little stretch. Her “dominating” Henry in front of me was always very subtle. And maybe because of that even more of a turn-on for me. Nothing like whipping him off his kissing my wife’s shoes (although I’m almost sure he would do that if she just had told him), but still… It is interesting that, from my experience, the hottest domination comes usually from women that are essentially very feminine and “nice”. Such was my ex-wife. Although it almost shocked me that she really dominated some men in front of me. It was so hot and such a turn on, that almost always lead to the best sex I ever had (well, I was not always “allowed” to have an orgasm).

So, by saying that Henry would become her servant I simply meant that he started doing several chores for her, mostly cleaning, but later on also some errands like doing little shopping or taking her clothes to the cleaners. She paid him, well usually, but that’s another story.

So I decided to tell you the whore “Henry story”. It’s pretty long, but to my excuse, you told me to be honest and tell You “everything’, Your Highness.

In the beginning, it was very so very subtle, but also never developed to anything not subtle. Give you an example. Henry would call her Miss (partly because he was really well mannered, and partly, I guess, because he enjoyed that subtle domination). My ex-wife would call him Henry.  She always used his name when addressing him, which was, I don’t know exactly why very domineering. Just the way she would say it as if he had no option but do what she told him.  Another example: sometimes (not usually) she would have him perform his cleaning chores when we were at home. BTW the fact that she hired him came from a real need. We were both very busy (I had an entirely different job then, professional white-collar job), and usually the only time when we could do any cleaning, etc., it would be weekends, and this way we wouldn’t have any free time together during the week. But going back to my example. So she would have Henry do his job when we were home. As I said it wasn’t the usual way, actually it happened only a few times, but still…  And BTW – always, when Henry came to our apartment, my ex-wife would dress up a little. Very subtly. Like wearing mules (not very high heels, but very nice mules. She was obsessed with shoes – had maybe 200 of them). And she would wear a skirt, again, not necessarily a mini skirt, but just a very feminine above the knee skirt. Very subtle as I said. So Henry would be cleaning the hardwood floor (he didn’t use the mop, just a rag that my ex-wife provided him, so he had to go down on his knees in order to clean that floor!). And she would be just sitting on our sofa-bed, her legs crossed, entirely at ease, talking on the phone to her girlfriend. (I was usually sitting next to her, doing my work on a computer.) And I remember a few times that she would even, while still holding her cell phone, turn to him, and say things like: “And don’t forget, please, Henry, to wipe the floor under the media cabinet. You forgot that the last time”! I’m sure her girlfriend could hear it!? She knew what she was doing and that things like that turned me on so much. And most likely it turned on the poor Henry, too. And I think that even besides that she enjoyed that. It was surprising for me to see that my ex-wife, such a sweet and nice and proper person would enjoy that. One time and this was so hot that really blew me away, my ex-wife started kissing me, very lightly. Henry on his knees, cleaning the floor. It was so damn sexy. I could see Henry, in the corner of my eye, glancing at us. I’m sure she could see him, too. And it made her only more excited!


 Another example: in time, she would get his phone number. Henry, as a janitor, but he was also kind of a handy-men, fixing things around, was working six days a week, and he was in our building. My wife would text him, requesting his “help”, and he would come so quickly! In the begging, she would open the door herself, but somehow, with time, it became the routine, that I would open the door. She was “busy” (like reading a magazine, or talking on the phone, or doing Sudoku, always her work stuff, sometimes).  Henry would enter our living room, and stand there, waiting for instructions. My ex-wife wouldn’t just stop what she was doing, but kept him waiting, Henry standing, she sitting (always her lovely legs crossed and beautiful). Sometimes she kept him that way for quiet time. And sometimes, and it was just unbelievable for me to witness, she would just gesture with her finger for Henry to come up closer to where she sat, now stopping what she was doing (reading a magazine for example)! And Henry would stand there in front of her, like a dummy, looking a bit uncomfortable, just in contrast to her, so relaxed. Henry would wait patiently until she finally, at her own time, decided to talk to him.  She was always so polite. She would say, “Oh yes, Henry, thank you so much for coming so quickly. I need to take a look at the faucet in my kitchen. It leaks. It’s so annoying.” And that’s it. She would promptly go back to whatever she was doing, not even waiting for his answer, as if it was obvious that Henry would immediately do what he was told. And he did! As I said she would pay him. Usually…  That’s the thing. She sometimes “forgot”.  Once he tried to complain, and she somehow managed to let him know that she may be looking for someone else, a woman probably, to take over at least the cleaning duties. All while being so “nice and politer”. He never complained again!

And yes, paying him. She always made it difficult for him, and to dominate and control him even farther. Like she just ‘forgot” to take money from the bank, and he had to come back, “maybe Saturday”. And Saturday we would go hiking. She “forgot”. She just waited for him to come to her and remind her of his money. And when he finally managed to do that, all so timidly, she would pretend she didn’t know what he was talking about, she was so busy, “so please remind me.” Again the same controlling routine, he standing in front of her, sits comfortably, letting him wait until she finally decided to deal with the problem.  All the time letting him know who was the boss. And when she finally paid him, it wasn’t without some further display of control, as, “Yes, Henry, of course. Just be a dear, please, and get me my purse. Yes, that one on the table.” She wouldn’t walk to get the purse herself, she would have him to bring it to her. As I said, subtle games, and she knew how much it turned me on (and Henry, I think). And she enjoyed her power. Once there was no money in her purse, and she “apologized”. And then she made a “joke”. “But you are such a nice man, Henry, you would work for me even if I didn’t pay you, wouldn’t you?” He just smiled sheepishly and blurted something like, “Yes, I guess so, Miss.” She laughed. “No, I was joking, Henry. I will always pay you.” And she did.

But the real turning point was when my ex-wife decided that she needed somebody to also do the laundry. We discussed that and mostly decided to hire a maid. It’s not unusual in the USA to do this if you are a professional. When she told Henry that she may terminate his services, he was devastated, she told me.  We talked about it.  Also about the game part of it, just keeping the light mode of our conversation. She talked to Henry again. When she told me about what came out of their conversation, I was shocked. Henry wanted to extend his services and do the laundry, too. My ex-wife had misgivings. She said that maybe it just wasn’t proper. But finally, she agreed. To her excuse, she was just not wanting to deprive Henry of his additional income.  And then, he even started to clean her shoes, and polish her boots! To be just, she was keeping this very professional, making sure that, at least outwardly, everything was just about the job and what needed to be done. But there were occasions, when his new duties turned, if still quite subtly, into a new level. I myself never had a lot of shoes and didn’t really care about it, so cleaning my shoes wasn’t a problem.  But once, when I was super busy and had an important appointment, she did tell him to polish my shoes, too. And he did.

Outwardly, there was nothing strange or unusual about this. There are actually men in the USA that do that. But considering our “femdom” (don’t like that word) context it meant also much more.

As I said there wasn’t much of that. It didn’t happen on a daily, weekly basis, but it happened. Just a few times. As when Henry was polishing my ex-wife boots when we were at home. We really got turned on by it, I have to admit and maybe went a bit too far. We went to our bedroom and started to make love. It was great. Henry polishing my ex-wife boots while we were fucking. The door was left slightly open, so I’m almost sure he could hear the sounds. When my ex-wife was close to orgasm, she just stopped for a second and yelled to Henry who was in another room. “Henry, dear, please also do my other pair, and then you could leave. Just close the door and it will lock.” Wow! That was probably the pinnacle of that game with Henry. We almost regret it. It never happened again, and we tried to control ourselves from then on. Buts a few times more, very suggestive things happen. We were horny. We kissed a little here and there. My ex-wife, I guess, just couldn’t help herself. As Henry was about his cleaning duties, she yelled at him, instructing him how to hand wash her lingerie and stockings. It was over the top, I admit. We fucked so hard after that.  And a few times, in a similar context, my ex-wife requested that Henry would bring her mules to her. Once she just said, “Before you leave, Henry, could you just please bring me my mules from the hall. The opened-toed ones, you know.” And when he did, she added, “No you don’t have to put them on my feet, just leave down there.” He had to bow down to the floor. Then he left. Without a word from my ex-wife. I think she felt that it maybe went too far. She tried to control herself.

Now I think I told the whole store. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t, altogether some kind of routine. It happened during the course of the years, so it was really rare.  And, really, at least outwardly, there wasn’t much to really put a finger too. Just a context. I have to admit that it still turns me on, just thinking about it. 

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