Dream’s of Having my First Real Fantasy Sissy-gasm

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My dream is to find a strict dominant woman to take control of “junior”, lock him up, and only let him out when I can have a sissy-gasm. I crave my sissy-gasms. They make my whole body quiver in a way that no other way does. I have these on my own but to share this with a woman would be the ultimate connection.

My Fantasy

One fantasy is when my girlfriend comes home and already has donned her 8” strap-on cock. It is tucked into her skirt so I can only see a bulge when I greet her at the door by kneeling in front of her. She is in a pissy mood because work stresses her out. She grabs me by the earlobe and pulls me to the bulge and says

  • ” Hi little dick. Give my cock a kiss won’t you?”

As I do this she starts to thrust and grabs my hair controlling how much of her cock is going down my throat. At first, it is gentle thrusting and quickly ramps up to more. Not enough to gag but enough to feel like a bitch. She does this for a few seconds only and then pushes me away by jerking my hair away from her.

Into Position!


  • “Over to the couch now little dick pull down your panties and get into position.”

As I comply, she sheds her skirt, takes some lube out, and oils up the black dong. It is double-sided and she has learned how to get herself off by thrusting into me.

  • “do u want it cunt tell me how much you want it?”

I wait for a second too long and feel a sharp smack against my upturned ass.

  • “C’mon. Tell me how much cunt!”


  • “I want it. I want it. Please give it to me. Please”

I say trying to sound convincing. Another 3 smacks come-these almost at her full strength.

  • “C’mon bitch. Now or else I’m going to..”


  • Please, Please, fuck me, please, please please, I need it, please, I say verging on tears.


She slaps me with the dong and starts brushing it against my hole.

Her first thrust, not too deep, just piercing the first lining, sent a shockwave of pain through my entire body….


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1 thought on “Dream’s of Having my First Real Fantasy Sissy-gasm”

  1. Mistress Jennie,
    My name is Scott and I am a fireman in North Carolina. Would you love to have a fireman in chastity and make me your sissy bitch as well. Dress me in hose and panties while I serve you and your guest for your enjoyment and amusement and be there for you to expose, humiliate and embarrass me?


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