My First Virtual Domination Session

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My Testimony

The testimony I am about to give regarding my first virtual domination session may disappoint some of the femdoming readers, but I still feel compelled to tell the readers how it occurred. I met this strong, confident young woman on a very well-known smartphone app. I let some time pass before I started a conversation with her.

  • “So it’s always up to the man to start a conversation? I ask her ironically.


  • “That’s the assumption,” she says rather directly.

This was the beginning of a very ordinary conversation but this was the first time I was dealing with such a direct Miss. So I decided to go further with the conversation in a cordial way.

  • “I suppose your right,” I said rather apathetically.
  • “I am always right,” she answers me even more direct than the first time.

I pause. There is something different about this girl. Something terribly attractive to submissives like myself. I’d trying to dig further by redirecting the conversation about me.

  • “I like girls who are always right, who have a strong character.”


  • “I noticed,” she said.


  • “And you, do you like men who like dominant women?” I said excitedly.


  • “Not really,” she answers.

Did I Finally Meet The One?

virtual dominationMy world was falling apart. For a few seconds, I was in subspace, lulled by the idea that I had finally met this rare pearl. But I suddenly came crashing down after reading her response. However, the urge to know her was too strong, I felt compelled to continue to ask her questions.

  • “And how do you prefer me then?” I asked.


  • “I don’t know,” she said. “But I don’t like submissives.”


  • “So if I understand correctly, you want a man who expects you to cook and clean for him and bring him a cold beer while he is sitting on the couch watching tv or watching pornkai on his phone,” I asked angrily.


  • “Not exactly, I’m not attracted to submissives, but I do love a nice man,” she says.


  • “Then you admit that having a man ready to fulfill your every desire is tempting, no? “


  • “I had never thought about it. Maybe… who knows,” she said.

In the following days, this little game between us continued and I was hooked. I won’t mention the dozens of messages we sent each other that led to the final phase of my submissive experience. The first of these phases in our game of domination came on a Wednesday night when she managed to control me completely. This night will remain engraved in my memory forever. Every night of the week, I was running like a well-trained dog to speak to her.

  • “So,” she said, “you stopped talking to me without saying goodbye,” referring to the day before when I fell asleep talking to her and didn’t say goodbye (I was tired).

The Virtual Domination Session Begins

  • “I’m sorry Mistress, I have no excuse,” I said, sheepishly.


  • “Well tonight, you will not touch yourself,” she said authoritatively.


  • “As you wish Mistress, but I wonder if I will be able to control myself,” I reply with a sense of defiance.


  • “Perhaps you will give me the right to enjoy myself in exchange for something else?”


  • “So this is how you want to play it? All right, but tonight it’s me who will control your orgasm,” she says.


My whole body trembled. Never has a dominant woman spoken to me like this before. Then begins the virtual domination session. She orders me to send her a picture of my cock which adds to my excitement and I to forward it to her without hesitation and without thinking of the consequences (which are not the ones you think, but I’ll come back to that).

  • “Are you hard?” she asked coyly.
  • “Yes Mistress, I am on the verge of having an orgasm.”


  • “Well don’t touch yourself anymore. Wait for my orders or I will stop our domination games.”

I was disappointed but obeyed her orders.

Cum Now, That’s An Order

We continued talking for 15 minutes. Time felt endless and as each minute passed, I found it harder and harder to control myself. All of a sudden she said,

  • “Now touch yourself and wait for my signal to cum.”


  • “Yes, Mistress as you wish.”

She controls my mind and body while I’m in this trance-like state.

  • “You like it when I control you don’t you submissive? Imagine yourself in front of me on your knees like a nice dog. I hope you haven’t cummed or else there will be consequences.”

Suddenly, she says,



  • “Ahhh…thank you, Mistress.”

After so many nights of fantasizing about this moment, I finally cum, and the experience is so much more powerful than I expected.

The next morning, I woke up to see an email from the app I used to talk to my Mistress stating that the unauthorized sex images were removed. What I feared the most happened..our discussions were over. After creating another account, I tried to find her but I was not able to and she never contacted me again. This experience nonetheless allowed me to confirm my penchant for submission. All that remains now is finding the one Mistress I can submit to completely. I don’t want to dominate, I want to be the one dominated. Because what counts after all is not my pleasure but hers. I hope she enjoyed this experience as much as I did, and if she reads it, I want her to know that I am infinitely grateful to her.

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