My New Domina Barbara, Known as Ma’am: Chapter 2

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My New Domina Barbara, Known as Ma’am: Chapter 2

The Winter Sun was setting as we returned to my Domina Barbara’s home. The thrill of eating in a crowded diner while wearing a butt plug and harness had worn off. Good thing Ma’am knew how to keep me on edge with cryptic hints of what laid in store.

I was to run a bath for her. So I did my best to find a temperature hot enough to be relaxing, but not scalding. I wanted my Goddess to to both be pleased with me, and feel wanted – the same desires I have.

When the tub was full of steaming water with a thick blanket of bubbles, I reported to Barbara. I undressed her, helped her into the bath, then kneeled beside it, my role now to be her attendant.

Bath Time:

I bathed her, and at her direction, shaved her legs. Carefully pulling the razor across her delicate skin, constantly fearful that I would cut this most precious of prizes. I’m sure I breathed a sigh of relief when the task was completed. Without a single drop of crimson staining the water.

When Barbara decided she had enjoyed the bath long enough, I rinsed her off. Then, as she stepped out, I wrapped her in a large towel, before using a smaller one to pat her pink-blushed skin dry.

Then it was my turn to bathe. She left me with instructions to clean myself, an act I knew was the precursor to an event I had been expecting. From the very moment I landed in Green Bay.

Tonight, Miss Barbara, my mistress, my Goddess, would claim my body for her own.

Domina Barbara

Tonight, Ma’am would fuck me.

When I was again led to her room, Barbara reached into an ornate jewelry box, and pulled from it a collar. It was heavy and yet somewhat feminine. She offered it to me, I dropped to my knees before her. As she wrapped it around my throat, locking it into place.

Barbara had marked me as her possession physically, and now it was time for her to do the same to me emotionally and psychologically.

Barbara knew exactly how she wanted me, she posed me on all fours atop her bed. Head down, ass up, blindfolded. The loss of my vision of course cause my other sense to heighten. Which Barbara knew exactly how to exploit this.


Domina Barbara

By the time I felt the head of her strap-on nuzzle up to my hole, I had been expertly primed. The entry was sudden, but with little pain, and I relaxed into her, opening up wider and accepting my Mistress into my core. Barbara was a master of fucking, and she rode me into blissful submission.

I don’t know how long Barbara used me, only that I woke beneath her in a puddle of my own cum, the result of her cock pounding my prostate, and milking countless orgasms from me.

I awoke to the words “Wake up sleepyhead, we’re going to meet my friends”. 

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