A Cuckold: Being Taught his True Place by his Wife

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A Cuckold: Being Taught his True Place by his Wife


I married a woman who taught me my true place. She showed me that I was not a real man and converted me into a sissy, cuckold. Everyone treated me as a real man before meeting her. But she showed me the light and trained me to be her sissy maid and cuckold. She believed very strongly in exposure so I was exposed to my friends and coworkers often while she enjoyed great sex with them while I stood by as a sissy maid.

She used humiliation as a training tool and not as punishment. If I found something embarrassing or humiliating she would repeat the experience over and over until I adjusted to it. After years of humiliation, I accepted my position and was able to perform my duties as instructed without hesitation.


After a while, I spent nearly all my time in panties, dresses, heels, and makeup. I became uncomfortable when wearing only men’s clothes. Learning to enjoy sex as a girl being fucked with a strap-on and could not cum otherwise. I was not permitted sex with her or another female but she enjoyed many men. When she cut me off she would have me serve her and her male lovers. But she would always offer to have sex only with me if I could show her a hard-on.

The Beginning

She would lay on the bed naked with her naked lover stroking his cock to rock the harness. Then she would ask me if I wanted him to fuck her or if instead, I wanted to fuck her. If I did she would not fuck him. Oh how I wanted to. She would tell me to lift my dress and petticoat, to show her my hard-on so she could see I wanted to fuck her. I would do as she told but since my little cock was well tucked back between my legs with my testicles pushed up inside me and my tight panties keeping all in place there was no hard-on. She would laugh and point this out to her lover and then fuck him while I stood by watching.

Mental Castration

She made sure to tell her lover how much bigger and better he was than I was. After many times of this humiliation, I was mentally castrated and could not possibly get it up.

Up until now, she had only been with white men but one night she went Black. As always I was to wait up for her and it was quite late when she returned that night. I could tell she was still very sexually wound up. Her ritual was for me to lay on my back on the bed and then sit on my face and while I ate out her well fucked pussy. She would tell me about her evening stressing how great the sex was and how proper it was she had real men.

After Care

This night she asked me if I knew how many men she fucked and from how swollen and red she was I told her 5. She laughed and said no, it was only one but he was a real man the first real man she had ever had sex with he was a Black man!

I had been eating his cum out of her pussy when she told me this and it took me by surprise and overwhelmed me. I continued to eat her imagining her fucking a Black man and she went on and on about how great he was. It made me feel so submissive and defeated and sacred too. I didn’t know what would happen next. She told me she wanted no more white dick after having a real cock a Black man’s cock.

Black Cock

Needless to say, it made me twice as submissive as before and she noted it. She said how much she liked it that I was even more submissive and obedient than I already was. She did have a few more white cocks until she found enough Black lovers to keep her well satisfied. During this period, she taught me to worship and serve the Superior Black race. More than once I was the servant sissy at a Black hosted dinner party while my wife attended as the host’s lover. We were both introduced to the guests as to who we were. Her as his personal slut and me the sissy cuckold husband wimp.

I am now a humble white servant to Blacks and have fully accepted that this is the proper place for all white males.

By: Sissie

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5 thoughts on “A Cuckold: Being Taught his True Place by his Wife”

  1. I may have already left a message; but I am hopeful of locating a non-profession Dominatrix in the Louisville, Ky. area. i am a successful east end business man who desires once a week to be whatever the Mistress wants him to be. I just don’t know how to locate such a PERSON. Can he advertise? Please help.

  2. As a Dom, I find this degrading to the max. There are men that like it but for me that kind of humiliation is too extreme.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with MISSELI305, Yes, i think that they have gone a little too much OTT (Over The Top). I doubt very much they will last very long in that sort of lifestyle. Once the initial excitement is past, – – what else is there? How low will they sink into the depths of depravity. It’s nothing against coloured people, just the way this couple appear to accept everything and anything suggested to them. oh well in for a penny, in for a pound, or a hundred, or a million.

  4. I’m a senior sub male and serve a black Mistress. All her subs are white men. She had a bad experience with a black sub and said she wouldn’t have another black sub. She is not that hot for black men either. She said they play too many games. She also keeps her private life and her dominate life separate. I think that would be hard to do but, she does it. I love being one of her sissy bitches.

  5. Update. My Mistress found out she could not keep her private life and dominate life separate. She is engaged to one of her subs ( of course he has money). She will be leaving the state soon for her new life. She wants to start a dungeon playroom and have me work for her there. Unfortunately I’m still married and can’t do it. That’s too bad because it sounds like I’d have a lot of fun there.

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