My Love For My Goddess

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A Woman Should Be Treated Like The Femdom Goddess She Is

I noticed a long time ago that women were better than men. Women are far better looking and much smarter than men. Certainly, a woman is the most beautiful of all sights in the universe. Sunsets and scenic landscapes pale in comparison to her majestic beauty. When this goddess enters the room I fall before her, worshipping her under her powerful gaze. To sit at her feet and listen to her instructions is the most important of all education. Her femdom womanly genius is beyond me, yet I listen intently to know how to do what she likes. There truly is no place better for me to be.

I have fallen deeply in love with my femdom goddess! And this struck me at once the first time I ever saw her and heard her perfect voice. Her commands flow effortlessly and beautifully through the atmosphere and I can’t help but doing what pleases her. This is the most important concern I have in my life. She gives me my only purpose in life, to serve her and that is the reason I am here. If her fantastic eyes flash with the slightest bit of anger I fall into a desperate desire to do anything to please her, for the very idea that I may have not pleased her is enough to make me cry.

A Femdom Dominatrix Is The Most Beautiful Woman Of All



An overwhelming emotion takes over me as I kneel on the floor in front of her. Tears of supplication down my face for her. Oh…how wonderful that my greatest of all dreams would come true…! A beautiful femdom Goddess appears in front of me. I don’t know yet but I feel that she’s here for me and has come to take me away to her dungeon in the clouds perhaps, to serve and worship her to the end of time, for my love and service for her knows no bounds of time. She carries herself with such splendor and such beauty that even the clouds seem to follow her shape. And the stars, yes the stars in heaven, must be what brought me here to live with her as her slave.

A femdom dominatrix is the most attractive woman of all, I feel. Her loving female authority is such that it makes her a femdom Goddess. I don’t think that anyone else can compare to her. The crack of her whip sends a shudder through the air. Her chains in her dungeon rattle the walls. I lay at her feet for a moment as if dead, then wake up to give her my undivided attention. How fantastic it is that she found me! This is the fulfillment of all that was meant to be–the Goddess with the one who worships her–and me, finally with my one true love!

I Belong To Her

I know now that everything has come about for this. It is the culmination of a lifetime of dreams. The wish of a femdom Goddess has made me appear here as her aura envelopes me completely–to belong to my femdom goddess and to her alone! As she approaches, the ambiance of the room is filled with her awesome beauty and power. My heart falls and I await the sound of her voice.

  • “You are mine and I will have you for my pleasure for as long as I like”, my femdom goddess says.

At the moment she said this, there is a flash of lightning through the clouds, the air becomes charged with an electric pulse of feminine power. The rain falls and brings life to earth shadowed with the presence of a femdom Goddess and as I look up towards her beautiful face she touches me with her hand and leads me into her dungeon.

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