Mistress Natalie wants to buy a pony slave (1)

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One fine spring morning, Mistress Maria was grooming her pony slave, georgie.


  • “Today’s the day,” she told him, “I’ve gotten lots of responses from my ad in the paper, and there’s another Mistress coming over who might like to buy you.”


georgie snorted in sadness.

  • “Don’t worry – you’re still my favorite pony slave!” laughed Mistress Maria, “it’s just that with my extended European trip coming up, I wanted you to go to someone who will ride you hard and keep you in shape while I’m gone. And this lady seems like just the type to do it!”


She rubbed georgies flanks, letting her hand slide under his belly to touch his harnessed pony cock.


  • “I don’t know if she’ll use you for pleasure riding as I do, but maybe it would be good for you to go a few months without release.”


Just then there was a knock at the door.

  • “Come in,” said Mistress Maria, and Mistress Natalie entered, wearing black silk pants, a form-fitting top, and riding boots fitted with spurs.

The Mistresses exchanged hugs, then Mistress Natalie stepped back to look georgie over.


  • “Is this the pony slave you were advertising?”


  • “Indeed,” Mistress Maria answered, “He’s not huge, but quite sturdy and very well trained.”


“Hmmph,” Mistress Natalie snorted, sounding less than convinced. “We’ll see how obedient he is. Can I put him through his paces?”


  • “Absolutely!” assured Mistress Maria, “Let me get him warmed up, then you can take him for a long test ride. georgie!”

She snapped her tone suddenly sharp.

  • “Get the tack!”

Let’s prepare the pony slave for some warm-up!


pony slave

georgie immediately scurried off, returning with the saddle, bridle, whip, and spurs.


  • “Down,” ordered Mistress Maria, and her pony quickly dropped to all fours.


  • “He’s fully capable of putting on his own tack if you’re in a lazy mood,” explained Mistress Maria, as she strapped on his saddle and bridle, “but I prefer to tack him up myself, so I’m sure everything’s good and …..TIGHT!”


She yanked had on the girth strap of the saddle, forcing the air from georgie’s lungs, then buckling it securely.


  • “It also serves to demonstrate to him his place as my pony, that he has no options or choice in the matter, he must only obey and be my steed.”


Mistress Maria sat on a chair in front of georgie, and with a mere flick of a finger, commanded him to strap the wicked spurs to the heels of her boots.


  • “This part I like him to do, though. I love to make him kiss and adore the very spurs that will be tormenting him all day!”


georgie finished strapping on the spurs, then began kissing and licking them, and continued his worship onto the leather of Mistress Marias’ boots, covering them with his tongue in fervent appreciation.


  • “Impressive,” said Mistress Natalie, “He looks like a natural foot-slut. Is he equally adept at sucking a strap-on dildo?”


  • “Quite!” laughed Mistress Maria, “I always make him suck my fake cock before I ream his ass with it – he hates the ass reaming so much he’s gotten really good at sucking it, so as to delay his pain, even if just for a few minutes!”


The Mistresses enjoyed a good laugh, then Mistress Maria kicked georgie in the face.


  • “Enough, slut-boy. Time to show Mistress Natalie what you’ve got.”


Time to show what the pony slave is capable of!


pony slave


She mounted georgie’s back, and he held the stirrups so she could place her spurred boots in them. Gathering the reins in one hand, the Mistress took her crop in the other.


  • “I’ve worked with his pain tolerance for years,” she explained, just so I could spur him like this!


Her booted heels swung forward, then drove the sharp rowels deep into her pony’s flanks. georgie grunted in pain, but answered his Mistresses command, busting from a dead stop to a full gallop.  Only Mistress Maria’s tight grip of her thighs to the saddle and her superb riding skills kept her from being left behind. After only a few steps, though, she yanked back hard on the reins, pulling the bit deep into Georgie’s mouth and commanding a halt. 


  • “He really responds well to the spurs,” commented Mistress Natalie, “I’ve had trouble finding a pony that can take a good spurring.”


  • “No problem with this one here, ” said Mistress Maria, spurring georgie into motion again.

This time she continued to jab him as she rode, spurring his thighs, ass, his belly, even his cock, and balls.


  • “You can spur him anywhere, just as hard and often as you like. He’ll suffer permanent damage long before he dares to complain.”


She reined him sharply to a halt again.


  • “Although he works best off the spur, I’ve also made sure he can handle a good whipping. Giddyap!”

Her crop landed with a loud crack on Georgie’s hip, and he was soon galloping again as his lovely rider flogged him mercilessly.


  • “Excellent!” enthused Mistress Natalie,


Mistress Natalie wants to ride the pony slave!…


And she watched for another ten minutes as Mistress Maria rode her pony hard around the room over and over again.


  • “Alright, he’s worked up a pretty good sweat.” Mistress Maria reined him to a stop and dismounted. “Let’s see how he goes for you.”

Taking the reins and crop from Mistress Maria, Mistress Natalie swung a leg over georgie’s back and settled into the saddle, smiling as georgie held the stirrups for her.


  • “Alright, little horsey, let’s see how you like my riding style. Giddyap!”

She drove her spurs into the pony’s sides, and he began crawling.


  • “Faster!” yelled Mistress Natalie, spurring him harder, then yanking the reins back with all her strength.

georgie slid to a stop, but Mistress Natalie kept up the pressure on the bit, turning her ankles to bring her spurs to his chest.

  • “Up, boy, up! Prance for me like the pretty pony you are!”

She spurred georgie in the ribs until he reared up on his hind legs, bending her body low over the saddle to keep her seat.


  • “That’s a good horsey, now go!”


…and then try his endurance!


Releasing him from the painful tug on the bit, Mistress Natalie whipped him repeatedly, her spurs drumming hard against his skin as she rode him around the room.


  • “Nice technique,” admired Mistress Maria, “you’re an excellent rider, I see. Have you ridden real horses, as well?”


  • “Since I was a little girl,” said Mistress Natalie, as she continued to dig her spurs into her sweating pony. “Only trouble was, they didn’t like it when I treated real horses this way. I had to wait till I got my first boyfriend before I could ride a man like this. Funny thing was,” she laughed, “he didn’t even realize how badly he was being abused! He just knew he had to be my horsey anytime I wanted, for as long as I wanted, if he was ever going to get into my pants!”


She reined her panting steed left and right.


  • “He’s really going well. Mistress Maria, if you don’t mind, I’d like to ride him until he drops. I need to get a good idea of what his endurance is really like. Is that alright?”


  • “Do with him as you wish,” said Mistress Maria. “I know how long he can carry me when I’m riding him hard, and you’re about my size, so I’ll know if he’s slacking off.”


  • “Great!” laughed Mistress Natalie. “Now, my little horsey, we’ll see what you’ve got! Giddyap! Hyaah! Faster!”


Mistress Natalie is a little bit disappointed!


pony slave

Whipping him repeatedly, the beautiful woman on his back kicked him again and again with the vicious spurs on the heels of her riding boots. georgie was just about to collapse as it was, but he wanted to please Mistress Maria, and the pain this lovely rider was causing him made him keep galloping.

After some thirty minutes, even Mistress Natalie’s most enthusiastic spurring could move him no more, and his weakened arms gave out. He crumpled to the ground, but his rider remained in the saddle, bearing down on him with all her lithe weight.

  • “Bad horse!” Mistress Natalie whipped his ass hard. “You must be able to carry me longer than that! Bad horsey!”

She whipped him, tried to haul his head up by the bridle, even wedged her spurs under his chest to try and make him get up, but to no avail.

  • “Hmmm, that was not quite up to his best efforts,” said Mistress Maria, “But I think I know what he needs. Wait right there.”

New ride with the “cruel” spurs!

Mistress Natalie remained on georgie’s back, punishing him with her whip and spurs and chiding him for being such a weak mount. Mistress Maria returned in a few moments, holding in her hand the instruments guaranteed to extract the last ounces of effort from any steed.


  • “These are my Chilean spurs, ” she said as she handed them to the woman on Georgie’s back,  “he HATES these.” The spurs were formidable, huge rowels with sharp spiky points all around.


  • “Oh, those look perfect!” exclaimed Mistress Natalie, “I’ve never seen spurs that nasty! Can he really take them?”


  • “Oh, he most certainly can,” Mistress Maria smiled, “and he will. He really has no choice, now, does he?”


With a wicked smile, Mistress Natalie took the cruel spurs from Mistress Maria and unceremoniously propped her boot up on Georgie’s head to change them. When she had both spurs strapped tightly to her heels, she stamped her heels on the ground to make them jingle.

  • “These ought to do the trick,” she said. georgie cringed at the sound.

Mistress Natalie turned to her friend.

  • “Can you help me get him up? I wanna make sure the first kick with these is a good one!”


  • “Sure.”

A terrific horse for a terrific rider!


With a grin, Mistress Maria helped Mistress Natalie pull on Georgie’s bridle until he rose once again on trembling limbs. His back sagged as his rider placed her gorgeous ass back in the saddle. Mistress Natalie held her spurred boot out for him to place in the stirrup. He hesitated a moment, and she slashed her whip across his shoulders.

  • “Stirrups, you lazy beast! You’ll get an extra punishment for making me ask for it!”


georgie held the stirrups for her and once settled in place, Mistress Natalie wasted no time in driving the vicious Chilean spurs into his sides as hard as she could! Her pony was exhausted, but the pain was too much and he began crawling once again.


  • “Yaay! He’s still got some life left in him!” Mistress Natalie crowed. “But I don’t want to be riding a nag! Faster!”


Jabbing him again and again, Mistress Natalie managed to drive her steed into a full gallop once again.

  • “Wow!” exclaimed Mistress Maria, “I thought he was done for! Ride him, cowgirl!”


Some twenty torturous minutes later, Mistress Natalie finally ceased her relentless spurring and jerked georgie to a halt, laughing as he collapsed once again beneath her.

  • “That was great! He’s a terrific horse!”


  • “He really outdid himself – though most of the credit goes to your technique,” Mistress Maria said,  “you’re one of the best riders I’ve ever seen, and I know georgie will be in good hands while I’m gone.”


  • “I love riding him, and you said he’s trained to take a strap-on,” said Mistress Natalie, “but there’s one more thing. Is he capable of more…. intimate riding?”


  • “Most certainly!” Mistress Maria assured. “Why don’t you go change into something more comfortable, and I’ll clean him up and get him ready.

End of the demonstration for the Good pony slave!


Mistress Natalie dismounted and patted georgie on the head.

  • “Good horsey. I’ll be right back.”


Mistress Maria set about removing georgies saddle.

  • “Good boy, you were a good pony slave. You did really well for her.”

She wiped the sweat from him with a soft towel.

  • Do you like Mistress Natalie?”

georgie nodded his head enthusiastically, knowing that Mistress Maria would want him to do so.

  • “Do you like the way she rides you?”

Another enthusiastic nod and Mistress laughed.

  • “I don’t believe you for a second, you silly horse, but thanks for going along. I think she’ll take good care of you.”


To be continued



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