My First Dominant Mistress

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The Beautiful Dominant Mistress

It was the summer of 1996, I went for a run Saturday morning at the park in downtown when suddenly I heard the click-clacking of heels behind me. I looked behind and saw a gorgeous, tall dominant mistress who looked like she was in her mid-30s wearing a white blouse, skin-tight black leather pants and very high stiletto heels.

Looking at her walk combined with the noise of her heels hitting the pavement put me in a trance. I let the dominant mistress past me and I started following her with my eyes fixated on her shoes. How long I ran behind her I couldn’t say. In any case, she finally noticed and turned around and asked, “Are you following me?” My face turned red with shame, I looked into her eyes and said, “I am looking at your beautiful shoes Miss.” “So, it’s my shoes that please you?” I affirmed and she asked me to follow her to her car.

Lick My Toes

We did not say a word to each other as I walked toward her car. She opened the door, sat down on the driver’s side, and said in a smug voice, “Lick my toes, sub.” I agreed and got down on my hands and knees and licked her toes. I cannot put in words how I felt while I was licking her toes. It was an indescribable feeling for me. When I was done licking her toes, she ordered me to give her my phone and said she would be calling me within a week, asked me to get out of the car and drove off.

A week later, she called me and told me to invite her for dinner in my apartment since this would be the first opportunity I get to serve her. It was the beginning of my probationary period and after about 4 weeks she asked me the all-important question, which I immediately and without hesitation answered yes. So I became her slave and she became my first dominant mistress and owner.

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